Article Title: Learn From A Master – Igor Cornelson

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Opportunity is a precious commodity, and one that you need in exchange for your money whether you’re investing in commodities or not. Igor Cornelsen, a veteran of the financial sector has found just that with his firm of choice, the Bainbridge group. An investment banker since 1971, he posseses many unique ideas that he’s developed and applied to his financial practice with the firm.

When looking into ways to alter the portfolio of the company, he follows diverse sources of financial opinion such as the news, his friends and colleagues, and does in-depth research on the history and performance of companies that he invests in. He often makes investments in nations experiencing good economic growth or developing nations, and will sell those assets to troubled states with the aim of improving their condition.

Rather than looking at each stock in a vacuum, in this way he tries to encourage and manufacture positive trends for the general economic health of the world and for his investments. He cites Reuters as a favorite source, considering them to be fairly unbiased and believing that they do their research so he doesn’t have to.

When advising the managers of their firm, he encourages critical thinking and openness to diversity of opinion, listening to many other marketers and trying to glean data from both the experienced individuals and from consensus. He advises that adopt his view, and see the financial world as a whole, rather than looking at those individual parts which they can tend to believe are the only ones that concern them.

His career in investment banking began after he graduated with a degree in economics; his talent for calculating compound interest without mechanical aid was quite useful in the 1970’s; it, and many other talents gave him the successful career he enjoyed.

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