Rocketship Education and Holistic Learning

In January of 2018, Rocketship Education was recognized for its incredibly successful students and talented teachers. Rocketship Online Public Schools specializes in bringing students up to their full academic potential through talent development, parent power, and personalized learning. The non-profit school system serves students K-12 through a network of public charter schools and online schooling that work to propel student achievement by combining exceptional educators with parental power. Founded in 2007 in San Jose, CA with only seven teachers and one hundred and sixty families, Rocketship Education now has over 1,000 talented teachers and has impacted over 15,000 students from low-income communities across the nation.

The system specializes in combining a dynamic teaching environment for different learning styles, an innovative learning atmosphere to keep students motivated and interested, and a stable academic experience to provide a safe, consistent system for them to grow. This sets up the best environment for student success by allowing the students to adapt healthier habits to avoid procrastination and low grades, while better preparing students for the collegiate milieu and helping them to adopt better study habits. The students also learn how to develop skills in time management, prioritization, and task management. This boots grades and prepares them for their future in college and the workplace.

Rocketship Schools is built on the triad of talent development, personalized learning, and parental power. By utilizing all three of these techniques, the students are placed in the most holistic opportunity for learning. This is all inclusive, meaning if a student is to fall behind, the personalized learning plan will help to bring them back where they need to be while boosting their confidence and self-esteem so that they are more motivated to keep trying and reaching towards their goals. In the midst of all of this, the student is also developing their talent in certain areas where they excel instead of forcing them to conform to the typical educational format that many public school subscribe to. This is great for students who are especially gifted in a more non-traditional subset such as the arts.

The Illustrious Shafik Sachedina

In 1950, Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, he then moved to the United Kingdom where he studied medicine at University of London, Guys Medical and Dental Institute. Despite being a medical practitioner, Shafik has an interest in the entrepreneur field where he has specialized in the health sector.

Aga Khan utilizes the skills of Shafik where he is the head of Jamati Institution based in France. Dr. Shafik is accountable for the coordination of activities of Ismaili Institute and also interface programs in the institution of the Ismaili population in Central Asia. At Aga Khan, Shafik has taken up the work voluntarily.

In Ismaili Imamat Shafik is a member of the board of governors, and he is a member of Aga Khan Development Network Organization Committee. At the Humanitarian Assistance Global Community, he rounds up as the chairman of the committee. Dr. Shafik happens in his second term as the president of Ismaili based Council that operates in the United Kingdom.

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Shafik was a leader of the delegation of Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov where they discussed the situation of Syria and Afghanistan. Shafik was full of praise to Russia of the decision they took to quickly settle the case and push for peace in the area. The Ismaili Institution functions as a research Institute which was formed in 1977 in the United Kingdom and also offers degree programs in studies relating to Islam.

Sussex Health Care is a company based in the United Kingdom that offers health care services for the past 25 years. Their services are customarily customized depending on different patients having obtained their accreditation in 2002 and three years later their international standards. The company implements the use of recreational facilities in making patients comfortable thus improving their conditions.

The company has the independence that allows them to acquire services from experts and an administration to run their homes. The administrators are also responsible for implementing and making of policies that run the facility. Sussex mainly deal with the care of the elderly, care for patients with dementia and neurological care. Dr. Shafik Sachedina works as the joint chairman at Sussex a company striving to be the leading provider of care in Sussex.