Beauty Being Tested By The RealReal

The RealReal is a fashion company. Therefore, people who are involved with the company will find that there are a lot of items to choose from so that they can improve their looks if they want to. They can also experiment with different styles until they find something that they are satisfied with. One thing that the founders know about fashion is that it can have a profound effect on people. They know that there are outfits that can increase the confidence of people. Another thing that they are aware of is the subjective nature of fashion. Some people can feel less confident in some of the outfits that others feel an increase in confidence while wearing.

While The RealReal has always sold clothing, it is taking a leap into the beauty industry with different beauty products. This allows customers to look at some of the other products that can not only enhance their appearance, but how they feel about themselves overall. This type of enhancement is going to help people become fulfilled with who they are as individuals. The best thing about The RealReal is that they make it a point to have a wide variety of products. Therefore, people are always going to have a lot to choose from.

One of the most important aspects of beauty is diversity. When there are a lot of different choices of styles, there will also be a ton of different expressions of beauty. This is one of the most encouraging things about The RealReal when it comes to fashion and beauty. After all, it is common for people to want to feel beautiful. One of the most important ways to make people feel beautiful is to make it clear that beauty is not rigid. People are given the chance to explore their own beauty.

Meet Michael Hagele: Corporate Attorney and Mountain Biker

Michael Hagele is a renowned attorney and also aids organization by providing guidance. Some of the industries are associated with include; technology, design, biotechnology companies as well as the aerospace industry to mention a few. This has helped pave the way for his success since he puts in the time to understand these industries.

Michael Hagele also has vast knowledge in consultancy, negations skills, coming up with a proposal, he is also well informed on matters concerning telecommunications as well as global internet. This knowledge has given Michael an opportunity to understand the best business opportunities he, therefore, invests in young and upcoming companies and this has also significantly contributed to his rising. View to learn more.

Before venturing into business Michel serve in the capacity o general counsel in several internet companies. He also dealt with legal matters arising in these companies, property plans, and guided companies on how o acquire properties. Apart from his many years of experience MichaelHagele’s education background has also played a crucial part in helping achieve greatness, he received his B.A degree from the University of Iowa, and further advanced his education at the University of California.

After working in many companies, Michael decided to establish his own company. According to Michael when providing small services for clients to benefit a self-owned law company maximally is better as it allows clients to access these services and at a better price. The need to provide affordable services to his clients lead him to the establishment of his firm.

Michael Hagele explains that one habit that has helped him to remain productive in his career is by planning, he not only emphasizes on big plans but simple things too, Michael starts his day by reviewing his daily tasks, he then makes a plan on what matters will be tackled first. Besides a planned day Michael also believes that for one to be productive it is essential to relax Michael relaxes his head by riding his bike and this helps clear his head and able to develop new ideas.

One strategy that Michael Hagele has used to achieve success is never giving up when starting up a business one is likely to encounter situations that were unplanned off, and for you to emerge a victor, Michael believes not giving up is the best is the secret. View:


Bradesco enters a new era with Luiz Carlos Trabuco as chairman

     Grupo Bradesco is the largest single private financial institution in the country of Brazil. But it was not always this way. Between its founding in the 1940s in the late 1980s, Bradesco had managed to grow only slightly, becoming a respectable but regionally contained banking conglomerate. But with the unparalleled leadership of one of its key employees, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the bank was able to start a period of explosive growth throughout the 90s, 2000s and 2010s. During this time, it went from a small regional concern into one of the most powerful financial institutions that Latin America has ever seen.

And all of this was largely due to the work of Trabuco. After coming to work for the bank fresh out of high school in the year 1969, Trabuco was able to quickly prove himself as one of the more capable employees among the company’s ranks. Within his first year, Trabuco was appointed as shift manager at the local branch where he had first become a teller. By the end of his first year, Trabuco had already been moved up to branch manager, overseen more than a dozen employees and proven that he had the mojo to naturally lead and provide great value for the company.

Throughout the 1970s, he was able to attain his dream of getting an advanced college degree. Having come from a poor family, none of whom ever graduated from college, it was a great point of pride for him to have finally attained an advanced degree. He eventually ended up with a Philosophy of Science Degree from the University of Sao Paulo as well as a master’s degree in psychology. This made him one of the more qualified employees within the Bradesco hierarchy.

In 1984, the higher-ups in the bank noticed his conspicuous abilities to lead effectively. He was appointed to his first true executive role as a manager of the company’s public relations division. After having to prove himself there, he was moved to the financial planning division of the bank where he was able to quickly bring in billions of dollars in new business by attracting some of the richest banking clients in the country of Brazil.

