Todd Lubar Purveyor of Smart Homes

There is no such thing as a dumb phone, but there are smartphones. In the old days, our phones were just for calling. Then they evolved into these quasi-magical devices. Who could have imagined that you could book your next vacation on your phone, check up on your favorite teams, or find a delicious pumpkin pie recipe all within seconds, just by typing a query into your phone? Smartphones are amazing.

However, before you get blindsided, you should know that you have not seen anything yet. If you think smartphones are impressive, wait until your living in a smart house. The dwelling of the future is upon us, thanks to the World Wide Web. The internet has connected people to information, and now it is joining devices to one another. The net result will be technologically advanced, automated systems capable of monitoring and controlling all the functions of a home such as air quality, lighting, temperature. Anything which the residents need as a matter of either comfort or convenience.

In a few years, you will regularly hold conversations with your house through apps which will allow you to control and track everything happening on the interior and exterior of your home. However, real-estate investors like Todd Lubar, president of TDL Global Ventures, figured out the direction of the real estate market a while ago. In Baltimore, Maryland, his base, he regularly has clients who are looking for state-of-the-art homes without having to face Washington, D.C. prices. A smart real estate entrepreneur, Mr. Lubar has built a business out of refurbishing discarded properties around Baltimore. By the time he and his team complete the renovation, the homes are good as new with the latest smart home features available. For more details visit LinkedIn.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University in 1995, just as the internet was becoming popular. Following college, his first job was in the mortgage industry. After nearly five years he moved on to other aspects of the real estate business. Ultimately he became a real estate investor, buying repairing, and selling properties. Mr. Lubar has gathered a reliable team which he works with very closely on nearly all of his projects. He attributes his achievements in his business to the relationships he has built with people in the building trade over the last 20 years. That and paying close attention to what buyers desire. Right now and for the foreseeable future, Mr. Lubar predicts that people will want smarter and smarter homes for decades to come.

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Siteline Cabinetry: Trendy Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets come in trendy styles and design to suit any home. Many homeowners are coming up with personalized kitchen cabinets to fit their needs and desires. Kitchen cabinets come in different colors, styles, and functions. Siteline cabinetry has come up with different styles that match any home style and design.

Subtle Design and Clean Lines
The leading kitchen cabinets trends are subtle scheme and clean lines. Clean lines have made cabinet door styles more simple ensuring flexibility. When doing kitchen cabinets upgrade, Siteline recommends delicate designs and clean lines are an ideal choice.

Shaker style
These type of cabinets have remained in trend for many years. Although many feel the shaker is just a plain, square design, the shaker style has evolved, and many attractive models are being made.

White, Gray, and Neutral Colors
White kitchen cabinets are a bit common just like the clean line theme. Gray and other neutral colors have begun gaining popularity.

Functional Design
Every homeowner wants kitchen cabinets that are stylish and functional all together considering the improved trends across homes. Fortunately, cabinet designers can come up with different beautiful designs and at the same time fulfill your needs.

Horizontal Orientation Cabinet
Horizontal cabinets are gaining popularity too. This kitchen cabinet trend does not only give easy access, but it also makes the kitchen appear cleaner and more refined.

High-tech Cabinet Options
Kitchen designers have taken into consideration the fact that people are living in the world where they are always connected. For that reason, homeowners are opting to have an inbuilt charging station.

Siteline Cabinetry offers a solution for state-of-the-art design, storage, and quality kitchen cabinets. They provide not only exciting options for the kitchen, but also the laundry room, offices, and bath cabinets. Siteline caters for all needs no matter the taste, be it traditional or contemporary.

Siteline Cabinetry has authorized remodeling experts. They coordinate the remodeling process and guide you through from conception to completion.

Before remodeling the kitchen, Siteline experts recommend first to access your needs. These priorities give a guideline on style, budget, and products. They provide a quotation to help you come up with a budget.

Manaira Shopping Mall Continues To Expand With Ricardo Santiago At The Helm

Roberto Santiago is an accomplished writer of several Childrens’ books. El ladrón de mentiras was his first novel and then he became a finalist of the El Barco de Vapor award. One of his many books named “Jon and the Machine of Fear” won the Edebè Prize for Children’s Literature.

“The Outsiders of Time” are several works in progress.

He knew his country well enough to write blogs about it and his name began to be recognized. He continued to sharpen his entrepreneurial skills when he launched a cardboard folding company that manufactured cartons. He has worked as an editor for advertising agencies and a television screenwriter. Visit for more info.

Roberto was awarded his degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He studied Image and Sound at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Literary Creation at the School of Letters of Madrid.

He attended the Pio X-Marist College for Communications and the Arts.

Roberto Santiago visualized a spectacular shopping mall that included something for everyone and succeeded. You can finish a board meeting, go shopping, sample the different foods at the eateries to high-end restaurants and entertainment all in one venue. That is when Roberto Santiago moved his idea off the drawing board and turned it into a reality.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping located in Parnaiba, Brazil was completed in 1989. The mall has eleven state-of-the-art movie theaters with 3D capabilities for the movie enthusiasts. The shops and boutiques are next door and across the spacious walkway and brightly lit walkways. You can wear your new fitness gear at the fitness center and workout to relax.

