David Giertz Informs About His Perspective On Social Security

In the modern era, there exist numerous financial advisors whose sole purpose is offering financial solutions when an individual or company is faced with an issue. Depending on one preference, one can be an independent or employed advisor. David Giertz is one of the best financial advisors in the industry considering he has more than thirty years of experience. He is currently employed and works at the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation where he gets a chance to offer his services to clients who require it. He is a VP of the National Financial Distribution and Sales on Twitter where he majorly emphasizes on the importance of social security.

According to David, Social security is recommended for individuals who are about to retire. Not many financial advisors acknowledge the fact that people who are about to retire need to be educated on all matters social security at https://about.me/davidgiertz. Some advisors have been seen not to inform their customers about the importance of social security before they retire.

While working at the Nationwide Investment services Inc., David Giertz acts as the chief financial advisors while being a successful broker. Brokers are basically sales individuals who work for big brokerage firms that are qualified in selling and buying securities for their own benefit or their customer’s request on angel.co. He gained his work experience after working in numerous organizations. He once worked at Skokie Federal Savings, The Mutual Life Insurance Company among others. While working in these organizations, he learned a few new things that he employs in his work that makes him outstanding.

Having being registers in more than ten states, David Giertz has the ability to conduct his business in numerous states as required by law. After being in the industry for more than twenty years, Giertz has seen the industry change and he firmly believes social security is the best alternative for individuals who aspire to retire. He urges other financial advisors to inform their clients on this issue giving them the right education and directing them on the right track.