Anime Characters: The Top 3 You Should Know About


The very best and popular anime characters are the amazing Shinji Ikari, Goku, and Astro Boy. Beginning with Shinji Ikari, this anime character came out in 1995 in a show called Neon Genesis. Shinji Ikari was a different type of hero. Heroes want to be big and strong but not him. He provided another perspective for being a hero. This 14-year-old gave the audience a different way to be a hero by being calm and having a strategy before taking action.


Another legendary badass anime character is Astro Boy who had the show with the same name as the character. He was one of the oldest anime characters all the way back to 1963. Astro Boy was built to replace his owner’s son who had died in a car accident and uses his gift to protect humanity. He fights evil and does whatever it takes to bring peace to this troubled world.  One of the first, and still best sci fi anime of all time.


The very best anime character is Goku. He came out on Dragon Ball in 1986. He became a game changer in heroes having an explosive and larger than life hero. With big muscles and amazing fight scenes made him attract a huge audience. Especially the explosive fight scenes which were stretched out to show his muscles and fly to attack any who would hurt him or his family. His passion and strength made him known to almost everyone even if you were not into anime. He is on posters, backpacks, video games, etc. His appearance can be recognized almost anywhere even if you do not know about anime.