Determining Dependable Managers as Advised by Capital Group’s New Chairman

Smart managers, according to Tim, should research the various companies and weigh the prospects of those organizations in the distant future. An active and hands on approach to investment involves doing financial analysis to establish the input output situation and the risk –reward outcome. Smart managers, upon making this determination, then go ahead to advice clients on the way ahead.

Tim says that good financial advisers are able to help clients who are caught up in mortgage strain, school fees inadequacy and even those in retirement. Investors, according to Tim Armour, should apply themselves in trying to determine the best financial managers to entrust with their hard earned money and savings. Active funds, with low expenses and where the manger himself has invested, tend to do better than others: Capital Group’s research findings.

Tim points out that average mangers or workers are not hired easily. Tim poses to ask why industry players should hire average managers or why clients should bother to get managers who are not active. Hiring average mangers, according to Tim, is synonymous with hiring average medical personnel like doctors, surgeons and even nurses. When one has a legal issue, they hire the best lawyers and not average counsel. Investors, Tim insists, should get managers who are serious and determined to help them invest wisely.

Tim Armour’s Background, Education and Employment

Armour is currently the chief executive officer of the Capital Group. He doubles as Capital Research & Management Company’s chairperson and also its executive officer. Tim is also Capital Group’s management committee chair person.

For over 30 years, Armour has worked for Capital Group in various capacities. Initially, he worked for the company’s associates program and got to rise all the way to be Capital Group’s chief executive. It was at Middlebury College that Timothy got his degree in economics.


Owing to the vast experience that he has gained over the years, Tim Armour is today affiliated and connected to organizations such as AMCAP fund and Scotia Global Opportunities. Other organizations are Target Date Retirement Fund, Capital International Funds-Global Discovery Fund, Capital Income Builder and American Fund 2010. He is also linked to American Fund Target Date Retirement Series, SMALLCAP and The New Economy Fund, Scotia Global Opportunities Fund.

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