All of this enormous success eventually culminated in his appointment to the presidency of the bank in 2009. Over the course of his tenure as CEO, he was able to help boost the stock price and radically expand the bank’s operations, eventually making it one of the largest financial institutions in all of Latin America.


Freedom Checks May Open Doors to Financial Success through MLP Investments

With a freedom check, an investor may possibly find him/herself in a position to make significant money. The use of the word “freedom” to describe these distributions shouldn’t be dismissed. Receiving a substantial distribution check from investment endeavor can make life comfortable. With freedom comes comfort.

How do these distributions work? A freedom check refers to payments derived directly from master limited partnerships (MLPs). MLPs refer to partnerships traded on an exchange. Investors can purchase shares in an appropriate MLP investment opportunity. When the venture generates revenue, the MLP issues payments to the investors. Equity investing of this nature is somewhat common, but opportunities take different forms. With MLPs, these partnership investment ventures simply focus on ventures heavily invested in US domestic oil and gas. Read this article at

What is the rationale behind focusing on natural gas and oil ventures? Honestly, the law doesn’t necessarily favor one industry over another. The alternative energy world received various subsidies and investment incentives as well. Electric car manufacturers reap tax rebates and other benefits. The rationale remains the same across all industry spectrums. Investment incentives seek to stimulate funding into industries to make them healthier. Of course, the investor stands to gain as well if an investment turns profitable.

Investment capital means a lot to energy companies. Oil and natural gas requires significant capital in order to explore, drill, and handle other necessary steps to convert fossil fuels into actual energy. Once discovered, fossil fuels sell on the open market. Through their sales, investors receive dividend payments. These distributions take the form of freedom checks, actual direct return-on-investment payments.

The colloquial use of the word “freedom” hints at financial independence. If the return on investment turns out to be lucrative, the investor certainly finds him or herself on solid financial footing. Who wouldn’t want an investment that pays greater than average?

A reality check becomes necessary here. Few investments come without risk. Outside of US treasury bonds, CDs, or money markets, guaranteed returns appear nonexistent. Investors must realize this. Choosing to invest time reading about freedom checks and MLPs, however, could prove to be invaluable. Educating oneself about financial matters related to freedom checks doesn’t likely come with many downsides.

Learning about the topics of MLPs and oil and natural gas investing helps make the subject of freedom checks less mysterious. After closely examining how these checks work, better decisions about investing can likely be made.

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Vijay Eswaran’s Philosophical Lessons

Vijay Eswaran is a successful businessman who has purposed to help other upcoming entrepreneurs to prosper. He has written several publications on some of his life experiences and the factors that have contributed to his prosperity in business. He wrote an article on the stages of change. He explains that change starts from within an individual. According to that article, individuals attract change in their lives. They have to be willing to have changes in their habits. The changes in your life are more felt by the people around you. A habit is hard to get rid of and some people find a hard time despite their willingness to change.

He compares a change to climbing a hill. He argues that individuals who expect the changes to be simple are likely to fail in their endeavors. You are likely to meet people in a similar situation and this may help to conquer the challenges as they will motivate you. He points out that not every situation can change. Vijay Eswaran explains what good leadership entails. According to him, a good leader is always willing to serve and lead by example.

He gives an example of Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa. The leaders started from humble backgrounds and became prominent across the world. He explains that a good leader values the workers in the organization. The employees are likely to be more productive when they feel that their inputs are considered in decision making. Servant leadership comes up with a clear vision which the whole organization follows. A clear vision ensures that the stakeholders understand what is expected of them.

He argues that the management of a firm has to use effective means of communication to achieve the objective. He argues that the leaders have to develop and encourage adherence to the values. Some of the most common values include honesty and compassion. An organization that follows its values is likely to achieve its goals more easily. The philosopher argues that servant leaders should help the employees attain their full potential through activities such as training and providing a conducive working environment. The leaders should be ready to make sacrifices in achieving the objectives.

Larkin & Lacey

Presidential pardons are really controversial, but this pardon created an uproar. One of the most recent President Trump pardons has caused the most controversy. He issued a pardon former sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Arpaio, known as America’s toughest sheriff, had the job in Maricopa County, Arizona. Many people knew him for this title and his tough talk. However, they do not know some of the negative things he’s done like the wrongful imprisonment of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, Village Voice owners.

The Face Imprisonment of Village Voice Publishers

It was just over 10 ago when it happened. The Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit agents knocked on two homes in the Phoenix, Arizona under the cover of darkness. Those homes belonged to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The agents were ordered, by Arpaio, to arrest the men. They were ordered to take Lacey and Larkin to county jail. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The Men Were Imprisoned Under the Cover of Darkness

The reason for the arrest wasn’t disclosed to the men. The sheriff had charged them according to a grand jury investigation.

