The US Human Rights Network is a group of organizations that have come together. It also has some individuals who are members and all are participants of a movement. The aim of this network is to advocate for human rights in the nation. The network has strategically chosen its leaders. Human rights violation has afflicted most of them.

Feminism brought the idea of this network. Women of color were mainly the pioneer. They came together and planned how they could reinforce the community of human rights. It was formerly formed in 2003 after several meetings of prominent personalities in human rights. Since then this network has grown and developed a connection with international scenes, this network has played a significant role in protecting and fighting for human rights in the USA. It continues to aim for higher goals to achieve presently and in future.

Leaders with experience understand the essence of fighting for human rights. Fighting for human rights also means getting justice and dignity for everyone. The network aims at mobilizing and bringing together people and workers from all areas. These people will be empowered to support human rights. Also, they will hold the government accountable for any questionable actions.

How it works

The network is connected via certain structure. There are action teams, task forces and member committees. All these stakeholders work together in addressing areas of concern. Action teams develop their activities of discussing topics of human rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Discussing matters of relevance creates an environment of interaction. People learn from one another and they are encouraged by the cause of this network.

The network has a strategic plan that guides operations of this movement. Members work directly with the staff. Through contribution from other members, leaders develop policies and implement them. The network has formulated a method of ensuring all members are aware of the organization’s policies. All levels of management and leadership always strive for cohesion.

Among the activities conducted are sharing information, producing and distributing resource, availing expert counsel, in-person meeting, and availing information via the website. Since the network is comprised of diverse organizations, the network provides experts from their organizations.

Lacey and Larkin

The US Human Rights Network is likely to work or collaborate with Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. This organization supports groups based on human rights movement. This organization was created by Jim and Michael. They were journalists who were determined to support rights of migrants in Arizona.

Part of the source of money they are donating from an arrest. They had been arrested in 2007 because of revealing grand jury proceedings. It was an ordeal for them because they had been arrested at night in their home. This arrest motivated Lacey and Larkin to sue the government for 1st Amendment right.

This case is an advocacy for freedom of speech and participation throughout the state of Arizona. This organization has funded numerous other organizations. For instance, Kino Border Initiative, Justice that Works, Arizona Justice Project, American Immigration Council, and Colibri Center for Human Right are among the many organizations working with Lacey & Larkin.

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Phoenix New Time

Manaira Shopping Mall Continues To Expand With Ricardo Santiago At The Helm

Roberto Santiago is an accomplished writer of several Childrens’ books. El ladrón de mentiras was his first novel and then he became a finalist of the El Barco de Vapor award. One of his many books named “Jon and the Machine of Fear” won the Edebè Prize for Children’s Literature.

“The Outsiders of Time” are several works in progress.

He knew his country well enough to write blogs about it and his name began to be recognized. He continued to sharpen his entrepreneurial skills when he launched a cardboard folding company that manufactured cartons. He has worked as an editor for advertising agencies and a television screenwriter. Visit for more info.

Roberto was awarded his degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He studied Image and Sound at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Literary Creation at the School of Letters of Madrid.

He attended the Pio X-Marist College for Communications and the Arts.

Roberto Santiago visualized a spectacular shopping mall that included something for everyone and succeeded. You can finish a board meeting, go shopping, sample the different foods at the eateries to high-end restaurants and entertainment all in one venue. That is when Roberto Santiago moved his idea off the drawing board and turned it into a reality.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping located in Parnaiba, Brazil was completed in 1989. The mall has eleven state-of-the-art movie theaters with 3D capabilities for the movie enthusiasts. The shops and boutiques are next door and across the spacious walkway and brightly lit walkways. You can wear your new fitness gear at the fitness center and workout to relax.

Shopping for clothes, perusing the shops’ artwork for sale, and buying jewelry can work up an appetite. After you’ve stopped by the bank to replenish your funds, take a break from your shopping adventure, and make the Food Court your next stop. You can have ice cream, candy, popcorn or visit one of the eateries and high-end restaurants that will serve you a meal prepared by experienced chefs.

The Manaira Shopping Mall is home to Domus Hall located on the rooftop with state-of-the-art sound equipment and top-notch acoustics. This is a magnificent and spacious area where concerts from the local areas’ and international circuits can share their talent with more than 9,000 people. But Domus Hall can be separated into smaller lounges, or parlors for private affairs with cuisine to whet your tastebuds. Stop by and feast at the Espaço Gourmet, Waynes and the Capital Steakhouse. Read more on

Roberto knows firsthand how tight time is between classes when you want to go to the mall. You will see the students and faculty from the Higher Education of Paraiba college shopping in the mall when their time permits.

