The growth of OSI Industries in Europe

OSI Industries is the leading food production company. It is currently operating in 17 countries, and its headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois. It employs over 20,000 workers in its production facilities across the world. To meet the high demand for food in the world, they have built 65 production plants. They are adding more plants so that they can meet the ever-rising demand for food. Many changes have taken place in the industry since OSI started aggressively pushing for changes. There are new methods of production that are based on the latest technologies that are being used. Visit their page at facebook.

OSI Industries is a top business in the United States going by a report from the Forbes. It appears on the top list of private companies in the country. OSI Industries is not done with expansion. In the past three decades, it has shown every indication that there is still a lot that it is ready to do. It started the expansion process in the local market before going to the international market. In the local market, they bought a production plant that was formerly owned by Tyson Foods. This plant is supposed to build the company’s influence in the local market. There is still a huge demand for their product and the United States, and they want to make sure that they are meeting the needs of their customers in the local market.

They then move to Europe where they acquired two businesses. Baho Food and Flagship Europe, now called Creative Foods are two businesses that are under the management of OSI Industries. The acquisition was necessitated by the need to penetrate the European market. There is still a lot that has been done to penetrate the market fully, but they have shown the initial signs that they mean business.

After taking over the two companies, they moved to Spain where they expanded the production of chicken products. The plant is now producing double the amount of chicken products it used to produce in the past. In the process of expansion, they have created new job opportunities. 20 new positions have been created, one being of a product development manager.




Waiakea Water: Pure volcanic water

Water is life and without water, human beings cannot survive. Nowadays, there are numerous brands of water in the market. However, each brand does its level best to catch the consumer’s eyes. One brand that offers both cool water and environmental safety is Waiakea WView Postater.

Waiakea Water PH is one of the brands that you will get on the supermarket shelves. It is a brand like no other given the benefits it offers. The company has made a name for itself when the founder received a leadership award for such an innovation. Waiakea Water no doubt improves the lives of many people. The brand of water advances the social and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, the company donates water for those who are in need in Malawi. It is not only about being safe to the environment but improving lives as well.

Waiakea Water stands out of the rest by having a definite filtering process. The company was established in 2012 and has made a name in the industry thanks to their creativity. When you buy Waiakea Water you get volcanic water that has been filtered. The Hawaiian volcanic water means broad waters. There is something about things made in Hawaii that make the products feel natural. Thus, you are guaranteed of getting cool water all the time. When you drink the Waiakea Water, you also enjoy the volcanic water benefits that it offers.

Waiakea Water is safe to the environment since it is made of degradable material. Besides, the business is certified by the carbon neutral. Waiakea is also responsible for the environment since there is a percentage of its revenue meant for local community programs. Plastic takes many years to degrade and can be harmful to the environment. However, Waiakea water bottles break down after 15 years so they are safe to the environment. Thus, the bottle will not remain in the environment for a thousand years. You are guaranteed that they will leave the environment a safe place to live in. There is no doubt that Waiakea Water offers you value for your money.


Bernardo Chua: Founder Of Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is an entrepreneur who has become a leader in utilizing direct selling as a business model. He is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold, a company that sells products that are infused with Ganoderma, an herb that has been used in Asia for its medicinal qualities for centuries. As a child, he dreamed that he would one day become a doctor. He had always displayed a desire to help people live a healthy lifestyle. His grandparents even instructed him on the medical properties contained in the Ganoderma herb. Mr. Bernardo Chua would never officially work in the medical field, but every move he made in his career life was motivated by his desire to help others. This trait would ultimately be the reason he founded the Organo Gold company. See more of Bernardo Chua on Slideshare.

Bernardo Chua was the youngest of fourteen children. His first job was to work in his family’s business. He was later recruited to work for Gaon Excel, a company that specialized in selling foods and drinks blended with the Ganoderma herb. His friendly personality and the knowledge that his grandparents instilled in him made him a great fit for Gano Excel. One of his main responsibilities for the company was to advertise the company’s products all over the Pacific Rim. His efforts for the company were a success, as Gano Excel added many new clients.

