Meet Lime Crime Cosmetics Creator Doe Deere

Doe Deere has taken the cosmetics industry by storm, and she’s just getting started. This entrepreneur immigrated from Russia to the United States when she was young. She began her career in New York City where she tried a few different paths before she found her true calling. First she was in a band, then she began her own clothing line where she found her true passion for cosmetics. While modeling her own clothing, she realized there was no cosmetics brand that offered the look she was going for, something different and bright that changed day to day to reflect her true inner self. Rather than give up, Deere realized this was what she was meant to do, fill the void in the cosmetics industry and offer a new and different product.

Now Deere runs her own company where she stays busy with meetings, overseeing projects, strategizing, and creating new color pallets for her company. She is very hands on and involved in every aspect of Lime Crime Cosmetics, a name coined by her using her favorite bright and vivid color.

Deere spends a good chunk of time running her company, but she dedicates special time when inspiration strikes to develop the new product. She lives and feels each of her new lines, her own unique way of making sure each new product is true to Lime Crime and its customers.

Deere not only created a new vivid line of colors inspired by those looking to express their true inner self, she also pioneered the e-commerce cosmetics industry. This area was one that was always believed to belong solely in brick-and-mortar form because customers want to see the colors and try them out. Deere and her company broke the boundaries and created a unique way to display their cosmetics online by showing swatches of the products on real skin.

Deere has learned a lot about business through her many endeavors. She knows now to trust her gut in all situations. She knows her intuition has almost always guided her in the right way, and relies on that intuition to lead her through the future. She also treats her employees, vendors, and business partners with love and respect. Making them all feel appreciated inspires respect in a leader as well as happy employees through positive reinforcement.

She had the idea for Lime Crime long before she acted on it. Instead of wasting time and pushing it to the side, she wishes she would have acted sooner and built her company sooner.

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