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What is the Jana Lightspeed Technique?

The Jana Lightspeed technique is one that everyone should get to know, it is a technique that would provide you with more value and more effectiveness in how you use your time wisely and effectively to make more things happen. Everyone knows that life is short and that it is up to us to make the most out of it in the little time that we have.

The Jana Lightspeed technique takes this into account and shows you how you can do the same thing over the course of your career and make the most of your time.

Here are a few principles to learn from the Jana technique.

The First Principle in the Jana Technique

In a recent interview, Jana mentioned one key point for people to realize and instill within their own lives.

“Manage your time efficiently and use checklists to help with structure. This method will not only allow you to be effective in the workplace, but it will also assist in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.”

This is a tip that may seem to be one that is quite simple but if one were to actually implement it within their life they would realize that this simple action serves as a way of keeping oneself accountable. A checklist is a simple tool to organize one’s life and keep things top of mind.

Individuals may not realize it but they only have a short amount of time in their life and the way that they can make the most impact is by simply focusing a couple of key tasks over the course of their life.

The truth is certainly that one has to dig deep and derive the value by understanding what matters, measuring it and keeping an overall balance that would allow them to be the most effective.

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