Sawyer Howitt: A Racquetball Champ In The Making

Sawyer Howitt is making headlines and winning hearts by being among the fastest rising racquetball stars in America. The Portland Oregon is trying to go global if his winnings are anything to go by.

Sawyer is the son of Heather Howitt, the founder of Meriwether Group. He developed an interest in the sport during his time at the prestigious Lincoln High School. He won numerous local championships besides participating in the state playoffs.

Currently, Sawyer is signed to Portland’s exclusive Racquet Club. This has helped him hone his skills besides gaining mainstream recognition. He has emerged as the standout racquetball player at the club due to his commitment towards becoming a top racquet player nationally. So far, he has excelled against older players, something that attests to how impressive his record is.

Demanding Sport

Contrary to public belief, racquetball is a quite challenging and demanding sporting activity. It takes a lot of resilience and hard work for one to become a pro. In Sawyer’s case, he was lucky to have a dedicated team of coaches who helped him device an intensive training schedule that he strictly adheres to. His impressive amateur record has seen him tipped to represent the US in the upcoming racquetball world championships. Though he prefers singles, he is also good at doubles and mixed doubles.

Future Expectations

Besides competing in the Racquetball Olympics, Sawyer Howitt is expected to turn pro sooner than letter. This is because he has access to a remarkable team of coaches and training facilities. He has been invited to participate in prestigious tournaments this year. Winning the tournaments will see his stock rising significantly.

Besides dedicating his time to racquetball, Sawyer has performed admirably in his studies. He studies business management because he wants to follow in the footsteps of his father who is a renowned entrepreneur. With such an ambition and clear vision, the sky is definitely the limit for Sawyer.