Julie Zuckerberg, A Rising Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg is a very popular recruiter who is based in Greater New York area. Her specialty is management and talent acquisition. She is working as Executive Talent Acquisition Lead in Deutsche Bank for the last two years. She often works with leading figures belonging to various businesses. Her role is to improve recruitment strategies and provide guidance in improving processes. Different companies avail her services to negotiate and develop offers like Managing Director. Besides this, she counsels executive & leadership committees and coach team of recruiters. At Talent Acquisition, Julie Zuckerberg served as Executive Recruiter. Her role was to look after contract governance and manage business relationships with the company. Julie Zuckerberg’s professional career spans over a period fifteen years. Before joining Deutsche Bank, she was working as an Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President at New York Life Insurance Company. There her duties included working with management for analyzing customer needs and management of recruitment process.


Julie Zuckerberg used to work at Citibank as Executive Recruiter and Vice President before joining New York Life Insurance. She worked at Citibank for more than six years. Her duties included global sourcing of talent, providing advice on recruitment strategies, and negotiating complex job offers of senior level. Before working at Citibank, Julie Zuckerberg worked as Director of Candidate Placement for Hudson. Here she was involved in many activities. She recruited attorneys, paralegals, temporary support staff, and case managers. She also recruited temp-to-hire positions for legal firms, financial institutions, and numerous corporations. Her other roles included counseling and coaching employees and heading the conflict resolution. Her successful career, especially in talent acquisition, is due to her excellent educational foundation and solid work ethics.


Julie Zuckerberg went to the City University of New York-Brooklyn College to study philosophy. While she was still studying philosophy, she decided to change her course. She went to New York Law School and landed into the world of talent acquisition. Zuckerberg was lucky in a way that she had the best teachers in her life. During her professional career, she got many opportunities to work with people who were extraordinary mentors. Those people helped her to make herself what she is today. Due to them, her skill set broadens to a great level. In the corporate world, Julie Zuckerberg is someone who is a versatile professional with skills like team leadership, sourcing, management & acquisition, coaching, employee training, conflict resolution, and human resources. She has a great interest in technological advances which can be used for increasing efficiency in different industries. Julie Zuckerberg is a person who also manages her time to enjoy life outside her profession. As a resident of New York City, she loves to enjoy the vibrant culture of her city. Some people claim this is the secret reason why she is always full of amazing ideas and come up with new strategies at her workplace. Julie Zuckerberg is a strong advocate of human rights, animal welfare, and improving the lives of historically suppressed communities.


Meet Lime Crime Cosmetics Creator Doe Deere

Doe Deere has taken the cosmetics industry by storm, and she’s just getting started. This entrepreneur immigrated from Russia to the United States when she was young. She began her career in New York City where she tried a few different paths before she found her true calling. First she was in a band, then she began her own clothing line where she found her true passion for cosmetics. While modeling her own clothing, she realized there was no cosmetics brand that offered the look she was going for, something different and bright that changed day to day to reflect her true inner self. Rather than give up, Deere realized this was what she was meant to do, fill the void in the cosmetics industry and offer a new and different product.

Now Deere runs her own company where she stays busy with meetings, overseeing projects, strategizing, and creating new color pallets for her company. She is very hands on and involved in every aspect of Lime Crime Cosmetics, a name coined by her using her favorite bright and vivid color.

Deere spends a good chunk of time running her company, but she dedicates special time when inspiration strikes to develop the new product. She lives and feels each of her new lines, her own unique way of making sure each new product is true to Lime Crime and its customers.

Deere not only created a new vivid line of colors inspired by those looking to express their true inner self, she also pioneered the e-commerce cosmetics industry. This area was one that was always believed to belong solely in brick-and-mortar form because customers want to see the colors and try them out. Deere and her company broke the boundaries and created a unique way to display their cosmetics online by showing swatches of the products on real skin. This allows customers to see what the product actually looks like and make a strong and informed decision about their purchases.

Deere has learned a lot about business through her many endeavors. She knows now to trust her gut in all situations. She knows her intuition has almost always guided her in the right way, and relies on that intuition to lead her through the future. She also treats her employees, vendors, and business partners with love and respect. Making them all feel appreciated inspires respect in a leader as well as happy employees through positive reinforcement.

Through all her success, there is still one thing Deere wishes she could change one thing. She had the idea for Lime Crime long before she acted on it. Instead of wasting time and pushing it to the side, she wishes she would have acted sooner and built her company sooner.

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Doe Deere – Founder of Revolutionary Company Lime Crime

In the past, those looking for colorful, vibrant, and unique lipsticks didn’t have many choices. Doe Deere noticed that many women like her with similar taste had difficulty finding satisfactory colors — which lead to her starting of the company Lime Crime.

Doe had a variety of inspirations for her company — from why she wanted to start the company and who it would appeal to, all the way down to the reasoning for the name. Doe states that she wanted to start the company as she found that lipstick colors that were as bright and as unusual as she would like were hard to come by. As such, she wanted the company to appeal to other women with similar tastes to her own. Finally, the name came from the name of her favorite color — lime.

As one might imagine, Doe was given some issues when first starting up her company. Many people believed that it wouldn’t be possible to create an online-based makeup company, as women prefer to be able to try makeup on before purchasing it. This is, however, what lead to Doe’s idea, and the new industry standard — displaying the color on an actual person’s lips. This gives customers the opportunity to see the color pop in the way it was intended to be used, and as such, has become the new standard for many other companies — with Lime Crime being the first.

This is not the case, however — she spends most of her time in meetings, whether it be with the president and vice president, or her creative director; sometimes also working on creating new colors for her line, all the while ensuring it meets the needs of her customers.

When she first started LimeCrime, Doe knew that she would be appealing to an audience with taste similar to her own — a niche of sorts that wanted extremely bright and colorful lipstick. As such, Doe has actually said that she doesn’t sell any makeup that she doesn’t feel matches her own style, as she feels it would not match her customers’ style.

Finally, everyone has their own inspirations. For some it’s a family member or loved one, a romantic partner, or even just the ideals of a better life. In Doe’s case, however, the inspiration came from her beloved husband — whom had supported her from the beginning, always being by her side for over 16 years. Her husband is currently the president of LimeCrime, running the company with Doe.

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