Jim Tananbaum’s Foresite Capital Invests In Mindstrong Health

Mindstrong Health has secured a funding of $14 million in Series-A funding. The funding was sourced from a group of venture firms made up of Foresite Capital, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund, ARCH Venture Partners, and Optum Ventures. Mindstrong Health is a biotech firm that focuses on the use of smart-phones to diagnose and help in treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Mindstrong founder and chief executive officer, Paul Dagum, was pleased with the success of the funding. He noted that the funding would help the company to increase its efforts towards establishing a reliable system to track and treat mental-related diseases. Mr. Dagum said that he was not satisfied with the use of subjective reports in tracking mental health considering that other branches of medicine were using objective measurements to track and treat diseases. He is confident that the use of objective systems of measurements like the one being developed by his company will boost efforts towards mental health treatment. This is because data from such measurements are reliable and do not depend on the medical professional’s opinion. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

The company’s platform measures a patient’s brain function through his or her scrolling and typing patterns on a smart-phone using special software that was developed by Mindstrong. From such patterns, the system is able to provide information on the patient’s mood, processing speed, memory, and brain function. Speaking during the event, Jim Tananbaum noted that Mindstrong’s strategy facilitates the understanding of mental health patients. Jim is the chief executive officer and Foresite Capital, a venture capital firm that renders its services in the healthcare industry.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is an American investor, executive leader, and shrewd entrepreneur. Presently, he works for Foresite Capital as the managing director and executive officer. Jim’s visionary leadership and investment skills have helped in putting the company on a growth trajectory. Over the years, the company’s portfolio has increased to reach over 80 companies in the health sector.

Notably, Jim Tananbaum sits on the boards of Amerigroup, and Amira Pharmaceuticals. Jim Tananbaum is an alumnus of several leading schools. He is an alumnus of Yale University, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard Business School.

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Wealth Solutions and the Man Who Started it All

Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory (RIA) firm located in Austin, Texas, that is dedicated to providing objective advice and customized investment, retirement and wealth preservation strategies. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is both the founder and a registered investment advisor of the firm. He has RICP (Retirement income certified professionals)certification and has a Bachelors in Finance and Financial Management Services. Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 and boasts over 20 years of experience in the financial management field. His vast knowledge of financial management has lead him to create a three-step approach to financial stability. Learn more:

Step One helps the client set out a foundation for their financial roadmap that identifies their financial strengths and goals, helps them to figure out how much they are willing to risk, and helps them understand the correlation their risk tolerance makes to other financial growth opportunities. Learn more:

Step Two helps the client create a long-term approach to meet their financial investment needs based on their liquidity needs and investment goals aforementioned in Step One. During this Step, Richard will reallocate and manage the assets so that the client’s portfolio is at maximum performance when markets are suitable and while simultaneously reducing the financial impact to the client during times when there is a negative market. Learn more:

Step Three the final step where Richard meets their investment needs, including retirement plans, life insurance, annuities, etc.

It is not uncommon for the Financial Market to experience change, and Wealth Solutions Inc. has set up a three-step approach based on their belief that any good, available financial strategy should change and adapt to the changing environment, as well. WSI provides dynamic and conservative solutions to investment which helps clients maximize financial performance and reduce risks of negative performance. Most financial firms don’t truly recognize that most clients looking for retirement options want to preserve their wealth while leaving enough behind for the future members of their family, and want to do so in a time-saving, all-around type plan. WSI understands these needs and therefore aims to provide clients with a well-rounded, all-inclusive financial plan that lets them pursue and sets them on track to achieve their financial and retirement goals.


The Business Kindness And Contributions Of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of a real estate development company called Damac Properties. The company began in 2002 so the Damac owner could take advantage of foreigners being able to own property inside of the emirate. Mr. Sajwani realized money was to be made in apartments and sold units in his first building.


Mr. Sajwani and Donald Trump teamed up in 2013 and developed two golf courses. Shortly after Donald Trump was elected President he praised Hussain Sajwani and the Hussain Sajwani family saying he was an amazing man with a wonderful family. Mr. Sajwani’s career began in food service where he had the construction giant Bechtel and the United States military as clients.


Hussain Sajwani wrote a check for $2 million to provide deprives children all over the world with clothing. His contribution was made as a part of Damac’s support of the Dubai government’s campaign to provide assistance for peoples standards of living worldwide. The generous donation will be responsible for providing warmth and clothing to over 50,000 needy children.


Mr. Sajwani feels societies future depends on giving people a good environment so they can begin their lives positively. He has consistently supported His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s altruistic efforts in helping to improve lives especially during Ramadan. The Emirates Red Crescent is a humanitarian organization that started in 1983 and they were a part of the campaign for clothing. They raised a lot of funding to pay to clothe the children.


