Boraie Development and a new Luxury Apartment development “The Aspire”

With a 30-year Track record of real estate development, property management, and sales marketing, Boraie Development LLC has started a new project located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It will feature two hundred and thirty eight residential units and a 24/7 Doorman Lobby. Other things on the list include a state of the art fitness and Yoga Center, a residential indoor/outdoor club for the leisure of future tenants, and neighborhood dining, shopping, and nightlife.

The Boraie Development LLC commits to an inviting vision for their projects and a particularly inviting project for those that might be interested in being in close proximity to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System, Children’s Cancer Institute. The Aspire will also feature an attached parking lot with easy elevator access to the Lobby.

A towering basketball star in partnership with a towering Development company

A familiar Star to many Americans, Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal, is a retired basketball player who played for many different NBA teams for a long lucrative career. Upon meeting with The Boraie’s, O’Neal partnered for a number of development projects. The Boraie Development LLC works to create Projects that attract Tenants, Residents, and Financial Partners who appreciate their long-term ownership commitment. Shaquille O’Neal must be all on board for that! The Apartment Complex “The Aspire” plans on featuring individual storage and indoor bike storage, 10,000 square feet of retail, a rooftop sundeck and garden with outdoor BBQ space, and it’s conveniently located stunningly close to the New Brunswick Train Station.

This is set to sound like a great place to live for the tenants, with much room to occupy anyone who may be interested, and who knows, maybe even the legendary basketball star Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal would be interested in reserving a spot here as well.

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Harry Harrison Interview

A businessman of supreme excellence and coveted intellect, Harry Harrison boasts an air of nobility that few entrepreneurs possess. Hallmarked for his business savvy, Harrison is an industry leader who’s perpetually diversifying. These days, Harrison offers consulting services to individuals and businesses that are looking for guidance on specific financial matters. Harrison’s expertise ranges from private equity to venture capital, making him an ideal financial advisor. Harrison’s full-time role as a stay-at-home dad enables him to counsel on the side. Meanwhile, his wife, Amy Nauiokas, oversees the family business.

Anthemis Group is a London-based venture investment and advisory firm leading the movement for economic reform. Harrison reveals that the driving force behind creating the company was to understand how companies operate. More specifically, discovering which macroeconomic effects allow an organization to function in particular markets. In layman’s terms, Harrison and Nauiokas merely wanted to create an enterprise the simplified the business development process. Harrison’s enduring success is linked to his extensive education.

A university graduate, Harrison attended both the University of Warwick and the University of Cambridge. Harrison’s combined college careers armed him with expertise in both finance and economics. No doubt confident in his abilities, Harrison embarked on business pursuits fresh out of college. According to Harrison, it was difficult to imagine himself in any other domain but finance. Before Anthemis Group, Harrison was an executive at Barclays Non-Core. Another London-based organization, Barclays Non-Core shut its doors in 2017, forcing Harrison to retire from his leadership duties.

Gustavo Martinez’s Views And Success Story In The Marketing And Advertisement Industry

Gustavo Martinez has pioneered some very fast growing and prosperous companies for the past 35 years that he has been in the advertising and marketing industry.

Martinez has also worked for the most prominent marketing firms over the globe such as, Walter Thompson Worldwide and for the McCann Worldgroup not forgetting Henkel and Price Waterhouse.

He is a guru in the current advertising and marketing world. According to Martinez, consulting is the backbone of the exhibiting industry which involves an established contractor who at both the operational and strategic levels gives high quality services. Creativity is termed as a very significant asset in the advertising and marketing agency.

Other businesses in existence as very different from this industry since they already have a defined process that is well outlined and only needs people who can deliver faithfully, unlike the marketing industry which requires a lot of creativity from the workers.

Marketing is also more of artistic than formulaic. The model used in consulting is time-tested and always gives excellent and fast results in the Marketing Arena.

Gustavo works from 9 am to 7 or 9pm since his life is mostly entrepreneurial. He mostly focusses on ensuring that his team members maintain an inspired and motivated mood and that each team member does tasks that he/she is passionate about.

To top it all, he ensures that those members that do recognizable work never go unnoticed and this is a great motivator to the workers. Gustavo Martinez is also excited about the emanation of the IoT famously known as Internet of Things. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench and Gustavo Martinez – Medium

For instance, an ice cream refrigerator can use the IoT to determine the outside temperature, recommend an ice cream flavor for a customer and many more. This means that Internet of Things is powerful when in comes to the marketing industry.

 Martinez believes that being generous and allowing people to realize their importance and worth makes him a more effective entrepreneur. He adds that giving/charity is of great importance although it shouldn’t be done for showoff but out of goodwill and one should at always be ready to work together with an assortment of talents.

The most critical choice that has made Martinez grow his business is employing any recognized talent that comes along and paying the workers a fortune so as to get the best from them.

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Meet Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, Plastic Surgeon and Entrepreneur 

When looking to undergo any medical procedure and not just plastic surgery,

it is important for you to dedicate ample time to look for the perfect

plastic surgeon. This is simply because when all is said and done, you’d

want to not only get your money’s worth but also keep yourself as safe as

you possibly can. And that’s exactly where plastic surgeons like Dr. Sameer

Jejurikar comes in.