Bernardo Chua had performed so well for Gano Excel that he felt he could launch his own brand of Ganoderma infused products. In 2008 he founded Organo Gold. As a way to ensure that his company provides the best quality in its products, he hires farmers who have a lot of knowledge about the Ganoderma herb. Mr. Chua believes that educating the masses about the health benefits of his products will ensure that Organo Gold can remain competitive in the years to come.


Talkspace Hand in Transforming the World Through Therapy

Talkspace is an app designed for online therapy. The headquarter offices are in New York, U.S.A. Oren and Roni Frank came together in 2012 and decided to start the company. The users of talk space have access to licensed therapists through websites and mobiles both android and IOS. The inspiration came from the results received when a certain couple attended therapy. The couple were at the edge of their marriage but at the end of the therapy they had changed their minds. Roni was so impressed by the results of therapy that she decided to attend school for knowledge in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

In the beginning it was a group therapy platform but over the years has evolved to an online psychotherapy where licensed therapists are available. The app has an unlimited texting capacity and the participants can also share audios and videos. In 2015, the app was upgraded to host couples too. September the same year the company started a program, “ Social Media Dependency Therapy”. The programs solves problems related to mental illnesses.

Michael Phelps, a champion swimmer, has partnered up with talkspace for a national TV campaign regarding stigma of mental illness. He is also joining the company’s board of advisors to help direct the company’s ongoing strategy. The company views him as great asset due to his deep knowledge on mental illness and his commitment to make Talkspace a part of how people manage their mental illnesses.

It is therapy that saved Michael’s life after locking himself in his room for 5 days due to depression. Talkspace is trying to pass the information that depression can happen to anyone but therapy can help solve that if only people seek it. It is also trying to discourage stigma and misconceptions.

Talkspace has helped individuals with eating disorders, anxiety, personality disorder, depression, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder and family problems, all of whom 70% had not tried therapy in their lives. According to Frank, Talkspace is also employee focused. His business is tested by 10% of an enterprise customer’s employees. Most of the testers prefer the messaging service. Neil Leibowitz, a medical officer, has been employed by the company so as to prescribe medication to clients through the app. He will also help therapists prescribe medicines through video.

Felipe Montoro Jens’ Report on Stationary Construction in Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is a household name when it comes to the finance industry in Brazil. Throughout Brazil, he is a well-renowned personality, an expert in infrastructure projects. He is a consultant on any matters related to infrastructure across Brazil. He coordinates business arrangements between the Brazillian government and the private sector – customarily known as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

In a recent survey, Felipe Montoro Jens points out factors that lead to interruption of development of preschools, sports facilities, and day-care centers in the study conducted by CNI. Although he reveals that these are cheaper and less complex issues. The study further reveals technical problems, project abandonment, financial and budgetary inadequacies, land ownership rows, and expropriation are some of the main reasons for construction interruption. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Ilana Ferreira, an infrastructure specialist of the NCI, alludes technical problems and poor planning of projects being the main reason for stalling of projects. When small companies took over the construction of schools and nurseries, the economic crisis forced them to stop the development. NCI also says that Brazil’s financial crisis has called for the need to control spending. For this reason, the federal government has been forced to interrupt vital infrastructure projects, and this is according to specialist Felipe Montoro Jens.

A study carried out by NCI is part of 43 documents on strategic matters handled by the entity for candidates looking forward to vying for the presidency in elections that happens in October. NCI or National Confederation of Industry is based in Brasilia and a branch office in Sao Paulo. It was founded on August 12, 1938, and it is the highest body in the trade union industry system.

Additionally, NCI directly runs the Social Service of Industry (SESI), Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL), and the National Industrial Learning Service ( SENAI). This is according to Felipe Montoro Jens. The body is also responsible for discussing and making policies that strengthen the production sector. Visit:



The Positive Impact of Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital has played a key role in the provision of advisory and structured finance to public companies. Through innovative financial solutions, Southridge Capital has successfully managed to cater for the needs of its diverse customers. The company takes pride in its prized executive team that boasts of expertise in curating as well as a deep understanding of the market.


The company offers a variety of services to its clients. First it offers the Balance Sheet Optimization whose main purpose is to help companies maintain an appropriate balance between equity and debt, it also provides an access to mechanisms that produce the intended results. Second, Southridge conducts financial analysis, it designs well-structured financial statements that are in line with operational and financial assumptions.


