A Close Look at the New York Real Estate Industry


Most NYC luxury real estate developers are committed to developing luxury real estates’ that are unique and at relatively lower prices. Over the last couple of years, foreign money has influenced the market as many real estate developers have discovered of the potential in the city. It is also expected that foreign money will continue to increase in the real estate industry with China and other Asian countries recording a steady growth in the number of luxury property buyers, and Town Residential has experienced much of the same growth. The city is chosen by many developers because many people would want to live in a town with the best infrastructures such as universities, hospitals, museums and cultural institutions.


Several developers have completed several projects, and others are in construction phases. For instance, some luxury estates construction is underway in Manhattan and Rosario Candela. The property is expected to be unique because of its relative price and interiors by Alexandra Champalimaud. The developers are also aiming at developing Long Island City and Greenpoint for commercial development. Besides, Hudson Yards and Chelsea neighborhoods in West Manhattan is expected to provide a unique opportunity for individuals who would wish to work and live in real mixed-use society.


Furthermore, more apartments are being developed in Central Park whereby an 800-foot tall building will get laid. With 54 floors, the building is going to provide clients with state of the art living luxury. According to the successful NYC luxury estate developers, succeeding in the hyper-competitive market requires unique internal and exterior design, sustainability, modern sensibility, integration of hotels, and office spaces to suit client needs.


About TOWN Residential


TOWN Residential got founded in 2010, and it has grown to become an essential part of New York real estate industry. In less than five years, TOWN Residential has strengthened its position as one of the rapidly growing NYC luxury service providers in the real estate field. The firm specializes in sales of luxury residential sales, marketing and leasing of residential, commercial and retail properties. With unique principles, the company has set exceptional standards in the industry.


The company has a team of professionals who have superior industry knowledge and experience. With unparallel success and support, the company has proven to be the industry leaders that provide extraordinary service and proficiency to its clients.

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