How One Entrepreneur Built the Premier U.S. Reputation Management Firm

Over the last four years, he’s built his firm, Status Labs, into one of the nation’s foremost online reputation management companies. With 40 employees and over 1,500 clients, Status Labs has taken the lead in an exciting, nascent industry that will certainly only grow as social media, Google searches and other internet channels become ever more important mediators of people’s online image.



A serendipitous meeting leads to success


Shortly after graduating with a degree in economics and living in California, Darius Fisher was out at a bar with a few friends, when he had a chance encounter. He met a lady who told him she was in the political consulting business and needed to hire some interns for an upcoming campaign. Interested, Mr. Fisher accepted her offer, not knowing it would lead him directly to a successful career in reputation management.


When he realized how much money was being paid by some of the high-profile clients that his company served, he realized that it was something at which one could make a very comfortable living. It also became clear during this time that many of the people who dominated the political consultancy field were much older, having little to no understanding of the various forms of social media and other internet properties that were becoming ever more imperative to overall reputation management.


Fisher ( saw that, by doing what these big-money political consultancy firms do, only online, he could fulfill an important niche that, at the time, barely existed. After forming various online companies, he finally started Status Labs in 2012. It quickly grew to one of the largest and most effective online reputation management firms in the country.


Today, Status Labs serves some of the most famous people in the United States as well as hundreds of lower-profile clients who wisely choose expert assistance to put their best foot forward on the internet.