Since 1996, the company has directly invested $1.8 billion into companies worldwide. It has since financed more than 250 public companies. The availability of a team of experts has provided help to most companies on matters revolving around optimized balance sheet management, individualized financing techniques among others. At the helm of the Southridge, there are five individuals who have been influential in steering the company forward. Top of this list is Stephen M. Hicks who happens to be the founder and CEO of the organization. He is joined by Lawrence J. Ditkoff, Henry B. Sargent, Narine Persaud and Linda Carlsen. Check out



Speaking at great length to Ideamansch, Stephen M. Hicks advised young people to always direct their focus to cash rather than returns. Hicks suggested that he follows the daily list and focuses on cash proceeds from his portfolio to remain productive. He further stated that the idea to start Southridge came while he was working in New York with a small fund. The principal at the firm allowed him to start his own hedge fund and as a result, Southridge was formed.


Hicks and Southridge have been giving back to the community. The company has been spearheading volunteer work as well as promoting community leadership. Southridge aims at achieving a positive impact on the society, furthermore, Hicks believes that by doing this, it can help build his company.


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Whitney Wolfe Herd Shares Insight on Various Issues Affecting Bumble Users

Whitney Wolfe Herd has accomplished a lot in a young age. Aged 28, she is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of fast-growing dating app, Bumble. Bumble has made huge strides in the market over the past few years. It has earned Whitney Wolfe Herd a $230M fortune, a fortune that is likely to make the app grow even bigger. Currently, the app has registered over 22M users worldwide.

She derived her inspiration to start the Bumble from the struggles women are dealing with across the world. While at Tinder, as a Co-Founder, she claimed that she was sexually harassed by her business partner and boyfriend. She initiated a lawsuit against the ex-boyfriend and it is reported that she was compensated. The ordeal drove her out of Tinder and she decided to start a similar app that is focused on women. The app is now the biggest up-coming competitor and rival of Tinder. Learn more about Whitney Wolfe on Crunchbase.

The dating app hit off quickly and within a few months, it had 100,000 downloads. Whitney Wolfe Herd has deployed various strategies to make the app unique and address issues affecting women. In an interview, she pointed out how sexists can be a nuisance. They can follow you up to your social network handles and throw the “you are beautiful” vibe your way. She recommends ignoring bullies rather than engaging them in an argument. She said that they considered that when they decided to empower women to make first moves in Bumble.

Women making the first move might be a huge step towards protecting women in Bumble but it won’t protect them against rejection. Egocentric men can turn down women which can make them feel rejected. However, women making the first move design goes a long way to even out the dynamics.

Bumble is working to introduce conversation starters in the app. This is in an effort to help women making the first move to do it efficiently using personalized lines. According to Whitney Wolfe Herd, they are working on a few ideas and it should be out soon. It is also in an effort to minimize rejections. According to the Bumble boss, you should not take rejection personally as not everything will work to your advantage. In recognition of the same, she is working to see her company encourage respect, empowerment and confidence.



Meet Guilherme Paulus- The Brazilian Tourism Industry Mogul

Having been in the Brazilian tourist industry for several decades now, Guilherme Paulus has defied odds and risen to be among the most prominent business moguls in the Caribbean country. His contribution to the tourism industry is considerably remarkable. Over a million jobs in the tourism industry that have been created in Brazil. This feat is accredited to Guilherme Paulus. Tourism has been booming in the last couple number of years due to his efforts.

Guilherme chairs the CVC group, and he is a co-founder too. He is also a member of the Forbes group as a consequence of his contributions to the economy of Brazil. The CVC Company was started by Guilherme and some few business partners some few years ago. One of the partners broke away leaving Guilherme Paulus to grow one of the biggest tour companies in Brazil.

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Paulus has been determined to ensure that his company continues soaring the heights of success. Those close to him assert that he is a man that works extremely hard. These many achievements have made him one of the most respectable citizens in Brazil business circles.

Surprisingly, despite his social status, he remains one very easy person to hang around with. After running his company for quite a number of years, he was able to have a firm glimpse of the tourism industry in his country and has built a hotel known as GJP Group. This hotel boasts quite a number of branches in different parts of the country.

