Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian Talks About Important Conservation Work Going On In Maine

Ara Chackerian is a Bay Area entrepreneur who invests in early-stage healthcare companies and has also co-founded a few himself. His investment company is named ASC Capital Holdings, LLC and, as the managing partner, he decides what companies his firm should invest in. The latest company he co-founded was TMS Health Solutions for which he also serves on the board of directors. This company has offices around the Bay Area which offer transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS. This is used to help people who have treatment-resistant depression.

Both Ara Chackerian and his business partner have built out-patient diagnostic radiology centers in the past, an area they are very familiar with. They decided to use this experience when creating TMS Health Solutions. They decided to focus on bringing this experience to outpatient psychiatry. They knew of TMS and how it could treat patients whose depression doesn’t respond to the usual combination to treat depression which is talk therapy and medication. He says that they see TMS as the third pillar to treat people with depression in addition to these two traditional approaches.

Ara Chackerian is also an environmentalist and philanthropist. He recently wrote about a partnership that was formed to buy forestland in two Maine counties, Washington and Hancock, which will conserve this land for public use and future generations. He says that a group of agencies pooled their money, created The Conservation Fund, and bought 17,881 acres. This forestland will be protected for wildlife that lives in it and will have recreational access. He also wrote that it would be used to support the economic development of the surrounding communities. You can visit his about.me page to know more.


There were three pieces of land bought. Ara Chackerian says that two of these were Township 16 and Township 9 in Ellsworth, Surry. The other land was in Edmunds Township. He says that The Conservation Fund already owns and protects around 8 million acres of land across the United States. Once the purchase price of this forestland is sufficiently covered this fund plans to convey it to the local partners in the state of Maine.



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