Ara Chackerian- Committed to Improving the World Around Him

A respected entrepreneur and investor, Ara Chackerian has been making his presence felt for many years. Chackerian has held a number of important leadership positions during his career including serving as the Executive Vice President of Research for Health Diagnostics LLC. Chackerian is currently based in San Francisco where he spends lots of time working for the community. He has spent multiple decades making a name for himself in healthcare. His expertise in the area of technology and it’s connection to the healthcare world, has made him a very sought after leader.


Ara Chackerian has focused much of his energy on the environment in particular Limonapa Teak in Nicaragua. This farm has become well known for using environmentally friendly practices and thus improving the community. The farm has been a positive for the economy providing a number of jobs for the community. Chackerian recently did an interview with to give some insight into his success, what motivates him and his connection with TMS Health Solutions.


For years Ara Chackerian has worked to create out-patient diagnostic radiology centers. For more than ten yeas Chackerian and his partner worked in their business the North California Area building such networks. Working with his partner, the duo came up with the idea of building a unique treatment for depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Chackerian and his partners were very confident about the abilities of this treatment. They believed TMS had the potential to become the third component to psychiatric care. It would work together with with medication and talk therapy. Check out his page for more.



Ara Chackerian is very clear about his vision an understands how he has been successful. He believes that experience is huge and the driver for many of his ideas. Since he was a young kid, his parent encouraged him to work hard and be a thinker. He considers himself fortunate to have grown up in such an environment and credits this as a key to his success. Chackerian has used his success to give back in major ways. He is committed to using his wealth to improving his community.



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