A Dallas, Texas based financial agency has recently announced a completion of private placement with institutional and high net worth investors. NexBank plans to use the proceeds for general purchases. NexBank has raised over $200 million since 2016. Most of their deals carry out for five years.

Most all of the plans that NexBank carries out include fixed interest rates, but some have floating rates. NexBank had a placement agent that was their sole agent for private offerings. That agent was Sandler O’Neill and Partners L.P. The notes that Sandler O’Neill and Partners L.P. and NexBank were working with are not registered with the Securities Act. This means that they may not be sold in the United States, reports BankNews.

NexBank Capital is a financial company that works with many different types of banking including commercial, mortgage, and institutional banking. NexBank prides itself on its management team that provides great leadership. They know that good leadership plays a huge role in a company’s success. NexBank likes to play a huge role in their community. They know the stronger relationship they hold with their community the more people they will bring in.

NexBank has worked hard to build a successful reputation for themselves. NexBank prides themselves in having the best of the best working for them that truly care about their customers. They want their customers to be able to rely on them to give them the best banking experience they can get. NexBank works hard to provide their customers with easy access to loans, education about finances, and developments in finances. They want their customers to have first hand access to anything they may need. NexBank is one of the best options you can choose if you are looking for financial agencies. NexBank is working hard to continue to grow themselves, and will see nothing but success for many more years to come.