Bradesco enters a new era with Luiz Carlos Trabuco as chairman

     Grupo Bradesco is the largest single private financial institution in the country of Brazil. But it was not always this way. Between its founding in the 1940s in the late 1980s, Bradesco had managed to grow only slightly, becoming a respectable but regionally contained banking conglomerate. But with the unparalleled leadership of one of its key employees, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the bank was able to start a period of explosive growth throughout the 90s, 2000s and 2010s. During this time, it went from a small regional concern into one of the most powerful financial institutions that Latin America has ever seen.

And all of this was largely due to the work of Trabuco. After coming to work for the bank fresh out of high school in the year 1969, Trabuco was able to quickly prove himself as one of the more capable employees among the company’s ranks. Within his first year, Trabuco was appointed as shift manager at the local branch where he had first become a teller. By the end of his first year, Trabuco had already been moved up to branch manager, overseen more than a dozen employees and proven that he had the mojo to naturally lead and provide great value for the company.

Throughout the 1970s, he was able to attain his dream of getting an advanced college degree. Having come from a poor family, none of whom ever graduated from college, it was a great point of pride for him to have finally attained an advanced degree. He eventually ended up with a Philosophy of Science Degree from the University of Sao Paulo as well as a master’s degree in psychology. This made him one of the more qualified employees within the Bradesco hierarchy.

In 1984, the higher-ups in the bank noticed his conspicuous abilities to lead effectively. He was appointed to his first true executive role as a manager of the company’s public relations division. After having to prove himself there, he was moved to the financial planning division of the bank where he was able to quickly bring in billions of dollars in new business by attracting some of the richest banking clients in the country of Brazil.

All of this enormous success eventually culminated in his appointment to the presidency of the bank in 2009. Over the course of his tenure as CEO, he was able to help boost the stock price and radically expand the bank’s operations, eventually making it one of the largest financial institutions in all of Latin America.


Conor Lamb Teams Up With End Citizens United to Take Down Saccone

     Over the course of one year, the Republican party secured almost complete domination over the U.S. Government. With Democrats facing such a profound feeling of hopelessness and defeat, it seemed almost like there was no way to fight back. Fortunately, grassroots activists around the country banded together, pushing back hard against the Republican agenda, and taking the country by storm as they flipped well over 30 seats to blue. They hope to continue this trend in the upcoming special election when Saccone will face off against the Democratic candidate, Conor Lamb.

Unions Pledge Their Support to Lamb

Conor Lamb’s pro-union stance has earned him strong allies throughout the state, and with his rival’s strong record of union-busting, Lamb has begun to swiftly climb in his uphill battle against the Republicans. His recent endorsement from End Citizens United has only served to further push his campaign forward, and, at this pace, it seems there’s no stopping Lamb. His platform is one of job creation and the protection of services such as Medicare and Social Security. He strongly supports unions and has even pledged to fight back against the insidious opioid crisis which has left many towns in ruins.

Support from the people is strong, but it will still be an uphill climb as he fights against financial institutions willing to spend anything to see him fall. While more than $1 million has been spent to create anti-Lamb ads over the radio, and Saccone campaigning strongly, with direct support from the president, it’s obvious that the Republicans are fighting desperately to maintain their vice-like grip on the area.


Lamb Gains the Endorsement of End Citizens United

End Citizens United was among the first organizations which pledged their support to Lamb. Their endorsement went a long way in securing a foothold for the candidate and has allowed him to campaign effectively against Saccone, even without any significant financial contributions.

End Citizens United was formed in 2015 following the Citizens United bill. They strongly oppose institutional spending in elections, and election manipulation via financial means. They strongly back pro-reform candidates without regard for party affiliation. To the surprise of none, their eventual goal is to put an end to Citizens United. Their grassroots activism has gone a long way in the support of pro-reform candidates throughout the nation and has helped immensely in the fight to take back the government from financial institutions backed by Republican officials.

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How AIA has been successful through Powerful Leadership

     American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the best professional association for architects seeking to influence the field positively. In the current era, the institution has been the discourse and likened by many due to the positive public image it has created by its outreach to support architecture. The success AIA has attained is highly associated with its direct involvement with the building industry and other professional members of construction and design.

