Goettl Air Conditioning business is looking forward for to grow. Recently, it has acquired a family owned business called Walton’s Heating and Air. The new acquisition is based in Southern California. Goettl has an advantage of having sites in Tucson, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. This advantage will play a role in creating a good platform for Walton’s. This business is expected to grow beyond the original owner’s capability.


Todd Longbrake confessed that he had stagnated in his family owned business. It was he had done his best in developing and growing it. After Goettl expressed interest in Walton’s, Todd was unwilling to agree. It was after guarantees and assurances Todd got onboard. Todd did his research and received good references about how Goettl was good in HVAC industry. It was a better alternative than allowing the family business to fall apart.

Todd is happy to the joint venture with Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl. Since the merger in 2015, Walton’s has grown ten times bigger. As they work together, Todd is the sales manager, and he also supervises field activities. Goodrich is impressed by how Todd assimilated in the new arrangement. He became a leader, and now Todd is leading in the success of the business. His great efforts are inspired by the second chance of salvaging the family business.


The announcement of the acquisition was two weeks ago, but the merger happened two years ago. The official announcement was held off that long because of technicalities. Operational issues and marketing complications were problematic in Walton’s. Goettl needed to perfect those critical areas before officially affiliating with Walton’s. This effort was necessary because Goettl of increasing Walton’s value.

Walton’s appreciated this effort because this family company is built on similar values. Although the company had been stagnant, it had the capacity to grow. This prediction was an accurate one because, after two years, it grew tenfold. When the acquisition took place, Goettl knew their workforce had to increase. More jobs were created and hence, additions of two hundred work opportunities. Visit glassdoor.com for more info.

Tucson and Phoenix are the biggest markets for Goettl and Walton’s. More employees were hired in these two places more than elsewhere. The end goal for this merger is to become a nationwide company. By the year 2018, the company intends to expand further. This acquisition was a savior for Walton’s. Probably, Todd would have been forced to close the company. He may not be the owner now, but at least his family business will not collapse.

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