He attributes his success in hospitality to the fact that he understands how well to treat customers and have them satisfied. Guilherme Paulus is also a network builder and has been able to own some more hotels such as the Linx Saint Andrew amongst others. Guilherme is a very diverse person when it comes to business.

His efforts have seen him win quite a number of awards. In fact, he was named as the Brazilian Entrepreneur of the Year for his contribution to the Brazilian economy. His activities have raised the living standards of very many Brazilians. This includes those that he has directly employed and those that are indirectly benefiting from his services in the tourism industry.

Ara Chackerian- Committed to Improving the World Around Him

A respected entrepreneur and investor, Ara Chackerian has been making his presence felt for many years. Chackerian has held a number of important leadership positions during his career including serving as the Executive Vice President of Research for Health Diagnostics LLC. Chackerian is currently based in San Francisco where he spends lots of time working for the community. He has spent multiple decades making a name for himself in healthcare. His expertise in the area of technology and it’s connection to the healthcare world, has made him a very sought after leader.


Ara Chackerian has focused much of his energy on the environment in particular Limonapa Teak in Nicaragua. This farm has become well known for using environmentally friendly practices and thus improving the community. The farm has been a positive for the economy providing a number of jobs for the community. Chackerian recently did an interview with to give some insight into his success, what motivates him and his connection with TMS Health Solutions.


For years Ara Chackerian has worked to create out-patient diagnostic radiology centers. For more than ten yeas Chackerian and his partner worked in their business the North California Area building such networks. Working with his partner, the duo came up with the idea of building a unique treatment for depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Chackerian and his partners were very confident about the abilities of this treatment. They believed TMS had the potential to become the third component to psychiatric care. It would work together with with medication and talk therapy. Check out his page for more.



Ara Chackerian is very clear about his vision an understands how he has been successful. He believes that experience is huge and the driver for many of his ideas. Since he was a young kid, his parent encouraged him to work hard and be a thinker. He considers himself fortunate to have grown up in such an environment and credits this as a key to his success. Chackerian has used his success to give back in major ways. He is committed to using his wealth to improving his community.



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Matt Badiali is answering Your Questions regarding Freedom Checks.

Even though technology has advanced over the past few years, humanity has not developed alongside it. It is also factual that the world has made tremendous progress over the past 100 years. Today, people are less violent, more educated as well as healthier following the advent of technology. At the same time, technology has contributed to the rise in crime rates. That is why today the internet is flooded with scammers. As such, when a genuine offer is posted online, prospective business professionals approach with fear. Others even step aside. When Matt Badiali recently posted a video explaining freedom checks and their benefits, the ordinary American questioned the possibilities of making money from the business idea. That is why researchers and investment experts are now addressing the issue by explaining. Here is a look at what these checks are. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

The Skilled Geologist

Matt Badiali is one of the world’s most admired investment experts at this moment. He is a skilled geologist who owns a degree in science. He has often traveled around the world with the intention of understanding different states and their economic climate. Over the years he visited coal mines and oil fields. He also extended his visit to various sources of gas and energy to actualize their legitimacy. By traveling to these states, Badiali learned how gas, oil, and other energy resources affected multiple countries. He also had a clear comprehension of how to access different industries. At one point in his career, he experienced the 2008 market crash just like his friends. He even advised some not to invest in specific dockets. But they failed to heed his advice thereby leading to accumulated losses. As he traveled, he also met entrepreneurs, investors and stocks analysts. One of his friends introduced him to the industry of investment. That is how he landed top positions in leading investment firms. Today, he is teaching you how to invest in freedom checks.

Describing Freedom Checks

Freedom checks are issued by companies that supply energy including gas in addition to oil. These companies are defined as MLPs. They are not subjected to tax. Therefore, they have so much to give back to their investors. In this case, you are the investor. This means that you must part with some substantial amount of money as your share of investment in the company. In return, the specified company will send you checks worth your investment returns. That is what Matt Badiali calls freedom checks. He also says that the government does not issue them. All said these checks could be trusted since Matt Badiali is a trusted investment expert.