Goettl Air Conditioning business is looking forward for to grow. Recently, it has acquired a family owned business called Walton’s Heating and Air. The new acquisition is based in Southern California. Goettl has an advantage of having sites in Tucson, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. This advantage will play a role in creating a good platform for Walton’s. This business is expected to grow beyond the original owner’s capability.


Todd Longbrake confessed that he had stagnated in his family owned business. It was he had done his best in developing and growing it. After Goettl expressed interest in Walton’s, Todd was unwilling to agree. It was after guarantees and assurances Todd got onboard. Todd did his research and received good references about how Goettl was good in HVAC industry. It was a better alternative than allowing the family business to fall apart.

Todd is happy to the joint venture with Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl. Since the merger in 2015, Walton’s has grown ten times bigger. As they work together, Todd is the sales manager, and he also supervises field activities. Goodrich is impressed by how Todd assimilated in the new arrangement. He became a leader, and now Todd is leading in the success of the business. His great efforts are inspired by the second chance of salvaging the family business.


The announcement of the acquisition was two weeks ago, but the merger happened two years ago. The official announcement was held off that long because of technicalities. Operational issues and marketing complications were problematic in Walton’s. Goettl needed to perfect those critical areas before officially affiliating with Walton’s. This effort was necessary because Goettl of increasing Walton’s value.

Walton’s appreciated this effort because this family company is built on similar values. Although the company had been stagnant, it had the capacity to grow. This prediction was an accurate one because, after two years, it grew tenfold. When the acquisition took place, Goettl knew their workforce had to increase. More jobs were created and hence, additions of two hundred work opportunities. Visit glassdoor.com for more info.

Tucson and Phoenix are the biggest markets for Goettl and Walton’s. More employees were hired in these two places more than elsewhere. The end goal for this merger is to become a nationwide company. By the year 2018, the company intends to expand further. This acquisition was a savior for Walton’s. Probably, Todd would have been forced to close the company. He may not be the owner now, but at least his family business will not collapse.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Efficiency_Astro_Air_Piggyback_System

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund: Fighting Against Injustices In The Judicial System

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin are the founders of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The organization is one that provides aid to people who have been discriminated against, and those who have been wronged by the judicial system in the country.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has helped several people all over the country and has provided a new hope to countless lives. The formation of the organization stemmed from the experiences that Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were a part of, and the injustices that they had to experience, even though they had done nothing wrong and had not caused harm to anyone.

At the time of the incident which gave rise to the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, both Lacey and Larkin were writers who had their weekly newsletter, where they covered all the various happenings in their community and city. Lacey and Larkin were both American citizens living in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

Lacey and Larkin would cover all the latest happenings in their city with great detail, which often included articles about the various happenings in their justice system. At the time, Joe Arpaio was the person who was the country sheriff of the area. He was known to have a stellar reputation for being one of the top sheriffs in the country, and was known for putting a large number of illegal immigrants behind bars, and sending them back to their own country.

However, reports began to surface about Joe Arpaio and the arrests that he was making. People soon started seeing a pattern in the arrests that they were making, with a large number of individuals that were involved in this coming from Hispanic backgrounds.

Lacey and Larkin decided to publish about this in their newsletter, which then sparked an incident that they were not prepared for. Just a day after the report was made public, Lacey and Larkin were picked up from their homes and forcefully put into two separate vans, without being told where they were being taken to.

They were then put into two different holding facilities which were by no surprise, run none other than Joe Arpaio. Both of them were kept in these holding cells for forty-eight hours before they were released. Since there were no legitimate grounds for their arrests, Lacey and Larkin decided to sue Joe Arpaio for his wrongdoing and misuse of power. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

During the court trial, there was evidence presented to suggest that Joe Arpaio would bribe the jurors of the people that he wanted to put behind bars so that he would get the outcome he desired.

Lacey and Larkin ultimately won the case, which was closed with a settlement offered to them by the Maricopa County. This incident also sparked a nationwide agitation against Joe Arpaio, with numerous people coming together demanding that he be given punishment for his wrong doings, and be stripped of his title of Sheriff of Maricopa County.

Instead of keeping the settlement money for themselves, Lacey and Larkin decided to use it to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund to help those who are put in similar situations, so that they have the means to fight the battle and seek justice for themselves.

