How Bradley Reifler is Changing the Investment Game

In the movie “Money Monster,” Wall Street guru Lee Gates hosts his own popular finance show, Money Monster. One day during a live show an angry former fan who had taken some of his advice to horrible results shows up and takes him hostage. Gates tries to talk the disgruntled man down while receiving information from his producer via an earpiece. Although this particular story is entirely fictitious, it does reveal some stark, harsh realities about the investment game for the small investors.

One of these pioneering individuals is Bradley Reifler, CEO of Forefront Capital. Much study of the issue has helped Reifler pinpoint three current problems that face the small time investor: 1) The huge fees investment firms typically charge all investors, 2) As a non-accredited investor, only being allowed access to a limited amount of investment options, 3) These limited options available are almost always investment options with a high risk of loss. Reifler founded Forefront Capital for the sole purpose of combating all of this. There are no fees at Forefront and a wider range of low-risk investment opportunities are available.

Since its founding, Wikipedia shows Forefront Capital has been committed to providing top financial services worldwide. It has quickly risen to become one of the most respected and valued investment firms in the world. Its investment team is known for their superb investment management and guidance for anyone and everyone. has more on Brad, or you can read the full story on XRepublic here:

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  1. These difficulties for the small investor have long been true and many in the investment industry are just now making it easier for anyone with any size budget to invest. It has also included something that did review last 2 years.

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