Malcolm CasSelle’s Biography

Malcolm CasSelle is a renowned entrepreneur and the current President of WAX an acronym of Worldwide Asset exchange. WAX is an e-commerce platform which allows anyone to operate virtual marketplaces with inbuilt infrastructure, security and payment processing. CasSelle is also the CIO of OPSkins. Before working with WAX, he used to be the President and CTO of New Ventures at Tronc Inc. which was formerly known as Tribune Publishing. Malcolm has also served as the General Manager and Senior Vice President at Digital Media of SeaChange International. He joined the company in 2015 and started by serving as CEO of Timeline Labs which was part of the company.

Malcolm CasSelle is a holder of bachelor’s degree from MIT and Master’s Degree which he obtained from Stanford University. He started computer science in his undergraduate studies and advanced in the same field. CasSelle speaks two languages, Mandarin and Japanese. He is a well-known investor since he invested early in companies like Zynga, Facebook, and the most recent company is the Bitcoin among other companies.

Malcolm CasSelle is the co-founder of NetNoir and served as its CTO. This company is one of the first production websites which focus on Afrocentric culture. Between the year 1998 and 2002, CasSelle was a senior vice president of PCCW (Pacific Century CyberWorks), a Hong Kong-based Telco service provider. From 2006 to 2013, Malcolm was a director of Capital Union Investments Company which has its headquarters in Hong Kong. He also worked

with Gaming Giant Tencent as the Chief Executive officer

In 2012, Malcolm CasSelle was named the CEO of Global Social Network. In 2013 he was a CEO again at MediaPAss Company which is an online paywall solution. CasSelle has played a remarkable role in the digital industry. He has led many start-ups of Chinese companies like Xfire, media pass and the Groupon’s Venture with Tencent. He is highly professional and skilled personnel in the field of computer science. He has worked with many companies, and all of them have recommended him as a hardworking and an intelligent professional with excellent managerial skills.

US Money Reserve: Creating a Commemorative Coin for Ronald Reagan

The US Reserve is a globally known company that distributes special edition coins, which often features historic events or popular leaders around the world. The company recently announced that they will be distributing coins that bear the face of former United States President Ronald Reagan. According to the company, creating a special edition coin in the former president’s honor would allow the public to commemorate his service to the United States. Read more: US Money Reserve | Biz Journals and US Money Reserve | Facebook

Just like their previous work, this coin would be made with a limited number, and it will be sold on a first come first served basis. The special edition Ronald Reagan coins will only be available to the loyal customers of the US Money Reserve, and ordinary citizens would have a hard time getting their hands on this coin, making it rarer and more valuable. Learn more about US Reserve:

The US Money Reserve revealed that the plan to include the face of former United States President Ronald Reagan into one of their limited edition designs have been going on for years, however, they never had the chance to turn it into a reality because of unfortunate circumstances in the past that hindered their plans.

However, in December 2018, the US Money Reserve stated that they will go through with their plans of introducing a coin that would bear the face of the former American head of state. The company released the first images of the coin, and the photo revealed the high level of craftsmanship attributed to its creation. The company also revealed that new technological approaches were a part of the creation of the limited edition coin, and the use of computers enabled them to create the face of the former United States president to look more accurate.

The US Reserve initially planned for the production of around 2,000 coins, but only 750 will be released in the present. The coin is made of platinum, and people are already putting their advance orders for the coin because according to the US Money Reserve, it would surge in value immediately after the first batch has been released.

The US Money Reserve stated that the limited edition coins will be distributed to those who purchase it as soon as it is delivered. The US Reserve managed to build a huge customer base because of the high-quality products that they create. The company is also known for their partnership with overseas coin manufacturers and distributors, and they are helping other limited edition currencies to be sold in the United States.

Gareth Henry Perpetual Career Motion

Indeed, Gareth Henry is a dainty and a paragoned being. It is true few have achieved as Gareth has in his life. In 1997, Gareth joined Heriot-Watt University where he pursued his love for mathematics. He completed studies with a Bachelor Degree in Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics.

The Start of the Career

Gareth Henry held a job at Watson Wyatt as the manager research unit accountant. He got the position after his graduation. He later upgraded to the firm’s Global Investment Management Services group. Gareth remained in this particular wing up to 2004. In that same year, the financial master enrolled with SEI Investments. Gareth consignment at the company involved asset control in the sphere of insurance, consultancy, and pension funds.

