Michael Zomber Mixes Investing With Collecting

Since his days in college studying as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois, Michael Zomber has come quite far. In school he worked extremely hard and even successfully completed a double major, gaining a bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and English. This was his was of challenging himself, and it surely wasn’t the end of education or learning. He wanted an even more reputable degree so he could have better chances at success. This is why he took on English Literature at UCLA, where he was able to achieve his master’s degree.

It was not certain to Michael at the time of completing his education what he wanted to do with his experience. Though during a trip he was making with a friend, he attended a gun show, which started off his interest in antique guns. It was apparent to him that he would like to own some of them, as they were like pieces of art. After this he was determined to learn more history on guns and antiques, which he was able to quickly become an knowledgeable authority. Over the course of the years since that gun show, Michael Zomber has amassed a large collection of antique guns, and he has even loaned some of them to different historical museums and societies to give others the chance to see the history.

It was largely the huge collection of antique guns that brought Michael Zomber attention and made him a sort of celebrity. For him, he is delighted to talk about his collection when anyone wants to know more and shows interest. Even though he buys the guns as investments, there are some that he loves so much he will never part with them, despite knowing the increase in value the guns will hold in the future. Currently, he buys guns that are antique or rare and lets them sit away for years, until their value starts rising. This is when he will sell his guns at auction or online, to make high profits.

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  1. Michael Zomber has made a substantial amount of money through his investments in guns through the years, and he has no plans of stopping his hobby for the time to come. It is very cool that essay service would have used the campaign to do something else.

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