Doe Deere: Taking Over The World, One Unicorn At A Time

Say you want to found an indie makeup brand, and have a quirky name for it. This may sound like every Pinterest girl with a dream, but for Doe Deere, it became a reality in 2008.


That’s when she took her fashion line, Lime Crime, and built a makeup brand with the same name. Doe Deere saw a need in the makeup world that wasn’t being filled at the time: a place where anyone could express themselves through bright, original makeup without limits.


Lime Crime quickly exploded in popularity. You can now find the brand all over Tumblr and Pinterest, where girls and boys with some attitude sport the makeup line’s famous quirky lipstick colors. Doe Deere developed an industry first for lipstick: a liquid-matte formula that stays on without cracking, smudging, or fading. With names like Choker, Shroom, and Marshmallow, these “Velvetine” lipsticks are a staple in the date night or Halloween makeup bag. They won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award in Russia.


But Lime Crime isn’t just lipsticks – they also sell cheek and face highlighters, eyeliner, and the brand’s newest creation: Unicorn Hair, a semi-permanent hair dye that comes in wildly vibrant colors, perfect for anyone who’s been obsessed with the rainbow ombre hair trend. Instagram and Tumblr just about died when they came out.


Doe Deere was recently interviewed in the LA-based Guest of a Guest magazine on how she keeps rocking and rolling. Her success story isn’t a conventional one – she simply started with an idea for vivid, uncomventional makeup, without any external backers. Lime Crime is one of the first makeup lines to achieve its success almost exclusively online. Doe Deere acknowledges that social media definitely has a role to play in the brand’s success – without its loyal fans hearting posts on Instagram or spreading the word on Twitter, they wouldn’t have the same exposure or positive reception.


Doe Deere hopes that Lime Crime inspires other ‘unicorns’ – her name for fiercely independent, unique makeup lovers – to stay true to themselves and rock any look with confidence. Judging by the brand’s positive reception, she’s on the right track.

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It’s Okay to Look Fancy: Brands Men Should Be Wearing


Women usually have plenty of brands to choose from when it comes to underwear and other accessories, but most men usually buy basic and traditional underwear from generic brands. Here’s a quick look at the most well respected men’s underwear brand names that no one knows about, or at least only the most luxurious are aware of.



Hanes And Calvin Klein


These two are the most well respected for numerous reasons because they are quite popular and provide underwear for men in all sizes. Klein is known for providing a great fit and that genuine and natural feeling of it almost not being on. Hanes is a classic that should never be forgotten, but Klein stands out as one of the best.


Aussie Bums


This brand has mainly attracted people who are mainly into style and modeling. Countless men in the modeling industry would wear these types of underwear for photoshoots because of how well they wrap around the body, alongside the different styles available.


Aside from underwear, wallet brands also play a huge role in men’s overall fashion. Mont Blanc has been creating luxury men’s wallets since 1926, creating unique and beautiful wallets that extend from a man’s suits. with calfskin exterior and beautiful interior leather throughout their lineup, they definitely are among the best in the world. Of course, Louis Vuitton is one unique brand that makes a luxury item for both men and women for all their needs. With a wide variety to choose from, Louis Vuitton remains one of the best.