The main aim of the establishment of the organization was to foster both practical and scientific precision of architects. It was, therefore, through the discernment of a group of 13 architects back in 1857 that AIA was established in New York City. Among the 13, Richard Upjohn was elected to serve as the first president and steer the institution forward.

Since its inception, AIA has been inviting prominent architects to join the team and propagate the skills to the others. Earlier before the establishment of the school, almost everyone with some drafting knowledge claimed to be an architect since there were no architect licensing laws. The Establishment of AIA was a great achievement in the United States and has remained steadfast in elevating the standing of the profession.

Today, AIA has natured more than 90,000 licensed architects with many other associated professionals. The institution is bound by a code of ethics and conduct that the members adhere to. This has been important to their clients and public as it has assured them of dedication to the highest standards of their professional.

The governance of the institution is steered by a board of directors that is currently hosting more than 200 employees on a full-time basis. The success of the organization can be linked to good governance with the aim of attaining the vision. Today, the leadership of the institution is commissioned to Robert Ivy who acts as the chief executive officer and the vice president.

Robert believes that he can create a great impact in many areas of the society through architecture. His competence is not limited to providing disaster relief solutions and improving health ambitions. His efforts have greatly helped AIA get more attention in the past few months.

The factors that have contributed to his successful leadership can be traced to his general composition. He is a warm, wise and soft-spoken individual. These factors have allowed him to steer conversations on innovations. He has always been there to encourage upcoming architects in the field.

The Academy of Art University’s Pursuit To Greatness

In life, everyone wants to be successful, no matter the age, race or religion. What separates the men from the boys is ambition and if you posses a lack of passion, you may not reach your goals. This is where the Academy of Art University comes into the frame, and it demonstrates this notion perfectly. This institution was founded by Richard S. Stephens in 1929, and it has produced plenty of talent for over 80 years. The Academy of Art University is the future of fashion. It demonstrates this on an annual basis for New York Fashion Week. Many members of this organization were present, and they presented some of the top fashion trends of today. For this season, there were 10 MFA and BFA graduates that debuted their menswear and womenswear. Of course, they were a hit and there were two anticipated collaborations from this exclusive group.


This year made the 21st appearance for the Academy of Art University, and it didn’t leave the general public unfulfilled. Did you know that this institution is one of the largest private art and design institutions in the nation? That’s right! The numbers are staggering to a degree with its 12,600 students and 283 full-time teachers. There are even up to 1,154 part-time teachers here. Located in San Francisco, California, this university is rather huge, and it’s considered to be one of the biggest property owners in San Francisco.


New York Fashion Week displayed plenty of up and coming talent from a number of individuals from around the world. Located at Skylight Clarkson Square, this showcase displayed a high amount of silhouettes and craftsmanship techniques. Competition was fierce, but it was all in good fun. The Academy of Art University will continue to go strong in the years to come thanks to its innovation, ingenuity and prestige.


Dr. David Samadi’s Dedication to Helping Prostate Cancer Patients

     Dr. David Samadi is a surgeon with a specialty in prostate cancer. He is known across the word for his input in urologic oncology as well as being the chief of Robotic Surgery. In September this year, he announced that a prostate cancer support group would begin offering its services at Lexon Hospital, Dallas. The primary objective of this group is to feed as many people as possible with information about prostate cancer. Various men who have been recently diagnosed or have been living with the disease will be given the so needed emotional support. The close friends and relatives of the cancer patients will also be given emotional support.

Dr. David Samadi says that once an individual is faced with a major illness or undergoes a stressful moment of their life, it becomes hard to go through it alone. The group is aimed at easing the stress associated with the diagnosis of prostate cancer. A prostate cancer support group brings men together and give them the rare opportunity of sharing ideas and their experiences as they offer emotional support to one another. This group aims at helping people understand that they are not alone in their current situation and that at the support they are safe and can open up since all information talked about in this group remains confidential. One of the group’s mission is to advocate for the need of getting a prostate cancer screening test so that the disease can be dealt with as soon as it sets in. In this group also, men get to know more about illness and the various possible means of treatment. Together, family friends, patients as well as the community as a whole can be brought together by the group, and as such, the attitude of may will be changed. The opportunity to be part of the Lenox Hill Hospital prostate cancer support group is open for all.

