Benefits of Wikipedia Editing For Businesses and Individuals

Technology has revolutionized business transactions across various platforms. Customers can locate businesses and make online purchases. However, it is vital to update information on a regular basis depending on current trades in the market. Research has revealed that more than 70,000 individuals spend their time editing Wikipedia content. Such characters operate anonymously and for free with no definitive boundaries. Much of their work is unappreciated courtesy of numerous bureaucratic content.

To find out more information, Stephan Seiler and Aleski Aaltonen embarked on an educational expedition to determine the impact made when someone chooses to edit a Wikipedia page. The former is an economist from Stanford Graduate School of Business while the latter is a professor of information systems at Warwick Business School.

A total of 1,310 articles were analyzed during the Study. Statistics revealed that such articles had been edited over 63,000 times in the last eight years. The research concluded that each material attracted Wikipedia editors like a magnet and every new edited material attracted even more individuals.

More importantly, any Wiki edits included at the beginning of an article can dramatically increase content size. For instance, correction on web links and foot notes significantly altered the content of an article and increased its quality. The researchers insist that incentives ought to be given to editors in an effort to increase viewership on a specific article.

Wikipedia is an extremely vital tool in the growth of a brand. For instance, it attracts more viewers which is good for customer recognition. The more customers are aware about a specific product, the higher the chances of sales. Most companies will create a Wikipedia page to interact with internet savvy clients.

In addition, firms that possess a valid online site exhibit proficiency and credibility which are crucial elements for business growth. Clients are bound to pay attention to such firms unlike those that lack a webpage.

Alternatively, customers can pre-order certain products before exposure to the general public and thus increase sales to unimaginable figures. To reap maximum benefits it is wise to follow certain guidelines you must follow when you make a Wiki page.

Getting a professional to write several articles about the company is the first step that should be taken. Afterwards, entrepreneurs need to create a Wikipedia account. In addition, content posted ought to specifically describe details about the firm. No advertisement should be made during this stage. Having followed these steps, proprietors are free to post any business related article.

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