Shopping for clothes, perusing the shops’ artwork for sale, and buying jewelry can work up an appetite. After you’ve stopped by the bank to replenish your funds, take a break from your shopping adventure, and make the Food Court your next stop. You can have ice cream, candy, popcorn or visit one of the eateries and high-end restaurants that will serve you a meal prepared by experienced chefs.

The Manaira Shopping Mall is home to Domus Hall located on the rooftop with state-of-the-art sound equipment and top-notch acoustics. This is a magnificent and spacious area where concerts from the local areas’ and international circuits can share their talent with more than 9,000 people. But Domus Hall can be separated into smaller lounges, or parlors for private affairs with cuisine to whet your tastebuds. Stop by and feast at the Espaço Gourmet, Waynes and the Capital Steakhouse. Read more on

Roberto knows firsthand how tight time is between classes when you want to go to the mall. You will see the students and faculty from the Higher Education of Paraiba college shopping in the mall when their time permits.

The Business Kindness And Contributions Of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of a real estate development company called Damac Properties. The company began in 2002 so the Damac owner could take advantage of foreigners being able to own property inside of the emirate. Mr. Sajwani realized money was to be made in apartments and sold units in his first building.


Mr. Sajwani and Donald Trump teamed up in 2013 and developed two golf courses. Shortly after Donald Trump was elected President he praised Hussain Sajwani and the Hussain Sajwani family saying he was an amazing man with a wonderful family. Mr. Sajwani’s career began in food service where he had the construction giant Bechtel and the United States military as clients.


Hussain Sajwani wrote a check for $2 million to provide deprives children all over the world with clothing. His contribution was made as a part of Damac’s support of the Dubai government’s campaign to provide assistance for peoples standards of living worldwide. The generous donation will be responsible for providing warmth and clothing to over 50,000 needy children.


Mr. Sajwani feels societies future depends on giving people a good environment so they can begin their lives positively. He has consistently supported His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s altruistic efforts in helping to improve lives especially during Ramadan. The Emirates Red Crescent is a humanitarian organization that started in 1983 and they were a part of the campaign for clothing. They raised a lot of funding to pay to clothe the children.


Damac Properties has currently seen the completion of 8,890 units with an additional 19,136 units in various stages of completion. The units are located throughout the Middle East. Damac Properties started their hospitality division in 2011 and called it Damac Maison. They will be providing the hospitality services for 7,957 hotel apartments by the time 2016 ends. An additional 2,810 apartments are close to completion. This will place Damac Properties in the position of the worlds biggest operators and developers hotel apartments anywhere in the world.


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Samuel Strauch Provides Valuable Real Estate Advice

Samuel Strauch combines his business and real estate skills to help provide outstanding results and generate huge profits. Samuel Strauch is a reputable real estate investor and successful entrepreneur.

Samuel Strauch is based in Miami, Florida and helps clients and colleagues attain great resaults in their respective endeavors. He teaches and trains people on what they need to do to grow their real estate business and reach their goals.

Samuel Strauch is well respected in the industry and is also admired by those who have had the privilege to work with him. Samuel Strauch has a great reputation for working hard and being a motivator. He encourages people to get the right training, plan properly and keep working toward their goal.

Some people believe, or have the notion, that investing in real estate only works in certain areas and that their area is not a prime location for such a business. Well, the truth is investing in real estate can be done in every market. You simply need to have a good understanding of it works.

Although though property investment may be different in certain areas, you will still find real estate investors that are earning decent incomes in almost every suburb and city. Some people have a negative attitude when it comes to business or entrepreneurship and do not take the time to do their research before forming their opinion about real estate investing or similar endeavor.

They listen to the news about the economy and what’s happening to the property market. But despite the state of the economy, real estate property values keep rising.

If you want to learn how to buy, sell, maintain or manage your property yourself, or how to negotiate the best deals, Samuel Strauch can also help you.

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MH Development Announces Topping off at Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

JMH Development is a high-end company dealing in the development of real estate properties in Brooklyn. The New York-based real estate company has worked hard to maintain a good name in the real estate development industry for the past two decades of professional experience. As a matter of fact, no one knows how to develop this sociability than Jason Halpern. He has also announced that JMH Development Company has managed to reach the topping off of the South Aloft Beach. This is one of the biggest hotels under construction in Miami. When it is complete, it will offer the most sophisticated companionship to those who will visit that region. The 235-room hotel is also scheduled to be open by the beginning of 2015.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

JMH Development is the company that won this contract due to their best performance portfolio. Because they always keep up with the trend in developing and maintaining the real estate environment, JMH Development has a track record of professional performance in the renovation of olden structures. For this reason, they went on to sub-contract Madden Real Estate Company to help them continue with the actual project development. JMH Development also contracted the services of Plaza Construction Company to assist in the construction process. ADD Architectures Company was subcontracted to help JMH Development achieve the stated architectural design of the building. As a matter of fact, this company has worked to achieve the best solutions to real estate developments in most parts of the country.