Dr. David Samadi is a certified urologic oncologist who is specially trained in laparoscopic surgery. He has a particular prowess in robotic prostate surgery. All the knowledge he has earned is aimed at helping in early detection, diagnosis as well as treatment of prostate cancer. David Samadi was born and brought up in Persian Jewish community. He later went to Belgium and London for his education before finally relocating to the United States of America. Mr. Samadi received his degree in biochemistry from the Stony Brook University.

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Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas Brings Leonardo DiCaprio Into The Healthy Snack Sector

     The alternative snack foods brand, Hippeas, has recently announced it has completed its latest round of investment funding for the Hippeas brands that has been growing at an exceptional rate since its launch in the U.K. in 2016. Livio Bisterzo is one of the main innovators in the alternative and healthy snacks industry which is now one of the fastest growing in the sector as it grows across the years; Livio Bisterzo raised eyebrows and awareness of his brand with news of his latest round of investors joining his Green Park Holdings company, including award-winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Although his acting career is still going strong, DiCaprio has recently become a major part of the environmentalism and healthy snack foods community through his campaigning to protect the environment and his investment in the Love in the Wild brand. The alternative and healthy snack foods industry have been growing at a fast rate in recent years with the millennial market becoming the most important to many different healthy snacks and beverage companies around the world. Hippeas has taken a large market share in this industrial sector through the impressive work of founder and CEO of Livio Bisterzo, the Italian marketing specialist who has taken his own brand of puffed chickpeas into an estimated 22,000 retail outlets since its launch in 2016.

Originally based in the U.K., the brand is now a major force in developing the use of chickpeas as a major part of the alternative foods industry as a healthy option over their fried potato rivals. Perhaps a bigger coup than attracting DiCaprio to the Hippeas brand has been the placement of these snacks in Starbucks locations across the U.S.

The ability to move a range of products as quickly as possible to new locations has been key to building the Hippeas brand according to Livio Bisterzo, who states his own experience working in men’s grooming products and event management allowed him to build a number of contacts in the retail and shipping industry. Bisterzo has a history in the marketing and event planning industries beginning with his first entrepreneurial activities as a student at London’s University of the Arts.

Napa From A Cultural Perspective

     MANY believe that Napa Valley, in California, is for wine. It has more to offer. Napa has a unique business, it has crafted an ideal of wine, tasting, and experiencing vineyards. However, being a fan of beauty, but not of wine, Napa can bring you closer to experiencing culture, art, and life; within a small area. If you have an appreciation for 3D art, why not check out the Napa Art Walk? Here you see sculptures that reflect only objects you see in the heart of Italy. You can get a taste of Napa’s unique roots by checking out the Napa Historical Society. Getting away from the tasting and heat, you can experience why Napa exists. You can look into the past, seeing various items that teach new generations of the history. A fan of olives? You don’t need an expensive flight to Andalucia or Italy, you can check out the Round Pond Estate. Here some of the best olives on earth can be found. These olives reflect the fact that Napa has a climate comparable in beauty and weather to Tuscany. Moving on, you can cook as well. Dive into the Silverado Cooking School; here you can learn to make new dishes, cherishing the mediterranean climate and usage of olives. Even world famous chef Malcolm de Sieyes resides over the the school and it is evident. After a day of cultural growth, it is important to relax. The Calistoga Ranch Resorts are a centerpiece, and Auberge Spa is the perfect way to reflect and think. You can cherish the warm pools, or sink into the spa, showing you that the finer things in life can be simple. However, if you are one of solitude, Robert Louis Stevenson State Park can place you into the heart of nature. You can go back to a quiet sanctuary of trees, crickets, and quiet. Some people need a break from the cultural tourism, and this park can be for you. Ultimately, Napa is seen as a wine capital, but it is much more, but you must travel the vineyard to see.

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