Clayton Hutson’s business endeavors

Entertainment enables human beings relax and relieve stress. It only plays its intended role when done correctly and as required. Clayton Hutson is a live sound engineer and production manager. He is one of the people who make sure that the form of entertainment that reaches us is os the right quality and standards.

He started his career way back when he was still a young boy. He specializes in production design, stage management, monitor engineering and show production among many others. The right combination of all these aspects enables him give his clients a solution that is pocket friendly for their event needs.

Clay was passionate about music since an early age. Knowing what he wanted, he took courses in this line of entertainment. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theatre design and a master’s degree in business administration. These academic qualifications have enabled him run his business smoothly making profits.

After school, Hutson worked with several companies in the entertainment industry. To start with, he worked as a sound engineer and a project manager in corporate entertainment. During this time, he was able to travel worldwide and work with talented people including Billy Graham’s sound team.

It was a great experience for him as it enabled choose his line of specialization. Clayton decided to focus on music (rock ‘n’ roll). After working for a number of years, he gained very useful experience in the following areas that made him realize his entrepreneurial abilities:

  • Sound engineering
  • Live performance
  • Management

He started his own business that was very prosperous. It did not take him too long before the business grew giving him an impeccable reputation for his reliable work. This led him to working with some of the popular musicians in the world. He traveled continents in bands promoting the music industry.

Currently, Clay is a designer, producer and manager of concerts. He works with very famous musicians including Kelly Clarkson and Kid Rock. When he is not working, he enjoys family time, woodworking and crafting projects. This is how he makes money.

According to Clay, being passionate about what he does and also putting in a lot of hard work has led to his prosperity. He is, a perfectionist to an extent. Whatever he does has to be on time and checked to ensure no mistake. This allows him notice and correct mistakes that he would have otherwise overlooked. Learn more:

Jose Hawilla on the Important Traits of Businessmen

There are numerous factors that impact the path of an entrepreneur or a businessman. No two experiences are alike, and there is no such thing as a ”one-size fits all” when it comes to business and being your own boss. There are however some things that you could try to develop or simply check if you possess in terms of personality traits and some skills.



To start off, determination and the will to go on after a downfall will easily make or break the game for you. If you are the type of person to break down easily and determination is not your strong suit, then you might have to reconsider your career goals.




The next tip comes from a Brazilian investor, businessman, and serial entrepreneur who started out his career with something that no one believed in at the time. Mr. Jose Hawilla trusted that one could make money off of football. He worked hard to prove to fellow people in the business that he was right. A few decades ago, the business people did not believe that sports or owning a team could be profitable in any way.



What made Mr. Jose Hawilla persevere and succeed was his belief in his idea.He trusted himself. Mr. Hawilla believes that if you have no trust in yourself and in your own goal and business ideas, then you are simply not cut out for it.



Entrepreneurs also need to be flexible and self-disciplined. They need to organize themselves and work relentlessly especially at the start. Often in business, your success is the reflexion of the honest hard work you have put into it. If you are not into working hard but simply want to have more free time than business will not work out. You will get anything but free time on your hands.



These are only a few of the many factors that can impact the success of an aspiring person in the business. Learning from those who have succeeded is one of the best ways to gain the knowledge for it, but personality has the largest role to play. For more visit



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