Lime Crime’s Standout Success

They say that companies can only be as strong and successful as their leadership, which is why Lime Crime (founded by Doe Deere) has found success and never slowed down. With product offerings ranging from bright, fantasy colored lipsticks and glittery topcoats to an upcoming line of vibrant hair dye, the goal of this company is for users to be, look and feel anything but ordinary. Deere’s customers are referred to as unicorns, focusing on their individuality and unique appearances, which is why no two products are exactly the same, and even the “typical” offerings have a bit of an edge.


Under Deere’s careful and thorough leadership, Lime Crime has grown from a simple company to a worldwide business with a fearless female at the helm. Each product is carefully designed and tested by Doe Deere herself before being released, and even better – all products are certified cruelty free and Vegan, to meet the growing demand for these types of classifications. The vibrancy and color selections of Lime Crime’s products may seem excessive to some, but from the get go, Deere has made no apologies, nor has she tried to shy away from providing exactly what she means to: bold, colorful and unique products for people that can be classified in the same manner.


Even though the makeup was initially an accompaniment to her fashion designs, the cosmetics quickly took over, and she realized that there were not many locations or products available in the colors and styles that she was searching for. This gave her an idea and an opportunity – if she was looking for bold, vibrant and off the wall choices, then other people had to be doing the same… and they needed someplace to go.


By offering her products online, Deere’s focus had to be on showcasing the quality of each individual product, enticing people to buy before they could try things out. In the beginning, the Internet wasn’t used the way that it is today, but the increase in traffic and the creation of social media have done exactly as Deere hoped – spread the word and allowed people to connect over their love and support of makeup products. This also makes it much simpler for Deere and her team to connect with people all over the world for feedback, inspiration and fun, ensuring that the future of this cosmetic line is as bright has it can be.