At that time, the men were involved in Village Voice Media newspaper. That newspaper had published a piece about the grand jury probe of the newspaper the same day of their arrest. What Larkin and Lacey didn’t know is that they were the subject of the grand jury investigation.

Arpaio was Frustrated by the Increasing Cover of His Law Enforcement Tactics

The men were allegedly targeted by Arpaio because of the overly aggressive way he enforced laws in the county. Since he began as sheriff in 1992, he had allegedly done things like create a Tent City for inmates.

However, Lacey and Larkin had been watching and publishing multiple cases where that allegedly went against state law. For instance, in 2011, the United States District Judge Murray Snow told Arpaio that detaining immigrants because he was suspicious of them was not legal.

Lacey and Larkin began their muckraking efforts to expose Arpaio to the American public. They quickly gain a following and the attention from the former sheriff. They never knew the attention would lead to a false arrest. The men spent 24 hours in county jail because of their work.

Larkin and Lacey Filed a Lawsuit for the Wrongful Arrest

After their release, the men filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Arpaio. In addition, they exposed more information about the type of corruption and malpractices going on under his watch. The lawsuit never reached court. Lacey and Larkin settled the lawsuit for $3.7 million.

They didn’t do it for money. Their freedom was worth more than $3.7 million. They have used the money to help others in the Arizona area. They settled because they wanted to move forward and continue fighting the sheriff on behalf the other people who had been unfairly punished by the sheriff’s department.

The sheriff faced his own legal battles. He was convicted of a crime. He was also voted out of office in Arizona.

MIAL Honors Robert Ivy

The Mississippi Institute of Art and Letters (MIAL) has awarded the 2018 Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award to an architect for the first time ever. Robert Ivy the Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) was presented the prestigious award for his impact on the architectural community.

The award

The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is given to Mississippi connected artist, writers, actors, or singers who have contributed much to their field of arts. Robert Ivy joins the very esteemed company such as actor Morgan Freeman, singer Leontyne Price, artist Walter Anderson, and authors Adora Welty and Shelby Foote.

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The Career

As CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Ivy has been pivotal in the transforming the architecture profession in the 21st century. He has highlighted the importance of the profession in the development of the United States ensuring that Architects follow strict guidelines that help them become more efficient. Prior to becoming the EVP/CEO of AIA Robert Ivy was the editor-in-chief of Architectural Record magazine and the vice president/editorial director of McGraw-Hill Construction.

Ivy served as an officer in the US Navy prior to becoming an architect and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee as well as a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Tulane University.

Other Honors

Alpha Rho Chi, the architecture fraternity honored Robert Ivy for his communication in the value of design in 2010. Robert Ivy has donned the title of Master Architect along with iconic names such as Mies Van Der Rohe, and I. M. Pei. Last year Robert received the dean’s medal from the University of Arkansas and in 2009 the American Business Media presented Robert with the Crane Award, the highest recognition they give to an individual.

The Community

This unique honor serves as recognition too young aspiring architects of their artistic importance and architects across the country believe the knowledge of Robert’s accomplishments will boost morale across the profession.


AVATrade Review – The Right Choice For You?

AVAtrade is a wildly popular platform that sees monthly trade amounts of over $60 million dollars a year. Located in Dublin, Ireland and having been managed for over 10 years – it now has extended its service to over 150 countries, it is now receive even more regulation support on top of its strong reputation including the region of Japan, the FSA department and the British Virgin Island’s Financial Services commission.


Are There Bonuses?

There are some bonuses that can add on to your earnings, these include but are not limited to:


o Referral program in which one can refer a friend and earn $400.

o Earning up to $10,000 when one deposits the income.


What is Required to Open an Account with AvaTrade?

AVATrade is subject to stringent compliance requirements and licenses are held for the following:


o European Union

o Australia

o Asic Regulatory Guide 227

o International (B.V.I)

o Japan

o South Africa


In order to open an account and comply with regulations, it is necessary for one to pass a basic compliance check by the Central Bank of Ireland. In addition to this compliance check, one is going to need a copy of a passport, a driver’s license, and a national ID. Additionally, a utility bill showing the address and finally a compliance survey confirming the trading experience will help close the process.


What Features and Benefits Can One Expect with AvaTrade?

AvaTrade offers a vast array of features and benefits that appeal to individuals of different experiences and skill sets.


Trading for Beginners Learning Module

As the title explains, this is for people whom are just getting their feet wet in the world of Forex Trading. Offering explanations for many of the fundamental ideas of trading are addressed her, such as:


o What is Forex?

o What is a Pip?

o How To Read a Forex Chart?


