Why Josh Smith’s Vision for Modular Greenhouses Truly Makes Sense

Josh Smith launched numerous innovative startup ventures, including Modular Greenhouses. He’s gained invaluable insight into industry regulations, logistics, import/export trade opportunities, manufacturing, and customs. He mainly focused on innovating health and technology solutions for the greater part of his almost two-decade-long career. Smith’s entrepreneurial interest isn’t motivated by profit alone and he’s expressed a deeper concern for human ergonomics and environmental factors as well.
The idea to create Modular Greenhouses struck him after a fruitless search for the perfect plant conservatory. Based in Reno, Nevada, Josh Smith originated an assortment of intelligent greenhouse units. The prototypes feature a compact, functional design that provides a convenient home gardening solution. Even with the invention of Modular Greenhouses, Smith has focused on using eco-grade materials for all product patents.

As Modular Greenhouse’s chief executive/founder, Josh Smith strives to drive meaningful innovations that transform lives, from Reno, Nevada. Since childhood, he’s nurtured and preserved ideas to bring about solutions that add value to society. Having lost a relative (grandfather) to cancer during childhood. Smith developed an interest in gaining a deeper understanding of nutrition, the environment, health and more. He’s particularly concerned about learning the correlation between the above factors and how it impacts human life.

Josh Smith studied medicine, agriculture, and botany, which has allowed him to develop a comprehensive knowledge of history, etc. With this awareness, he’s among those creating solutions to improve the environment and human ergonomics. Water/air pollution, pesticides, environmental toxins are just a few of the disruptive influences compromising human health.

Mr. Smith emphasizes the need to cultivate food organically and minimize environmental degradation by applying safe agricultural practices. His Modular Greenhouses have been engineered with all these considerations in mind. In his research, he’s learned that natural herbs and organic foods are necessary to support human health. On this account, he’s dedicated a lifetime of service to innovate products and systems that motivate life-changing experiences.

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The Core of Securus Technologies: Rick Smith

Many factors affect the success of the company. One of the main factors is the chief executive of the firm. The performance of the company is the reflection of the CEO. This is because it is the CEO who makes a majority of the decisions of the firm. It is also through the CEOs leadership that the employees cooperate and give excellent results. Every company should be, therefore, cautious with who they appoint in this seat.

Securus Technologies did their homework and came up with their best candidate. They appointed Rick Smith as their CEO. Everyone testifies that he was the right individual for this position. There have been major developments that have occurred, under the leadership of Rick Smith.

The inmates can now communicate with their loved ones. This is through the devices that the company has introduced in the correctional facilities. This has helped the convicts in their jail life. The affection they get from their families is what takes them through the process. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on glassdoor.com.

It is interesting to note that friends and relatives can now call the inmates from home. This is through the programs that Securus Technologies has introduced. They have been very helpful to relatives who have a busy schedule and may not be able to travel to the jails.

The other development that has happened under the leadership of Rick Smith is the ability to book visits in advance. During visits, sometimes there may be long queues. This may be very boring and time wasting. It is better to visit the prison at your own pace and time. Rick Smith has led Securus Technologies to facilitate early scheduling.

Rick Smith has also considered the inmates who have long sentences. These inmates may miss out in many aspects of the developing world. This is because of the high technology that is in the world. On being released, the inmates may face difficulties in adjusting to the outside world. Some convicts end up depressed while others end up in committing crimes to go back to jail. They feel like it is where they belong. Rick Smith has given the inmates gadgets that allow them to keep in touch with the world. They receive pictures and developments that happen in the world. Read more on prnewswire.com about Rick Smith Securus.

Rick Smith had worked in various firms before landing in Securus Technologies. This is the knowledge that he has been employing in evaluating his projects. His last working station was Eschelon-Telkom. Here he improved the revenue of the company to $350 million from $30 million. It is this experience that he has used all along to achieve the results in all his ventures.

Rick Smith also invested in his education. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering. He has a Mathematics and Engineering master’s degree. He is also an MBA holder.

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Securus Technologies Growth

In the year 2015, we required more recognition as well as positive feedback from Securus Technologies. As a result, we established a new program and named it “EarnIt”. This new program has managed to provide a positive communication platform for the Associates. Over 13.000 messages will be shared by our Associate this year. Securus Technologies is also dedicated and fully committed to spending thousand dollars for the sake of our wellness plan every so as to increase the overall wellbeing of our Associate’s health.


The Security Management Team is always ready to boost the experience of or Associates within the company as well as managing the organization growth in a positive manner. As leaders, we work hard and every one of us has a crucial role to play. This role is just to meet our clients’ needs and requirements. Securus Technologies compliments every Associates for their daily promise to do their best for the benefit of our customers.


It’s special working at Securus Technologies as long as you are interested in helping the society. We work hand in hand with law enforcement so as to save lives and prevent crimes. Our products help to save the lives of inmates in regard to witness, victims, correction and law enforcement officers in conjunction with their families as well as the society at large. Whenever we get compliments from the officers or the detectives for help in solving murder case or even prevent a new crime from happening, this never goes to my paycheck but into my account for helping the society. There is no other profession that helps the society over many beneficiaries and even growing daily than Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies always encourages its Associates to give back to the society under which they are in service for. Securus technologies have promised 1.7 million USD to the United Way. They have also packaged food so as to reduce hunger, stock food pantries, served in soup kitchens and read to the young ones along with countless supply drives for those in such needs.