Damac Properties has currently seen the completion of 8,890 units with an additional 19,136 units in various stages of completion. The units are located throughout the Middle East. Damac Properties started their hospitality division in 2011 and called it Damac Maison. They will be providing the hospitality services for 7,957 hotel apartments by the time 2016 ends. An additional 2,810 apartments are close to completion. This will place Damac Properties in the position of the worlds biggest operators and developers hotel apartments anywhere in the world.


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Napa From A Cultural Perspective

     MANY believe that Napa Valley, in California, is for wine. It has more to offer. Napa has a unique business, it has crafted an ideal of wine, tasting, and experiencing vineyards. However, being a fan of beauty, but not of wine, Napa can bring you closer to experiencing culture, art, and life; within a small area. If you have an appreciation for 3D art, why not check out the Napa Art Walk? Here you see sculptures that reflect only objects you see in the heart of Italy. You can get a taste of Napa’s unique roots by checking out the Napa Historical Society. Getting away from the tasting and heat, you can experience why Napa exists. You can look into the past, seeing various items that teach new generations of the history. A fan of olives? You don’t need an expensive flight to Andalucia or Italy, you can check out the Round Pond Estate. Here some of the best olives on earth can be found. These olives reflect the fact that Napa has a climate comparable in beauty and weather to Tuscany. Moving on, you can cook as well. Dive into the Silverado Cooking School; here you can learn to make new dishes, cherishing the mediterranean climate and usage of olives. Even world famous chef Malcolm de Sieyes resides over the the school and it is evident. After a day of cultural growth, it is important to relax. The Calistoga Ranch Resorts are a centerpiece, and Auberge Spa is the perfect way to reflect and think. You can cherish the warm pools, or sink into the spa, showing you that the finer things in life can be simple. However, if you are one of solitude, Robert Louis Stevenson State Park can place you into the heart of nature. You can go back to a quiet sanctuary of trees, crickets, and quiet. Some people need a break from the cultural tourism, and this park can be for you. Ultimately, Napa is seen as a wine capital, but it is much more, but you must travel the vineyard to see.

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Lacey and Larkin Believe Totality in Equality is a Priority

Instances of criminal injustice against migrants are common and real all over the United States. A justice system that treats everyone equal has been the quest and desire for several organizations.

By standing up for civil, human and migrant rights, these groups strive to expose and investigate human right violations and injustices. Having in mind that everyone deserves equality and justice, communities are empowered and the civil society promoted. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Among the champions for civil human and migrant rights is a US attorney, Heather Hamel. She is the founder of a non-profit organization that targets the marginalized individuals and, its main purpose is to set right the justice system.

Heather works hand in hand with numerous attorneys and human rights activists. Their main agenda is to stop human rights abuse and racial discrimination. By exposing the increased profiling of more black people per capita, less incidents of the same case occur.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, re-known human rights chaperons are co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. They are among the many victims of civil human rights discrimination in Arizona. After first hand encounter with injustice, Lacey and Larkin have sworn to support organizations and groups through their frontera fund. The fact that mere freedom of speech was being compromised pushed them to the extent of even suing the county. Their organization raises money to support migrant rights groups in Arizona

Michael’s and Jim’s case is just one out of the many wrongful arrests in Arizona. The center for Neighbourhood Leadership has partnered with Justice to ensure that they give solutions which its effectiveness will end families separations and give an assurance of better living for individuals. The funds that support this initiatives are being channelled to offer quality health care, education, road and general community center development.

Being persistent in championing for these rights is what makes it happen. For instance in Michael Lacey’s and Jim Larkin’s incident, if they had been quiet about their wrong arrest and jailing, then the issue could remain unaccounted for.

Their boldness to expose the people behind it attracted public attention and consequently justice prevailed. The denial of freedom of expression in Arizona needed a solution and the two journalists made it happen. They didn’t let the government abuse power by pushing citizens around.

There are organizations all over the world that won’t rest until justice has been served. Apart from those mentioned above, we have others like the Fair Test which strives to make sure that students’ and workers’ evaluation is just,open and academically sound. All people’s rights matter the same way no human being’s life matters more than the other.

The History And Significant Real Estate Career Of Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is the CEO of Zinio with a history in application management and technology. He is currently investing in residential developments and his real estate business has expanded to Florida and New York. He was married to the fashion designer Vera Wang for 23 years although they eventually split in 2012. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Mr. Becker worked in the field of technology as the CEO of NaviSite. He began Madison Partners in 2011 to focus on real estate. He invests in unique properties then renovates them so he can either sell or lease them. Part of his success is due to his confidence and he does not doubt his business sense. He learns a business before getting in too deeply. His experience is an important factor in his business dealings and he places a lot of emphasis on a great marketing team. He believes in referrals, billboards, shirts, pens, business cards and whatever is necessary to get his name out there.

