A Dallas, Texas based financial agency has recently announced a completion of private placement with institutional and high net worth investors. NexBank plans to use the proceeds for general purchases. NexBank has raised over $200 million since 2016. Most of their deals carry out for five years.

Most all of the plans that NexBank carries out include fixed interest rates, but some have floating rates. NexBank had a placement agent that was their sole agent for private offerings. That agent was Sandler O’Neill and Partners L.P. The notes that Sandler O’Neill and Partners L.P. and NexBank were working with are not registered with the Securities Act. This means that they may not be sold in the United States, reports BankNews.

NexBank Capital is a financial company that works with many different types of banking including commercial, mortgage, and institutional banking. NexBank prides itself on its management team that provides great leadership. They know that good leadership plays a huge role in a company’s success. NexBank likes to play a huge role in their community. They know the stronger relationship they hold with their community the more people they will bring in.

NexBank has worked hard to build a successful reputation for themselves. NexBank prides themselves in having the best of the best working for them that truly care about their customers. They want their customers to be able to rely on them to give them the best banking experience they can get. NexBank works hard to provide their customers with easy access to loans, education about finances, and developments in finances. They want their customers to have first hand access to anything they may need. NexBank is one of the best options you can choose if you are looking for financial agencies. NexBank is working hard to continue to grow themselves, and will see nothing but success for many more years to come.

The Positive Impact of Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital has played a key role in the provision of advisory and structured finance to public companies. Through innovative financial solutions, Southridge Capital has successfully managed to cater for the needs of its diverse customers. The company takes pride in its prized executive team that boasts of expertise in curating as well as a deep understanding of the market.


The company offers a variety of services to its clients. First it offers the Balance Sheet Optimization whose main purpose is to help companies maintain an appropriate balance between equity and debt, it also provides an access to mechanisms that produce the intended results. Second, Southridge conducts financial analysis, it designs well-structured financial statements that are in line with operational and financial assumptions.


Since 1996, the company has directly invested $1.8 billion into companies worldwide. It has since financed more than 250 public companies. The availability of a team of experts has provided help to most companies on matters revolving around optimized balance sheet management, individualized financing techniques among others. At the helm of the Southridge, there are five individuals who have been influential in steering the company forward. Top of this list is Stephen M. Hicks who happens to be the founder and CEO of the organization. He is joined by Lawrence J. Ditkoff, Henry B. Sargent, Narine Persaud and Linda Carlsen. Check out



Speaking at great length to Ideamansch, Stephen M. Hicks advised young people to always direct their focus to cash rather than returns. Hicks suggested that he follows the daily list and focuses on cash proceeds from his portfolio to remain productive. He further stated that the idea to start Southridge came while he was working in New York with a small fund. The principal at the firm allowed him to start his own hedge fund and as a result, Southridge was formed.


Hicks and Southridge have been giving back to the community. The company has been spearheading volunteer work as well as promoting community leadership. Southridge aims at achieving a positive impact on the society, furthermore, Hicks believes that by doing this, it can help build his company.


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Southridge Capital Making a Financial Impact

Southridge Capital, based in Ridgefield, Connecticut, is a private financial and advisory solution service for companies who are looking to grow their businesses. The goal of this company is to create individual financial plans that will benefit their diverse clientele. Southridge Capital has an executive team that has an instinctive understanding of the current financial market and the company has been investing billions of dollars into growing over 250 public companies since 1996.

This team of leadership is comprised of Stephen Hicks as the Founder and CEO, Narine Persaud as the CFO and Controller, Laurence Ditkoff as Director of Research, Henry Sargent as the COO and lastly Linda Carlsen in portfolio management. These individuals pride themselves on their philanthropy promoting volunteerism and giving. Hicks along with his wife, Mary, started the Daystar Foundation supporting several non-profit and faith based organizations for decades. Southridge considers this not only a corporate, but social responsibility.


According to Newswire, along with giving back to the community in charitable ways, Southridge has really made an impact by being a financial service. Those services include Financial Analysis, Balance Sheet Optimization, Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring Analysis, Bankruptcy Advice, and Legal Settlements. Their biggest strength is how they execute on these services. The plans are truly customized for the businesses they serve. The structure factors in Securitization, Financing Solutions and Credit Enhancing. You can visit



The team at Southridge have a keen awareness of the companies that need financing but do not know how to take advantage of all the opportunities the organization offers. Southridge can collaborate with creditors directly to reduce or eliminate debt and help companies increase their credit scores. Southridge’s structure looks at the existing level of liquidity in the clients stock without the need of certain registration statements. They also take care of portfolios curating solutions on their behalf. All of these things benefit the client and these are just a small portion of the services Southridge offers. Southridge is just at the beginning of making its impact.



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The Oxford Club: Successful Investors and Entrepreneurs

The Oxford Club uses a unique investment system to continue their income flow. Sometimes someone will ask “How much money should I have in stocks when I retire?” The answer really does reflect on the size of your portfolio. If you live longer than 65, and are in reasonably good health, you could spend 30 years retired. You need to generate a return that reasonably combats inflation. The Oxford Club teaches people how to do this with members in 100 different countries, providing accurate investment research as well as strategies that reflect long-lasting wealth.

Information is shared through online exchanges, regional seminars, and world tours dedicated to teaching members investment strategy. Investment U and Wealthy Retirement are two examples of The Oxford Club’s research services. The Oxford Club has a newsletter out called The Oxford Communiqué, and listed as a top investment portfolio in the United States with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. The Oxford Club publishes excellent investment reports, webinars and courses on how to build up your portfolio.

The Oxford Club teaches how to avoid pitfalls such as when some retired people however, face the problem of having too much money in stocks. When you retire and are out of the work force, some retirees rely on Social Security pensions to survive. Some people who are not retired yet need to invest in low-risk bonds and cash to fund your monthly overhead. If you need $5,000 a month to cover public or private pensions as well as your monthly overhead, you have to set aside five years worth of living expenses or $300,000. If your portfolio is not large enough for this, you need to work longer, save more, invest at a higher rate of return, set aside a three-or four-year reserve, or just reduce your living expenses.

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Glen Wakeman Is Changing The World For Budding Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman, CEO and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC has been involved in the business and finance world for decades. His work with start-up companies and new market entries has led to the success of many entrepreneurs and business hopefuls. His blog is loaded with insightful information about emerging markets, management and administration, international fiscal matters, and much more, and his mentoring has helped countless C-level executives find new approaches to the way they do business.

Glen Wakeman created Launchpad Holdings, LLC in order to increase entrepreneurs success rate by offering valuable advice and hard-earned wisdom. Whether it is advice about how to set up a company, if an entrepreneur should put together a formal plan, how an entrepreneur might go about getting funding or investors, or how to create a solid business budget that accounts for the rises and falls of business, Glen Wakeman helps individuals and companies to thrive in their lives and come out on top of all of their endeavors. The software offerings at Launchpad Holdings have enabled early stage entrepreneurs to put together their ideas into a real-world plan, and this is the only way to build a truly successful business.

As a blogger, Glen Wakeman is constantly adding value to the world and the entrepreneurial community by educating people about global affairs, emerging markets, leadership, angel financing, capital raising, and business transformation. His insights have proved to be extremely valuable to anyone entering into the business world, but his words especially speak to those who are near the beginning of their business and entrepreneurial journey. Visit Glen Wakeman on Ideamensch

Glen Wakeman attended the University of Scranton and graduated in 1981 with a BS in Economics and Finance. Later in 1993 he received an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago ( Glen Wakeman has worked and lived in many different countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, and he looks to expand his businesses and himself in the future by exploring new opportunities as they arise.