Romantic comedies usually go along with definite directives. It is universally known that the actors and actresses in these movies have to be extremely good looking without imperfections. Often, everybody tends to observe the physical attraction they have towards one another which ironically, they don’t.

Each scene is outstanding and radiant even if the set is in a dull town or city and the woman is seen to be cloddish but loveable and charming. ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ is intended to be an anti-romance-comedy which is out on Netflix. The lead actress is played by Rebel Wilson as ‘Natalie’ who is the heroine in the movie.

About the movie- Isn’t it Romantic

Natalie’s mother informed her that she could only get a man to marry her if the man needed a visa. (she emphasizes this in a thick Australian accent).

Natalie has since carried this doubtfulness into adulthood. She lacks self-confidence. Natalie now lives in New York working as an architect. However, the men she works with do not treat her as a qualified professional architect rather a servant to serve them coffee. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Natalie is assaulted in the underpass and wakes up in a hospital after brutally striking her head. Upon gaining consciousness, she is addressed by a handsome doctor carrying a bunch of flowers in a private room with exceptional complimentary lighting.

Natalie awakens in her night terrors, her life turning into a romantic comedy that she had just mocked a few minutes earlier.

Wilson is excellently cast as the clumsy Natalie, her distinct identification of low profile and cower sense of humor incorporating a perplexed character. Isn’t it romantic is energetic and captivating, an ideal way to go by on a weekday evening.

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress born in March 1980. She is a writer and a producer too. Rebel graduated from Australian Theatre for Young People in 2003. After which she appeared as Toula on the SBS comedy series called ‘pizza’ and the wedge (sketch comedy series.

Wilson also managed to write, produce and star in a musical series called Bogan Pride. In 2009, she won best actress award (Bargain). She then moved to the US where she took the role of Brynn in Bridesmaids. Other films that Wilson has been on include: A Few Best Men, what to expect when you are expecting, Struck by Lightning, Bachelorette as Becky, Pitch Perfect Series as Fat Amy with which she won MTV Best Breakthrough Performance Award and Teen Choice Award.

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