Gareth Henry enrolled at Shrodes for an executive officer guise in 2005. He labored at Shrodes for two years before joining Fortress Investment Group. At Fortress, Henry served as the honcho of international Investor Relations. Gareth’s time at Fortress was a significant milestone in his career. He singularly raised the firm’s capital in private credit, private equity, real estate, and hedge funds. Check out Gareth Henry at

Gareth’s Time at Fortress

Working at Fortress meant engagement with international investors. Gareth associated with investors from the USA, Middle East, Europe, and Asia. He supervised the company’s Asian Distribution Agreements and the $4 billion hedge funds. Gareth’s Success saw Institutional Investor publish about his remarkable undertakings. The success was as a result of ties with pension funds, wealth funds, and insurance consortiums.

Gareth Henry incorporated relationship building and hard work to achieve success at Fortress. Many assume that only old individuals can make such levels of success. Gareth is wise, but not old. In fact, Henry reached his height of success at Fortress at age 32. What’s more astonishing is that he ventured in the Mathematics areas his geek peers feared.

During his time at Fortress, Gareth Henry consorted with AG- Angelo Gordon. Henry lasted there for three years until February 2018. The AG firm controls private equity, real estate, and credit investments funds. According to Lawrence Schloss, the firm’s chair, Gareth earned the position because of his full experience in global investor relations.



Fortress Investment Group Current Partnership

Fortress investment group is a leading private equity firm, entrusted with the role of managing assets in private equity, liquid hedge fund, and credit funds. It was founded in 1st January 1998 by Peter Briger, Randal Nardone and Wes Edens who are all renowned entrepreneurs. The company started as a small private equity firm only to expand later into a global investment company with approximate $42.1 billion of assets. The assets belong to over 1, 750 institutional clients as well as private investors across the world. The Company has headquarters based in Greater New York area, East Coast and Northern US. View to know more about Fortress Business Credit.

Fortress Investment Group established the Virgin brand during a meeting that was held last year to discuss an idea of starting a passenger railroad. The British billionaire Richard Branson decided to invest in the new project as it was of great benefit to both the people and the country. This partnership will lead to the access of many customers since the virgin group has other travel and hospitality businesses. This railroad would be the first intercity passenger train to be constructed in the U.S in a century’s time and non-government funded project. Virgin Group will also contribute some small amount to support the project. The investments for the project will be managed by affiliates of Fortress Investment Group and the executive team from Brightline Company.

Brightline is a company that currently operates passenger rail service in Florida. The company has set plans to expand the services into Orlando and Tampa. It also aims at constructing a passenger rail system that will join Las Vegas to the rail system of South California. The passenger rail service will have various benefits;

  • It will be the fastest, efficient and reliable means of transport as compared to the previous rail system
  • It will offer customers with first-class services, and all their needs taken into consideration.
  • It will earn profit to the United States government.

This benefit has motivated Fortress Investment group to fund the Virgin brand project. This private Passenger railroad project will share tracks with the Florida East Coast Railway that’s also under fortress Investment Group management.

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Fortress Investment Group Principal, Randal Nardone.

Randal Nardone is the incumbent chief executive officer of the alternative asset manager, Fortress Investment Group. He is a renowned private equity investor and a business entrepreneur.

He attended Connecticut University where he pursued an undergraduate degree in English and Biology. He later attended Boston University School of Law and graduated with a Doctorate of Jurisprudence.

He boasts of rich experience in law and business finance. On completion of his studies, he began his career as an executive committee member at Thatcher Proffitt and Wood law firm. Due to his admirable leadership qualities, he has been appointed to various top companies serving in senior leadership positions. He has worked as a chief executive officer and managing director at UBC.

In the year 1998, Randal Nardone partnered with Wes Edens, Robert Kauffman, and Michael Edward to establish Fortress Investment Group. The hedge fund manager was founded as a private equity company in capital investments amounting to $400 million. Read more about Randal Nardone at Crunchbase.

Following Daniel Mudd’s voluntary resignation from the role of the chief executive officer at Fortress, Randal Nardone was appointed as the interim CEO. Before becoming the firm’s CEO, he served in the board of the company’s directors, a position he had been holding since the year 2006.