Knowing these questions helps set the foundation to a successful trading experience with AvaTrade.


What Are Some of the Features/Benefits of AvaTrade?


Forex Ebook

AvaTrade is a platform consisting of 59 trading pairs, and that number may increase in the near future. While reading this book one will be introduced to both the major and minor currency pairs, exotic currency pairs, and the overall learning on how to read an FX quote.


Trading Video Tutorials

These AvaTrade review videos seek to offer beginners and advanced level experts advice who want to improve their game. Ranging from beginning tips on how to read charts to advanced tips on how to use AvaTrade’s advanced tools according to an advanced strategy.


Sharp Trade

Daily and technical analysis expressed by AVA’s top team of market analysts. Additionally there is an economic calendar, tools, calculator and the likes to make sure traders are “sharp” as the title suggests.


Other Features

Other perks include the Android and iPhone support with the AvaTrade Go app offered to users on the go. One can get started today with the demo account and have access to the many tools necessary to start making excellent paper trades today, or simply start the compliance process at once and acquire an official account.

Freedom Checks: A worth Investment in Oil and Natural Gas Industry

Freedom Checks are known to be a legal cash payment form that is made to all shareholders in publicly traded partnerships. It falls under the statute 26 of United States. In as much as it may sound like a federal service, the government does not operate it. It is a tax-free investment opportunity that exists through the federal law. It is responsible for the distributions made as checks to investors from more than 550 energy-related organizations. The firms are referred to as master limited partnerships. They are the major players in the oil and natural gas industries. They successfully run refineries and transport the fuels through the pipes as well as drilling new wells. So that they qualify to be exempted from the tax, they are supposed to give the investors 90 percent of each dollar from their revenues. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks are likened to dividends. Most master limited partnerships refer to freedom Checks as distributions. As at now, most people receive up to $160,000 after every three months in a year. The companies and the shareholders do not face the federal income tax. The investors are the ones who pay a small amount of tax on the capital gains received from the investment when they sell their shares. This kind of investment encourages most Americans to invest in the energy sector. The master limited partnerships are evaded from paying the taxes so that individuals in the United States can be encouraged to invest oil and domestic gas producing. Matt Badiali founded this great idea to help people find their way out to financial freedom. He is the man behind this significant investment that has turned around the lives of most investors.

When it was first introduced, most people thought that it was a mere fraud and so did not venture into it, but the risk takers in investing took up the challenge. Those who took up the challenge are now reaping great incomes. Many probably did not believe because of the way the income looked too big to believe. Sometimes it is because they have no idea who Matt Badiali is to be talking about such options. Matt Badiali is a renowned financial analyst with a background in geology. He addresses the issue of Freedom Checks and says that it is not a scam but an investment. The fact is that he introduces them through an investment newsletter is enough fact to believe in them as a form of investment. They encourage people to earn from what you can buy.



Southridge Capital Making a Financial Impact

Southridge Capital, based in Ridgefield, Connecticut, is a private financial and advisory solution service for companies who are looking to grow their businesses. The goal of this company is to create individual financial plans that will benefit their diverse clientele. Southridge Capital has an executive team that has an instinctive understanding of the current financial market and the company has been investing billions of dollars into growing over 250 public companies since 1996.

This team of leadership is comprised of Stephen Hicks as the Founder and CEO, Narine Persaud as the CFO and Controller, Laurence Ditkoff as Director of Research, Henry Sargent as the COO and lastly Linda Carlsen in portfolio management. These individuals pride themselves on their philanthropy promoting volunteerism and giving. Hicks along with his wife, Mary, started the Daystar Foundation supporting several non-profit and faith based organizations for decades. Southridge considers this not only a corporate, but social responsibility.


According to Newswire, along with giving back to the community in charitable ways, Southridge has really made an impact by being a financial service. Those services include Financial Analysis, Balance Sheet Optimization, Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring Analysis, Bankruptcy Advice, and Legal Settlements. Their biggest strength is how they execute on these services. The plans are truly customized for the businesses they serve. The structure factors in Securitization, Financing Solutions and Credit Enhancing. You can visit



The team at Southridge have a keen awareness of the companies that need financing but do not know how to take advantage of all the opportunities the organization offers. Southridge can collaborate with creditors directly to reduce or eliminate debt and help companies increase their credit scores. Southridge’s structure looks at the existing level of liquidity in the clients stock without the need of certain registration statements. They also take care of portfolios curating solutions on their behalf. All of these things benefit the client and these are just a small portion of the services Southridge offers. Southridge is just at the beginning of making its impact.



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