Property Reports Made Easy—Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Revamps Website, Online Ordering Available

One of the noblest companies serving the United States mortgage and real estate industries wit service and innovation is Nationwide Title Clearing. For the business, nothing gives them much honour than to offer solutions to the mortgage and real estate industry which has suffered great loss in the recent past due to property titles defects. Moreover, Nationwide Title Clearing has also developed means through which it will increase its speed to make the property reports and titles available through an online ordering process. His is because they took the initiative to respond to the action calls which were made to the company and develop an online website which allows clients to order for reports through the available online ordering form.


Nationwide Title Clearing has noted, in the recent past, the rise of property title defects. For some, they feel that they are the main contributors or causes of the failure of business which would otherwise be seamless transactions if the titles were not defective. Most of the people involved in these problems feel that they are main causes of wrongful foreclosures of real estate development projects. As a matter of fact, Nationwide Title Clearing has developed means through which these problems can be mitigated through their increased capacity to carry out research and process documents and titles in this sector. For the company, they understand that the property titles and reports are the main contributors of the buyback risks mitigation together with foreclosure.


Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the leading document-processing and Research Company which assists the mortgage and financial industries with the property reports. The company has also responded to action calls and taken steps to mitigate the effect of these property titles defects. The company has also launched one of the most modern websites which allow clients to access and order their assets reports online without visiting their offices for convenience purposes.


In the recent past, we have seen the property titles have defects through their use. When a person lays a false claim on a property, it is rendered invalid. For this reason, eh transaction will be nullified if this claim is present. However, there are many other factors which contribute to the stagnation of the business process. Simple issues concerning the document wording which are not in compliance with the property rules and regulations in the region will render the title invalid. For his reason, ensure your title is in good order.

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How NTC plans to reduce title defects

Not only have they caused unwanted foreclosures, but have also made the transition of assets within the secondary market to stagnate. Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), a company in the real estate business, states that the only way to minimize such cases is through ensuring that records are kept well and accurate. By doing this, the possibility of a buyback is greatly reduced.

NTC is the most trusted company when it comes to issues relating mortgages to the financial industry. Being the most relied on firm, it has taken steps to try and curb the title defects menace. The first thing it did is to make some property records easily available. Since they updated their website, one can now access the following documents:

– Tax Status (Plus) Report

– Tax Status Report

– Assignment Verification Report Services

– Current Owner Report

John Hillman, the CEO of NTC, states that the company is looking to improving its services by securing these reports. Some of the things that should be checked for in the reports include:

– Wordings that don’t meet the real estate standards as per the area.

– Any missing signatures that are important.

– The presence of other encumbrances. They should be removed if present.

– If the procedure used to fill in the records was correct.

Hillman goes on to make it clear that the records can be accessed by any residential property in the country.

About Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.

The fast-growing company has been serving the residential mortgage industry for over 15 years, since its inception in 1991. It is a private firm that deals with researching and processing documents for the industry. Its clients include investors, mortgage lenders, and servicers. Due to its good performance, top residential mortgage service providers in the US hire their impeccable services.

Recently, NTC opened up another branch in Dallas, Texas.  This will help with recovery in case data from the main servers get lost. The Dallas offices will also help expand the services of NTC into the area. NTC handles land records that date way back. Its document experts are tasked with making sure that each document fulfills the requirements as specified by the county’s jurisdiction.