His Medical Experience

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has been practicing for between 11 and 20 years, which

gives him a lot of experience as far as the field of plastic surgery is

concerned. He also has experience carrying out quite a number of

procedures. An example of such procedures includes hair grafting, lapel

suction, and breast augmentation among many others. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

specializes in both reconstructive as well as cosmetic plastic surgery.

But before he allows any of his bona fide clients to go through the knife,

he often carried out a thorough diagnosis in a bid to make the very best

treatment. He also walks his patients through the entire procedure, which

includes 3D imaging system that allows them to have a glimpse of their

looks post their respective procedures.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s Affiliations

Besides being a brilliant and gifted plastic surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

is also known for his active participation when it comes to medical

societies. Two of the societies he has strong ties with including the

American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Dallas Society of Plastic


He is also a bona fine Diplomate at the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

These affiliations just go to show how dedicated Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is

when it comes to taking plastic surgery to the next level. He is also

linked to the Pine Creek Medical Center where his services of plastic

surgery are often required from time to time.

Nick Vertucci NVREA School for interested and Potential Investors

Nick Vertucci is a prominent entrepreneur who also specializes in other professions including poker playing and being an author. He has written about six books one of them being Seven Figure Decisions which explains how people should have the confidence to face risks that face any business and formulate the necessary strategy to make the company succeed. While at the University, Mr. Vertucci has learned various virtues from his careers on how to run the business. Later he invested in the real estate business where he built an empire. His company was based on trial and error method as many challenges faced him. Nick Vertucci later formulated strategies and techniques to excel in the industry. He decided that he would help upcoming entrepreneurs by showing them the right path to follow to become independent and successful.

Nick Vertucci launched NVREA institution to train investors on how they can identify a business opportunity and then find the necessary resources to run the business. His primary focus is on real investment sector. Mr. Vertucci equips learners with flipping skills. Flipping involves buying a house at relatively low costs and when the demand rises and the price goes up you sell at a higher rate than the purchase price. It might seem easy, but it has some challenges, Nick Vertucci is therefore in the front line to ensure that all his students formulate remedies to face all these risks and overcome them consistently. NVREA takes all interested parties to the field to attend various seminars and meet with other professions giving them a chance to identify the secret behind their success. The school has transformed the lives of many people as they can join the real estate sector without any trouble and have the strategies and techniques to ensure that their businesses run successfully.

Insights of Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger has vast experience in waste management, tanning, and oil-gas industry. He has mastered the art of contract negotiation and team building; something that has led him to great success in the oil and gas industry. Currently, Matthew Fleeger serves as the President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western. Before joining Gulf, he was the president of MedSolutions Inc and was in charge of coming up with workable models on how they could collect, transport, treat, and dispose medical wastes. He is also praised for developing two tanning entities (Mystic Tan and Palm Beach Tan). These two companies have total revenue of about $100 million and are currently highly sought after companies in the tanning industry.

Partnership with Property Owners

Under the excellent leadership of Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western has successfully managed to explore, develop, and manage oil and gas reserve found in the western coastal region of USA. He has used his contract negotiation skills to talk out property owners along the Gulf Coast region to enter into a beneficial partnership as they seek to explore the areas that have geophysical and geological advantages. Matthew has been able to strike deals that couldn’t have otherwise been possible if he was not present. The property owners have also expressed satisfaction in the way Matthew seals the partnership deals. Gulf Coast Western is on the process of expanding its links to other regions of the United States.

Over the years that Matthew Fleeger has worked for Gulf Coast Western, he has been able to develop a result oriented business model that works on business integrity and ethics. Better Business Bureau gave them a rating of A+, an indication that they are on the right track as they seek to explore and manage other oil and gas reserves spread all over the is in this faith that we expect that they’ll perform better and give a satisfactory end-result to their partners.

Reasons Why WEN by Chaz is the Future of Fashion and Beauty Products

In the world of fashion, many consumers look for healthy products, and in recent times, there has been a wave of consumers looking for beauty products with a natural twist. Fortunately, WEN by Chaz has been on a journey to make this dream a reality to millions of users around the world. In addition, making the best natural and healthy beauty products, this line of products is without a doubt the best illustration of well-researched products. The quality delivered by this line of products according to beauty experts is unmatched, and it explains the reason why the products are currently one of the most purchased products online.

WEN by Chaz was the first line of products to make beauty products purely from natural ingredients. Chaz Dean view on natural ingredients has influenced the company to continue making and designing beauty products from natural ingredients. According to Wiktionary, since he is one of the most experienced and one of the most talented people in the world of fashion and beauty, designing a line of beauty products free from artificial ingredients for him was not farfetched. Over the years, Chaz Dean has invested resources in order to make the brand the future of beauty products. His aspiration of having wholly natural products is currently a reality, and he is happy that the products continue to receive better ratings.

In addition to WEN by Chaz being one of the safest products to use, the product line is one of the most diversified lines of products. The diversification of this beauty line according to the founder is to give the consumer a personalized experience when using the products. True to that, many consumers of WEN by Chaz consider the range of products the most personalized products in the beauty and fashion world. For more than three decades, WEN by Chaz continues to illustrate that good product can be customizable. Follow Wen on Twitter and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more hair care tips.