Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is the premier and Patriarch of Boraie Development, LLC and is very kind to the people who had the great aim to make the city Brunswick, a great place. From looking outside of the window, he said once on a PR News interview that the city at that time was completely different from what it is today. He put his plan in front of the authorities, and some of the people were against his plan, but he had made up his mind to do so because he was thinking something ahead of them. Chek out his crunchbase page for  more info.

Albany Street Plaza Tower was the first building to be built at that time; Tower Two was finished in 2003, located right next to the Tower One. Sam Boraie was the first person who thought about high-rise residential buildings in the city because it was a growing need for that time.

He decided to build One Street Condominium based on New York style, and it became the largest building New Brunswick which has a lot of attractive and interesting features.

Features of Largest building in New Brunswick

  1. There is a space of ten thousand square feet for retailing.
  2. There are forty thousand square feet of office space only.
  3. It has one hundred and twenty residential units.
  4. A parking garage with the capacity of four hundred vehicles.
  5. There is also a space for barbecue.
  6. The work of construction of this building was finished in 2007.

It shows extra qualities of Sam who has forgot it as this is the huge building which was constructed in New Brunswick. The construction of this building shows Sam’s love with this city.

It was also the time when almost everyone had left the city due to its wrecked condition, but Sam Boraie decided to make this city a fabulous one because there was some motivation inside him. View the Boraie company profile on

Sam Boraie is a man of the general population. In addition to the fact that he is adding to the economy of New Brunswick, yet he is likewise helping the poor and the group, through philanthropy tasks ( of various types, that both help the present and the eventual fate of the group all in all.