Roberto Santiago Brings Special Mall Environment to Brazil

There are shoppers that are looking for something different when they go on vacation. No one wants to go out of town and simply experience the same type of shopping environment that they have in their native land. That is why shopping at the Manaira Mall is such a big deal for consumers.


Tourists that are coming to Brazil cannot miss the opportunity to check out the Manaira Shopping Center that Roberto Santiago has brought into existence. He is an entreprenuer that has definitely given tourists a unique experience. Consumers that come to the mall that he has created will be quite pleased with the environment that he has put in place. There is no shortage of innovation when it comes to this mall that has an amusement park and a bowling alley.


Roberto Santiago did not leave any stone unturned. When he created this mall he would go out of his way to make sure that people had access to a wide variety of things that could entertain them. Shopping is always something that women may like to do, but men may find themselves much more interested in the entertainment aspects of this mall.


There is a definite shift in the commercial landscape in Brazil, and Roberto Santiago has done a lot to change this. He may be an older gentleman in concerns to the average age of a real estate investor, but he has definitely put a lot of time into building things for a younger audience. There is a lot of social media buzz going on about the mall that was developed by Roberto Santiago.


This mall has been around for over 2 decades, but it is still attracting a young crowd of consumers because lot of adjustments have been made. This mall has been put in place as a great environment for shoppers, but it also attracts the youth because it has the amusement park and the bar.


Anyone that has ever wondered what it would be like to get all of their shopping needs met and in one location need look no farther than this Manaira Mall that Roberto Santiago created. He has become the type of person that has changed the way that people conceptualize malls. The average consumer may look for shoes or clothes inside of mall. They can also expect to find a food court where they could eat. That is the extent of most mall environments. It is very uncommon to have a mall where there is an amusement park or a movie theater. This mall also has a bowling alley so that definitely separates it from so many other shopping environments. San Diego has helped change Latin American real estate.