Gulf Coast Western Improving the Oil and Gas Industry

Gulf Coast Western is taking the lead in the Oil and Gas industry by bringing together the resources, talent, and experience of oil and gas industry. Run by Matthew Fleeger whose resume has the founding of multiple successful companies, Gulf Coast Westerns’ focus is “exploring, developing, and acquiring domestic oil and gas reserves that are primarily located in the Gulf Coast region”. Let’s look at what Matthew’s vision is helping the company achieve.

The acquisition process is not to just buy up any land or well in the region and get to pumping, but to do research on the geological and geophysical properties of the area first. This enables Gulf Coast Western to make the best possible decisions for their company and its shareholders. By doing the research, Gulf Coast Western partners with the right companies to build trust and continue and improve business.

Gulf Coast Westerns’ footprint is growing in southwestern Louisiana through their goals and process’, and partnerships. One partnership is with Gulf Coast Exploration. This partnership has gained Gulf Coast Western assets, along with property and access rights to hundreds of square miles land. Now that they have acquired the land they will explore and develop. To explore that have gotten access to 3D seismic data analysis of the land that enables them to make the smartest decisions on wells to maximize gains. After the data is reviewed they will develop the wells in the best possible locations through the data gained in their exploration phase. Once the development is done then operations can expand and improved based on the research of the area.

Gulf Coast Westerns’ goals and principles on ethics have enabled them to build strong partnerships, like the one with Gulf Coast Explorations. Through partnering, they plan to continue joint ventures and move to other regions of the country.