A New Kind of Shea Butter


This luxurious, natural moisturizing miracle is a dream come true when it comes to skin care products. Whether it is stretch marks you are combating, a mild burn you are soothing or simply trying to remedy chronic dry skin, shea butter is a safe and natural option. And while there are certainly a plethora of shea butter brands to choose from, there is one in particular that delivers shea in a whole new way.


EuGenia Shea is a family owned shea butter company founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete, a former Wall Street analyst, along with her mother, the namesake of the company and the owner of its shea nut supply company to EuGenia Shea. But the fact that the owners of this mother-daughter business is not what sets it apart. Keeping so much of the production between the two of them has allowed for a fair-trade, female-empowered product that can be enjoyed guilt free by all. EuGenia Shea is able to provide job training and above average wages to the all-female cooperatives who harvest the shea nuts in Northern Ghana.


Not only have they taken the greatest care in producing a flawlessly attractive and luxuriously indulgent moisturizer, they have taken the time to make sure that the impact their company makes is a positive one for everyone involved. They have not only concerned themselves with the well-being of their customer base (something most beauty companies too often neglect), they have made a committment to be good to those who work for and with them.

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  1. Shea butter may not be a revolutionary new product, but EuGenia Shea is a company with a determination toward guilt free quality. The numerous benefits of shea butter are no secret these days. There are reasons why quality essays should be used in defense of what is going to happen too.

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