Waiakea Water: Pure volcanic water

Water is life and without water, human beings cannot survive. Nowadays, there are numerous brands of water in the market. However, each brand does its level best to catch the consumer’s eyes. One brand that offers both cool water and environmental safety is Waiakea WView Postater.

Waiakea Water PH is one of the brands that you will get on the supermarket shelves. It is a brand like no other given the benefits it offers. The company has made a name for itself when the founder received a leadership award for such an innovation. Waiakea Water no doubt improves the lives of many people. The brand of water advances the social and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, the company donates water for those who are in need in Malawi. It is not only about being safe to the environment but improving lives as well.

Waiakea Water stands out of the rest by having a definite filtering process. The company was established in 2012 and has made a name in the industry thanks to their creativity. When you buy Waiakea Water you get volcanic water that has been filtered. The Hawaiian volcanic water means broad waters. There is something about things made in Hawaii that make the products feel natural. Thus, you are guaranteed of getting cool water all the time. When you drink the Waiakea Water, you also enjoy the volcanic water benefits that it offers.

Waiakea Water is safe to the environment since it is made of degradable material. Besides, the business is certified by the carbon neutral. Waiakea is also responsible for the environment since there is a percentage of its revenue meant for local community programs. Plastic takes many years to degrade and can be harmful to the environment. However, Waiakea water bottles break down after 15 years so they are safe to the environment. Thus, the bottle will not remain in the environment for a thousand years. You are guaranteed that they will leave the environment a safe place to live in. There is no doubt that Waiakea Water offers you value for your money.



Bernardo Chua: Founder Of Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is an entrepreneur who has become a leader in utilizing direct selling as a business model. He is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold, a company that sells products that are infused with Ganoderma, an herb that has been used in Asia for its medicinal qualities for centuries. As a child, he dreamed that he would one day become a doctor. He had always displayed a desire to help people live a healthy lifestyle. His grandparents even instructed him on the medical properties contained in the Ganoderma herb. Mr. Bernardo Chua would never officially work in the medical field, but every move he made in his career life was motivated by his desire to help others. This trait would ultimately be the reason he founded the Organo Gold company. See more of Bernardo Chua on Slideshare.

Bernardo Chua was the youngest of fourteen children. His first job was to work in his family’s business. He was later recruited to work for Gaon Excel, a company that specialized in selling foods and drinks blended with the Ganoderma herb. His friendly personality and the knowledge that his grandparents instilled in him made him a great fit for Gano Excel. One of his main responsibilities for the company was to advertise the company’s products all over the Pacific Rim. His efforts for the company were a success, as Gano Excel added many new clients.

Bernardo Chua had performed so well for Gano Excel that he felt he could launch his own brand of Ganoderma infused products. In 2008 he founded Organo Gold. As a way to ensure that his company provides the best quality in its products, he hires farmers who have a lot of knowledge about the Ganoderma herb. Mr. Chua believes that educating the masses about the health benefits of his products will ensure that Organo Gold can remain competitive in the years to come.

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Dr. Saad Saad: Royal Physician

While Dr. Saad Saad may be best known in the medical community for the pediatric surgeries he has performed during his career, he is an inventor as well. He has always been interested in lessening the suffering that his patients and patients around the world have to experience while getting medical care. Dr. Saad Saad has been practicing medicine for more than 40 years and holds the belief that no child should be denied the best medical care possible because of their parents’ ability to pay. This is why he has volunteered a large amount of his time helping children around the world who would not have access to the type of medical care that he provides otherwise.


One of the most interesting inventions that Dr. Saad Saad has designed is an improvement on the typical endoscope equipment. Endoscopes are essentially a small camera on a long tube that is used to view inside certain parts of the body. Some of these include the windpipe, throat, stomach, colon, and bladder to name a few. They are very important pieces of equipment when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of many different kinds of illnesses and disorders.


Unfortunately, there are some problems with the equipment that Dr. Saad Saad sought out to improve upon. One of these problems is the fact that the camera on the end of the scope has a tendency to become fogged up by the various liquids and gasses that exist in the human body. When the camera become fogged, the view is obstructed and the medical professional  performing the procedure has to remove the endoscope in order to provide suction to the area being viewed. After suction is provided, the endoscope is placed back into the patient. Dr. Saad Saad’s invention removes the need for this by fitting a device that provides suction and irrigation onto the endoscope. This is done by converting the existing anti-fog port.


With Dr. Saad Saad’s invention, the person using the endoscope can remove the liquid that is obstructing the view without having to remove the endoscope or insert anything else. The device also allows them to irrigate the area to wash away any substances that are hindering the view of the camera. Learn more: http://www.jerseyshoreuniversitymedicalcenter.com/jsumc/newseventsandclasses/pressreleases/Press-Release.cfm?customel_dataPageID_2021=495087


Dr. Saad Saad may be retired from practicing medicine, but he achieved a great deal during his career. Not only did he serve patients in the United States, he also acted as the pediatric surgeon for the children of the Saudi Royal Family. This gave him and his family to live and work in Saudi Arabia where they were treated with the utmost respect from everyone involved.