Conor Lamb Teams Up With End Citizens United to Take Down Saccone

     Over the course of one year, the Republican party secured almost complete domination over the U.S. Government. With Democrats facing such a profound feeling of hopelessness and defeat, it seemed almost like there was no way to fight back. Fortunately, grassroots activists around the country banded together, pushing back hard against the Republican agenda, and taking the country by storm as they flipped well over 30 seats to blue. They hope to continue this trend in the upcoming special election when Saccone will face off against the Democratic candidate, Conor Lamb.

Unions Pledge Their Support to Lamb

Conor Lamb’s pro-union stance has earned him strong allies throughout the state, and with his rival’s strong record of union-busting, Lamb has begun to swiftly climb in his uphill battle against the Republicans. His recent endorsement from End Citizens United has only served to further push his campaign forward, and, at this pace, it seems there’s no stopping Lamb. His platform is one of job creation and the protection of services such as Medicare and Social Security. He strongly supports unions and has even pledged to fight back against the insidious opioid crisis which has left many towns in ruins.

Support from the people is strong, but it will still be an uphill climb as he fights against financial institutions willing to spend anything to see him fall. While more than $1 million has been spent to create anti-Lamb ads over the radio, and Saccone campaigning strongly, with direct support from the president, it’s obvious that the Republicans are fighting desperately to maintain their vice-like grip on the area.


Lamb Gains the Endorsement of End Citizens United

End Citizens United was among the first organizations which pledged their support to Lamb. Their endorsement went a long way in securing a foothold for the candidate and has allowed him to campaign effectively against Saccone, even without any significant financial contributions.

End Citizens United was formed in 2015 following the Citizens United bill. They strongly oppose institutional spending in elections, and election manipulation via financial means. They strongly back pro-reform candidates without regard for party affiliation. To the surprise of none, their eventual goal is to put an end to Citizens United. Their grassroots activism has gone a long way in the support of pro-reform candidates throughout the nation and has helped immensely in the fight to take back the government from financial institutions backed by Republican officials.

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