Article Title: Ara Chackerian the Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist

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Ara Chackerian is well known as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is currently a manager of ASC Capital Holdings which majors in early stage healthcare investments. Apart from that he is among the founders of TMS Heath solutions which deals with complication in treatments and those who are depressed.

Before involving in healthcare services, Ara Chackerian was a businessman and an investor. In fact he always enjoyed in starting and bringing up health companies with great success. Though his efforts he has been entrusted to be the board member of numerous health companies which he serves faithfully and with great passion.

The main goal of Ara Chackerian’s involvement in healthcare investment and service provision was to reduce the gap between health and technology. He has pioneered the automation of health equipment and also the use of proper data recording of patient data that enables proper diagnosis. This is evident because he was able to handle complications that most doctors run away from by claiming they are hard to handle. He developed the use of applications that easily track the patient’s progress through data storage and retrieval.

Through his research and analysis he discovered the cause of mental health problems as failure to balance social and corporate life. This affects most people who mostly focus on their profession without minding about their moments of relaxation. Through such observation he was able to tackle the mental illnesses with great success.

Ara Chackerian was not only involved in health sector but also the environment. He always spoke of environment conservation more so in the production sector. His maim agenda was to campaign for production of environmentally friendly products as a way of maintaining the good condition of the surrounding.

Furthermore, Ara Chackerian has also shown interest in ending the increasing suicidal cases which most people don’t feel concerned about. His aim is to find out the main cause and perhaps a lasting solution on the same.


To conclude it is always important to come up with business ideas that create positive impact to many. Just like Ara Chackerian.

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