Talkspace Hand in Transforming the World Through Therapy

Talkspace is an app designed for online therapy. The headquarter offices are in New York, U.S.A. Oren and Roni Frank came together in 2012 and decided to start the company. The users of talk space have access to licensed therapists through websites and mobiles both android and IOS. The inspiration came from the results received when a certain couple attended therapy. The couple were at the edge of their marriage but at the end of the therapy they had changed their minds. Roni was so impressed by the results of therapy that she decided to attend school for knowledge in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

In the beginning it was a group therapy platform but over the years has evolved to an online psychotherapy where licensed therapists are available. The app has an unlimited texting capacity and the participants can also share audios and videos. In 2015, the app was upgraded to host couples too. September the same year the company started a program, “ Social Media Dependency Therapy”. The programs solves problems related to mental illnesses.

Michael Phelps, a champion swimmer, has partnered up with talkspace for a national TV campaign regarding stigma of mental illness. He is also joining the company’s board of advisors to help direct the company’s ongoing strategy. The company views him as great asset due to his deep knowledge on mental illness and his commitment to make Talkspace a part of how people manage their mental illnesses.

It is therapy that saved Michael’s life after locking himself in his room for 5 days due to depression. Talkspace is trying to pass the information that depression can happen to anyone but therapy can help solve that if only people seek it. It is also trying to discourage stigma and misconceptions.

Talkspace has helped individuals with eating disorders, anxiety, personality disorder, depression, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder and family problems, all of whom 70% had not tried therapy in their lives. According to Frank, Talkspace is also employee focused. His business is tested by 10% of an enterprise customer’s employees. Most of the testers prefer the messaging service. Neil Leibowitz, a medical officer, has been employed by the company so as to prescribe medication to clients through the app. He will also help therapists prescribe medicines through video.