His contribution to Fortress Investment Group has been remarkable. He initiated Fortress Investment Fund which is a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group. The company currently controls over $80 billion in property and equity investments. It has also created employment to more than 1800 people.

In January 2018, Randal Nardone announced that his main business, Fortress would be acquired by Japan-based SoftBank Corporation. The company’s directors agreed that the firm would pay $3.3 billion in cash to purchase Fortress.

It was also finalized that Fortress would continue its operations from New York City in a five-year deal. Wes Edens and Randal Nardone were further allowed to retain their leadership roles.

Over the years, he has accumulated massive wealth from his business and law ventures. According to Forbes, his wealth is valued at $1.8 billion. In the World’s billionaire list, he is ranked in the 557th position.



The growth of OSI Industries in Europe

OSI Industries is the leading food production company. It is currently operating in 17 countries, and its headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois. It employs over 20,000 workers in its production facilities across the world. To meet the high demand for food in the world, they have built 65 production plants. They are adding more plants so that they can meet the ever-rising demand for food. Many changes have taken place in the industry since OSI started aggressively pushing for changes. There are new methods of production that are based on the latest technologies that are being used. Visit their page at facebook.

OSI Industries is a top business in the United States going by a report from the Forbes. It appears on the top list of private companies in the country. OSI Industries is not done with expansion. In the past three decades, it has shown every indication that there is still a lot that it is ready to do. It started the expansion process in the local market before going to the international market. In the local market, they bought a production plant that was formerly owned by Tyson Foods. This plant is supposed to build the company’s influence in the local market. There is still a huge demand for their product and the United States, and they want to make sure that they are meeting the needs of their customers in the local market.

They then move to Europe where they acquired two businesses. Baho Food and Flagship Europe, now called Creative Foods are two businesses that are under the management of OSI Industries. The acquisition was necessitated by the need to penetrate the European market. There is still a lot that has been done to penetrate the market fully, but they have shown the initial signs that they mean business.

After taking over the two companies, they moved to Spain where they expanded the production of chicken products. The plant is now producing double the amount of chicken products it used to produce in the past. In the process of expansion, they have created new job opportunities. 20 new positions have been created, one being of a product development manager.




Waiakea Water: Pure volcanic water

Water is life and without water, human beings cannot survive. Nowadays, there are numerous brands of water in the market. However, each brand does its level best to catch the consumer’s eyes. One brand that offers both cool water and environmental safety is Waiakea WView Postater.

Waiakea Water PH is one of the brands that you will get on the supermarket shelves. It is a brand like no other given the benefits it offers. The company has made a name for itself when the founder received a leadership award for such an innovation. Waiakea Water no doubt improves the lives of many people. The brand of water advances the social and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, the company donates water for those who are in need in Malawi. It is not only about being safe to the environment but improving lives as well.

Waiakea Water stands out of the rest by having a definite filtering process. The company was established in 2012 and has made a name in the industry thanks to their creativity. When you buy Waiakea Water you get volcanic water that has been filtered. The Hawaiian volcanic water means broad waters. There is something about things made in Hawaii that make the products feel natural. Thus, you are guaranteed of getting cool water all the time. When you drink the Waiakea Water, you also enjoy the volcanic water benefits that it offers.

Waiakea Water is safe to the environment since it is made of degradable material. Besides, the business is certified by the carbon neutral. Waiakea is also responsible for the environment since there is a percentage of its revenue meant for local community programs. Plastic takes many years to degrade and can be harmful to the environment. However, Waiakea water bottles break down after 15 years so they are safe to the environment. Thus, the bottle will not remain in the environment for a thousand years. You are guaranteed that they will leave the environment a safe place to live in. There is no doubt that Waiakea Water offers you value for your money.


Bernardo Chua: Founder Of Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is an entrepreneur who has become a leader in utilizing direct selling as a business model. He is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold, a company that sells products that are infused with Ganoderma, an herb that has been used in Asia for its medicinal qualities for centuries. As a child, he dreamed that he would one day become a doctor. He had always displayed a desire to help people live a healthy lifestyle. His grandparents even instructed him on the medical properties contained in the Ganoderma herb. Mr. Bernardo Chua would never officially work in the medical field, but every move he made in his career life was motivated by his desire to help others. This trait would ultimately be the reason he founded the Organo Gold company. See more of Bernardo Chua on Slideshare.

