Why Josh Smith’s Vision for Modular Greenhouses Truly Makes Sense

Josh Smith launched numerous innovative startup ventures, including Modular Greenhouses. He’s gained invaluable insight into industry regulations, logistics, import/export trade opportunities, manufacturing, and customs. He mainly focused on innovating health and technology solutions for the greater part of his almost two-decade-long career. Smith’s entrepreneurial interest isn’t motivated by profit alone and he’s expressed a deeper concern for human ergonomics and environmental factors as well.
The idea to create Modular Greenhouses struck him after a fruitless search for the perfect plant conservatory. Based in Reno, Nevada, Josh Smith originated an assortment of intelligent greenhouse units. The prototypes feature a compact, functional design that provides a convenient home gardening solution. Even with the invention of Modular Greenhouses, Smith has focused on using eco-grade materials for all product patents.

As Modular Greenhouse’s chief executive/founder, Josh Smith strives to drive meaningful innovations that transform lives, from Reno, Nevada. Since childhood, he’s nurtured and preserved ideas to bring about solutions that add value to society. Having lost a relative (grandfather) to cancer during childhood. Smith developed an interest in gaining a deeper understanding of nutrition, the environment, health and more. He’s particularly concerned about learning the correlation between the above factors and how it impacts human life.

Josh Smith studied medicine, agriculture, and botany, which has allowed him to develop a comprehensive knowledge of history, etc. With this awareness, he’s among those creating solutions to improve the environment and human ergonomics. Water/air pollution, pesticides, environmental toxins are just a few of the disruptive influences compromising human health.

Mr. Smith emphasizes the need to cultivate food organically and minimize environmental degradation by applying safe agricultural practices. His Modular Greenhouses have been engineered with all these considerations in mind. In his research, he’s learned that natural herbs and organic foods are necessary to support human health. On this account, he’s dedicated a lifetime of service to innovate products and systems that motivate life-changing experiences.

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