Arthur Becker credits his success to timing the market, hard work and a strong focus on his business. He believe it is more important to look at the design and market trends often. He feels hard work is the backbone for any business. He is excited to find out what the average individual thinks when they see the quality and design of his townhouses.

Arthur Becker is a member of Madison Partners who focus is on Bio Tech ventures in the early stages and real estate. He was previously the Ceo of Zinio which is the largest digital newsstand in the world. He worked as the CEO of NaviSite and provided technology solutions for the internet. He additionally worked as a senior advisor for Vera Wang’s fashion business for seven years and privately invested in technology. You can visit Inspirery for more info.

According to The Real Deal, Arthur Becker’s prime interests are in both real estate and technology. He expanded his interests in real estate with an investment in condo developments in Miami, Florida and New York City, New York. He is fascinated with bio technology and economic opportunities. He believes this particular combination can change people’s lives in a positive direction.

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The Philanthropy and Values of the Democrat George Soros

He is in support of the democratic values as well as the characteristics. His generosity has extended beyond 100 countries globally. The appreciation of his effort is seen through the democratic leaders. Barack Obama is among the leaders who appreciate the work of Mr. Soros. He established his organization by the name Open Society Foundation aimed at enhancing democracy as well as the human rights globally.

Despite the fact being a targeted by the conservative persons in the USA, the centrists, as well as the leftists, love him. Those who are against him argue that he is not only selfish but also sinister, but it is not true.

The claim by rightists is that Mr. Soros is disreputable and terrific in his actions. However, the claims are baseless as there is no evidence to demonstrate them as right. Soros is therefore not in any way a puppet-master influencing the world economy through swaying politicians. Learn more about his profile at

The conspiracies related to him being engaged in the Women’s March. It covers science as well as speaking out against the Iraq War. According to the individuals on the right, George Soros didn’t support the idea of Trump getting victory over the presidential race. Their belief is that he is devious in addition to possessing secret plans that might do away with the traditional program. The claims are insufficient and not convincing. The implication is therefore that there’s need a lot of more evidence so as to facilitate the claims which might not be attained in anytime soon. More information can be found at

Due to the increase of money that Mr. Soros donates to different charity groups and foundations, he has served a great role in assisting the discriminated individuals. Their exclamation reaches the ears of the leaders who are persecuting them. His organization helps those affected by the negative societal behaviors through fund donations. Such include the sex workers, drug users, minorities as well as the LGBTIQ individuals who can be shielded.

Mr. Soros was born in Hungary. This was in the years 1930. The Nazi rule was in place at this time. He saw the way the Nazi soldiers murdered the Jews, and he was among them. The survival of their family forced them to move to London in the year 1947. While in India, they worked on small peculiar jobs which enabled his progress with his studies at the London School of Economics. In the year 1956, he moved to the USA. He then established businesses that became very successful. The fact that his investments prospered left a mark in the history of the US. Learn more about George at Biography.

Mr. Soros opening of the Central European University offers the young individuals a chance to reason analytically.

Madison Street Capital Arranges Minority Recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital is considered as one of the most significant international investment banking companies. For the company, they are always delighted by the reason why they remain part of the solutions to any problems impeding their clients. For this reason, no one has a better investment opportunity to activate better business ordeals in a manner that is not outlined in this industry. Madison Street Capitals always stayed ahead of the rest in the issuance of fast working capital to those who are eager to develop their businesses and companies to levels that are not precedent in the industry. Madison Street Capital works to offer business and activation solutions to businesses and brands.


Madison Street Capital was hired by the Ares Security Company to help them in the issuance of fast working capital. For you to achieve better business solutions, you might consider working on the development issues concerning business activation. Madison Street Capital is also a prominent financial advisor in the business sector. For the company, they always strive to achieve the optimum solution to the problems presented to them by their clients. The ARES Security Company approached Madison Street Capital to get help concerning the best financial solution for the company.


Ares Securities Company is based in Vienna. For the company, their main aim is to develop working solutions in a way that is not interpreted in the industry. For this reason, they have ended up achieving better business through the issuance of working software to their clients. The company has led the industry in the provision of activation software that can only be realized in this market solution. Ares Securities Company is one of the leading firms in the industry that are geared towards the provision of end-to-end software solutions. Corbel Structures Company was the leading financial institution that came to their aid during the hard financial times.


Madison Street Capital is the company that provided the progressive solution towards having Corbel Structure agree to fund Ares Securities Company. For this reason, they have worked with the company to develop the most sophisticated financial solution that is expected to see the company grow to become a multi-million corporation. Reginald McCaugh, who is the Managing Director of Madison Street Capital Reputation, was the man in charge of this prominent transaction.


For the company to work with other institutes, they always strive to attain better business solutions in a way that is not instituted in this industry.


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