Flávio Maluf Career and Tenure as the President of Eucatex Group


Flávio Maluf, born in the year 1961, is a Brazilian entrepreneur who graduated as a mechanical engineer from FAAP and later went to University of New York to study business while still working. He married Jacqueline Torres in the year 1986, and the couple got three children. A daughter 22 years old who graduated as a chemical engineer in London, a son 19 years old, formed in administration companies also and another son 15 years old who is attending engineering in England and likely to follow his father’s steps.


Since 1987 Flávio Maluf has been working in Eucatex group where he operated in several lines of the company’s business. To begin with, he worked in the trade area of the company for several years before moving to the technical department where he worked till 1996. It is in this year when his uncle who was holding the position of the president of the company then invited him to join the frame executives. After a great collaboration and success that led to the right results in the company, Flávio Maluf in 1997 became the president of Eucatex group and still is to date, as per the company website. His primary focus in the segment was on innovation and pouring substantial investments to launch new products.


The group’s business has grown gradually, and Flávio Maluf considers modernization in management which he says is essential for the perfection and success of the company. Initially, Eucatex produced acoustic ceiling and soft sheets of wood fibers. Soon enough they were able to start manufacturing insulation and acoustic panels. Also, they pride in supplying doors and plates to the foreign market. Under the control of Flávio Maluf, the company was able to open a new factory in Salto and later another one was inaugurated in Botucat.


Apart from ensuring that the company’s success is sustained, or better heightened, Flávio Maluf takes part in charity activities so as to support the local communities. In his recent support, he collaborated with Hospital and maternity Lang Carli which is the formal home of Santa Emilia Health.  Flavio also provides insight into the Brazilian economy, and has done what he can for the good of entrepreneurs.

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