Bernardo Chua was the youngest of fourteen children. His first job was to work in his family’s business. He was later recruited to work for Gaon Excel, a company that specialized in selling foods and drinks blended with the Ganoderma herb. His friendly personality and the knowledge that his grandparents instilled in him made him a great fit for Gano Excel. One of his main responsibilities for the company was to advertise the company’s products all over the Pacific Rim. His efforts for the company were a success, as Gano Excel added many new clients.

Bernardo Chua had performed so well for Gano Excel that he felt he could launch his own brand of Ganoderma infused products. In 2008 he founded Organo Gold. As a way to ensure that his company provides the best quality in its products, he hires farmers who have a lot of knowledge about the Ganoderma herb. Mr. Chua believes that educating the masses about the health benefits of his products will ensure that Organo Gold can remain competitive in the years to come.


Talkspace Hand in Transforming the World Through Therapy

Talkspace is an app designed for online therapy. The headquarter offices are in New York, U.S.A. Oren and Roni Frank came together in 2012 and decided to start the company. The users of talk space have access to licensed therapists through websites and mobiles both android and IOS. The inspiration came from the results received when a certain couple attended therapy. The couple were at the edge of their marriage but at the end of the therapy they had changed their minds. Roni was so impressed by the results of therapy that she decided to attend school for knowledge in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

In the beginning it was a group therapy platform but over the years has evolved to an online psychotherapy where licensed therapists are available. The app has an unlimited texting capacity and the participants can also share audios and videos. In 2015, the app was upgraded to host couples too. September the same year the company started a program, “ Social Media Dependency Therapy”. The programs solves problems related to mental illnesses.

Michael Phelps, a champion swimmer, has partnered up with talkspace for a national TV campaign regarding stigma of mental illness. He is also joining the company’s board of advisors to help direct the company’s ongoing strategy. The company views him as great asset due to his deep knowledge on mental illness and his commitment to make Talkspace a part of how people manage their mental illnesses.

It is therapy that saved Michael’s life after locking himself in his room for 5 days due to depression. Talkspace is trying to pass the information that depression can happen to anyone but therapy can help solve that if only people seek it. It is also trying to discourage stigma and misconceptions.

Talkspace has helped individuals with eating disorders, anxiety, personality disorder, depression, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder and family problems, all of whom 70% had not tried therapy in their lives. According to Frank, Talkspace is also employee focused. His business is tested by 10% of an enterprise customer’s employees. Most of the testers prefer the messaging service. Neil Leibowitz, a medical officer, has been employed by the company so as to prescribe medication to clients through the app. He will also help therapists prescribe medicines through video.

Felipe Montoro Jens’ Report on Stationary Construction in Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is a household name when it comes to the finance industry in Brazil. Throughout Brazil, he is a well-renowned personality, an expert in infrastructure projects. He is a consultant on any matters related to infrastructure across Brazil. He coordinates business arrangements between the Brazillian government and the private sector – customarily known as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

In a recent survey, Felipe Montoro Jens points out factors that lead to interruption of development of preschools, sports facilities, and day-care centers in the study conducted by CNI. Although he reveals that these are cheaper and less complex issues. The study further reveals technical problems, project abandonment, financial and budgetary inadequacies, land ownership rows, and expropriation are some of the main reasons for construction interruption. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Ilana Ferreira, an infrastructure specialist of the NCI, alludes technical problems and poor planning of projects being the main reason for stalling of projects. When small companies took over the construction of schools and nurseries, the economic crisis forced them to stop the development. NCI also says that Brazil’s financial crisis has called for the need to control spending. For this reason, the federal government has been forced to interrupt vital infrastructure projects, and this is according to specialist Felipe Montoro Jens.

A study carried out by NCI is part of 43 documents on strategic matters handled by the entity for candidates looking forward to vying for the presidency in elections that happens in October. NCI or National Confederation of Industry is based in Brasilia and a branch office in Sao Paulo. It was founded on August 12, 1938, and it is the highest body in the trade union industry system.

Additionally, NCI directly runs the Social Service of Industry (SESI), Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL), and the National Industrial Learning Service ( SENAI). This is according to Felipe Montoro Jens. The body is also responsible for discussing and making policies that strengthen the production sector. Visit: