Manaira Shopping Roberto Santiago Mall Is One of the Panache of Entertainment for Brazilians

Entertainment is considered to be one of the panache of the present busy schedule of life. It is definite that when you lead a life of deadlines, you need to get yourself entertained through some mode. Roberto Santiago has allowed you to get such an entertainment in your life. With the surrounding areas getting concretized, the only entertainment that is considered to be feasible is hopping shopping malls. The right place where all the different choices of entertainment can be met. In fact, this entertainment sector is precisely catered as per need. Thus, the people of Brazil are now immensely sorted for their weekend entertainment.

Roberto Santiago already known for his entrepreneurship in Entertainment have come up with this Manaira Shopping Roberto Santiago. The specialty of this hall in this region is precisely its movie forum. The mall is completely packed with several features like gardens, restaurants, cafes cinema halls, clothing centers, footwear stores, etc. It is also covered by several features like leisure area, food court, game stations, etc. thus, the entire package of entertainment is followed by this shopping mall. Read more on

Though it has been made quite many years previously its marketing strategies, have improved in the recent years. With people living that then much of claustrophobic life loves to treat themselves with some good movies and some food. Thus, it plays quite an essential aspect to make the population happy.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the largest malls in the state. As its specification is mostly because of its cinema hall, you can get a good knowledge about what it is needed. It has around 11 halls among which three of them are 3D enabled. All the movie services are allowed with a bar service and other refreshments that lie beside the movie halls.

As the mall covers around 1, 35, 000 area it is also gathered with other sections. The top floor of the hall has the famous Domus Hall that can entertain up to 8000 guests. There are the different event organized in it the terrace, in fact, the list if events go endless. It starts from receptions, formal parties, elite shows, exhibitions, annual programs, corporate meetings, etc. Apart from the fact that it can accommodate up to such huge members of people, it also allows a huge car parking area. It can have around 3100 cars in the parking lot. Thus, it holds a vast area of convenience for the entire population in the state. Read more on Exame