Jason Halpern: with Production

When the South Aloft Beach is constructed, it will offer the most animated part of the structure. It is also estimated that the rooms provided by the South Aloft Beach hotel will be the biggest in the region. For this reason, its adoption in the arena will be on a massive scale. Since 2009, the structure has been overtaken due to the decreased intersectional capabilities. According to Jason Halpern, he is also excited about the development of the project under the management of JMH Development. For this reason, he is happy about increasing the work portfolio of the company to get business in the future. JMH Development also has a track record of developing high-end properties in the United States.

Jason’s Family

For JMH Development to reach the topping off of the South Aloft Beach, JMH Development has played a significant role in motivating and leading the company to success. When he announced that they are at the top of the construction process, he told his workers to keep working hard so that they develop the most sophisticated facility. Reaching the topping off of the building is not a major deal. However, it is a signal that the next phase of construction is in the process.

Manaira Shopping Roberto Santiago Mall Is One of the Panache of Entertainment for Brazilians

Entertainment is considered to be one of the panache of the present busy schedule of life. It is definite that when you lead a life of deadlines, you need to get yourself entertained through some mode. Roberto Santiago has allowed you to get such an entertainment in your life. With the surrounding areas getting concretized, the only entertainment that is considered to be feasible is hopping shopping malls. The right place where all the different choices of entertainment can be met. In fact, this entertainment sector is precisely catered as per need. Thus, the people of Brazil are now immensely sorted for their weekend entertainment.

Roberto Santiago already known for his entrepreneurship in Entertainment have come up with this Manaira Shopping Roberto Santiago. The specialty of this hall in this region is precisely its movie forum. The mall is completely packed with several features like gardens, restaurants, cafes cinema halls, clothing centers, footwear stores, etc. It is also covered by several features like leisure area, food court, game stations, etc. thus, the entire package of entertainment is followed by this shopping mall. Read more on

Though it has been made quite many years previously its marketing strategies, have improved in the recent years. With people living that then much of claustrophobic life loves to treat themselves with some good movies and some food. Thus, it plays quite an essential aspect to make the population happy.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the largest malls in the state. As its specification is mostly because of its cinema hall, you can get a good knowledge about what it is needed. It has around 11 halls among which three of them are 3D enabled. All the movie services are allowed with a bar service and other refreshments that lie beside the movie halls.

As the mall covers around 1, 35, 000 area it is also gathered with other sections. The top floor of the hall has the famous Domus Hall that can entertain up to 8000 guests. There are the different event organized in it the terrace, in fact, the list if events go endless. It starts from receptions, formal parties, elite shows, exhibitions, annual programs, corporate meetings, etc. Apart from the fact that it can accommodate up to such huge members of people, it also allows a huge car parking area. It can have around 3100 cars in the parking lot. Thus, it holds a vast area of convenience for the entire population in the state. Read more on Exame

A Close Look at the New York Real Estate Industry


Most NYC luxury real estate developers are committed to developing luxury real estates’ that are unique and at relatively lower prices. Over the last couple of years, foreign money has influenced the market as many real estate developers have discovered of the potential in the city. It is also expected that foreign money will continue to increase in the real estate industry with China and other Asian countries recording a steady growth in the number of luxury property buyers, and Town Residential has experienced much of the same growth. The city is chosen by many developers because many people would want to live in a town with the best infrastructures such as universities, hospitals, museums and cultural institutions.


Several developers have completed several projects, and others are in construction phases. For instance, some luxury estates construction is underway in Manhattan and Rosario Candela. The property is expected to be unique because of its relative price and interiors by Alexandra Champalimaud. The developers are also aiming at developing Long Island City and Greenpoint for commercial development. Besides, Hudson Yards and Chelsea neighborhoods in West Manhattan is expected to provide a unique opportunity for individuals who would wish to work and live in real mixed-use society.


Furthermore, more apartments are being developed in Central Park whereby an 800-foot tall building will get laid. With 54 floors, the building is going to provide clients with state of the art living luxury. According to the successful NYC luxury estate developers, succeeding in the hyper-competitive market requires unique internal and exterior design, sustainability, modern sensibility, integration of hotels, and office spaces to suit client needs.


About TOWN Residential


TOWN Residential got founded in 2010, and it has grown to become an essential part of New York real estate industry. In less than five years, TOWN Residential has strengthened its position as one of the rapidly growing NYC luxury service providers in the real estate field. The firm specializes in sales of luxury residential sales, marketing and leasing of residential, commercial and retail properties. With unique principles, the company has set exceptional standards in the industry.


The company has a team of professionals who have superior industry knowledge and experience. With unparallel success and support, the company has proven to be the industry leaders that provide extraordinary service and proficiency to its clients.