The US Human Rights Network is a group of organizations that have come together. It also has some individuals who are members and all are participants of a movement. The aim of this network is to advocate for human rights in the nation. The network has strategically chosen its leaders. Human rights violation has afflicted most of them.

Feminism brought the idea of this network. Women of color were mainly the pioneer. They came together and planned how they could reinforce the community of human rights. It was formerly formed in 2003 after several meetings of prominent personalities in human rights. Since then this network has grown and developed a connection with international scenes, this network has played a significant role in protecting and fighting for human rights in the USA. It continues to aim for higher goals to achieve presently and in future.

Leaders with experience understand the essence of fighting for human rights. Fighting for human rights also means getting justice and dignity for everyone. The network aims at mobilizing and bringing together people and workers from all areas. These people will be empowered to support human rights. Also, they will hold the government accountable for any questionable actions.

How it works

The network is connected via certain structure. There are action teams, task forces and member committees. All these stakeholders work together in addressing areas of concern. Action teams develop their activities of discussing topics of human rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Discussing matters of relevance creates an environment of interaction. People learn from one another and they are encouraged by the cause of this network.

The network has a strategic plan that guides operations of this movement. Members work directly with the staff. Through contribution from other members, leaders develop policies and implement them. The network has formulated a method of ensuring all members are aware of the organization’s policies. All levels of management and leadership always strive for cohesion.

Among the activities conducted are sharing information, producing and distributing resource, availing expert counsel, in-person meeting, and availing information via the website. Since the network is comprised of diverse organizations, the network provides experts from their organizations.

Lacey and Larkin

The US Human Rights Network is likely to work or collaborate with Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. This organization supports groups based on human rights movement. This organization was created by Jim and Michael. They were journalists who were determined to support rights of migrants in Arizona.

Part of the source of money they are donating from an arrest. They had been arrested in 2007 because of revealing grand jury proceedings. It was an ordeal for them because they had been arrested at night in their home. This arrest motivated Lacey and Larkin to sue the government for 1st Amendment right.

This case is an advocacy for freedom of speech and participation throughout the state of Arizona. This organization has funded numerous other organizations. For instance, Kino Border Initiative, Justice that Works, Arizona Justice Project, American Immigration Council, and Colibri Center for Human Right are among the many organizations working with Lacey & Larkin.

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