Securus Technologies Helping Keep Men in Blue Safe

I am currently working as a corrections officer inside an extremely dangerous prison that is packed with the worst offenders in the country. When people commit violent crimes, they are sent to my prison, and that means me and my staff are in danger each time we come to work. There are only so many things that we can do each day to keep the peace, but thanks to Securus Technologies things are getting much better for everyone behind these prison walls.


In the past, me and my team of corrections officers would begin the day with a number of surprise cell inspections. Since we had limited help and time, we could only do a few each day and the inmates could usually figure out when we were on our way. In the afternoon we would man the visitor canter to search the inmates and their guests for any types of contraband. While this is effective, we are seriously outnumbered and only have so many eyes on the families, so things get by.


This year Securus Technologies installed our inmate telephone call monitoring system, and this resource has helped us in more ways than we ever thought possible. The LBS software will carefully monitor every call and every minute the inmates are using the prison phones. If certain chatter is detected, we get the alert and can be in position to take care of the issue in a lightning fast manner. It doesn’t matter if the inmates are talking about doing drugs in their cells, smuggling drugs to the jail, or participating in an attack on a rival gang, we get that information and take swift action.


What this does for my team is allows them to spend even more time doing cell inspections, monitoring visitor activity, and keeping the peace with the inmates now.