Harry Harrison Interview

A businessman of supreme excellence and coveted intellect, Harry Harrison boasts an air of nobility that few entrepreneurs possess. Hallmarked for his business savvy, Harrison is an industry leader who’s perpetually diversifying. These days, Harrison offers consulting services to individuals and businesses that are looking for guidance on specific financial matters. Harrison’s expertise ranges from private equity to venture capital, making him an ideal financial advisor. Harrison’s full-time role as a stay-at-home dad enables him to counsel on the side. Meanwhile, his wife, Amy Nauiokas, oversees the family business.

Anthemis Group is a London-based venture investment and advisory firm leading the movement for economic reform. Harrison reveals that the driving force behind creating the company was to understand how companies operate. More specifically, discovering which macroeconomic effects allow an organization to function in particular markets. In layman’s terms, Harrison and Nauiokas merely wanted to create an enterprise the simplified the business development process. Harrison’s enduring success is linked to his extensive education.

A university graduate, Harrison attended both the University of Warwick and the University of Cambridge. Harrison’s combined college careers armed him with expertise in both finance and economics. No doubt confident in his abilities, Harrison embarked on business pursuits fresh out of college. According to Harrison, it was difficult to imagine himself in any other domain but finance. Before Anthemis Group, Harrison was an executive at Barclays Non-Core. Another London-based organization, Barclays Non-Core shut its doors in 2017, forcing Harrison to retire from his leadership duties.