American Immigration Council reiterates the importance of Immigrants on a country

Ever since, respect for human rights has been the main objective of any country leader and its stakeholders. Putting in place policies that ensure that this is accomplished, including extending a helping hand to those in need, either in or outside the country’s territories.

It has been the norm of a human being to take care of his/her neighbor. But when this does not happen, many will start wondering what could be wrong. Why we as human beings at some point stop being ‘human.’

This question has led to establishment of non-profit organizations that ensure that the country takes its rightful place in helping ‘the neighbor in need.’ Read more: Phoenix New Time

One of such is American Immigration Council. Founded in 1987, the council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization seeking to drive change through formulation of laws, reforms, and behaviors that reinstate America as the country of helping those in need.

They push forward their agendas through extensive research, deep analysis of the current country’s policies, presenting their cases in courts, and participating in international talks. All their activities are aimed at reshaping the America’s view on Immigrants.

America Immigration Council activities

AIC is famously known for challenging every myths and misinformation that spread through public and political sectors concerning immigration through legal systems. Like Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who used their skills as news reporters to publish correct information on immigrants.

By doing this, the council has gained a lot of followership through their actions that have displayed preparedness when it comes to arguing out their dissatisfaction in courts and reminding the government of its responsibilities and accountability.

AIC takes advantage of the power accorded to use of information, to educate the public on essential aspects of immigration and their positive contribution to the country. Jim and Larkin do this by expelling all the misconception held by the public and the political systems.

Research and critical analysis of immigration data has helped the council to push for rational policies that touch deep to the America values as the global leader and role model.

Besides research and litigations, the council has tapped into the outside world’s resources through training and sponsoring interns. Through such programs, the council is sure of conserving the global prosperity and culture.

These have enabled them to change the approach to Immigration with the help of different creative-thinkers and problem-solvers. Making it fair and humane.

The councils believe

Throughout its extensive activities, America Immigration Council seeks to build a very different community that:

  • Gives everyone same opportunities including immigrants
  • Holds credible debates on immigrants issues based on facts rather than driven by fear
  • Keeping America open to those seeking help regarding security and protection
  • Appreciates the contributions of the immigrants to the country such as new skills, talents, and energy.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

This fund was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who are also co-founders of Village Voce Media and Phoenix New Times. The money came from the settlement by the court after they were arrested for revealing grand jury’s proceedings.

The court awarded them $3.75 million, and the two reporters channeled the funds to support advocates and activists supporting immigrants’ rights in Arizona.

Amicus Therapeutics, a Leader in Compassionate Care of Human Genetic Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics is a company located in Cranbury, New Jersey. The focus of the company is compassionate care and therapies of rare orphan human genetic diseases (Google Finance).


Amicus Therapeutics has been given grants by The Michael J. Fox Foundation, and the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, to support further research into Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.


Amicus Therapeutics has a great passion for the diseases they study, and for the patients that they serve. They have a patient advocacy program, where they aid and assist both patients and their families every step of the way throughout the disease process. This is a feather in Amicus Therapeutics’ cap, showing that their range of compassion extends far beyond the research process. These are people who really do care, and see their patients as true people, not just as research.


The staff of Amicus Therapeutics is available to assist in all aspects of the disease experience, both great and small, and to be true advocates for patients and their families, wherever and whenever the need arises.


Amicus Therapeutics has even put together a patient advisory board, which consists of members of patients going through the disease experience, who are well informed, and wish to collectively share their experience with other patients regarding any aspects of the disease experience. This is a great communication tool, also furthering knowledge and research of both Amicus Therapeutics and the patients and their families.


Amicus Therapeutics is an outstanding company, who strives to rise above the rest (https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Amicus-Therapeutics-Reviews-E26068.htm). The people who work there believe in their patients and in what they do. They strive to think differently. They take calculated risks, but also learn from their mistakes, and grow in the process. They strive to be the best in research and compassionate care. They support the research of the disease, the disease communities, their patients, and their patients’ families, and work to be the best in rare human genetic and orphan disease research.


Glen Wakeman Is Changing The World For Budding Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman, CEO and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC has been involved in the business and finance world for decades. His work with start-up companies and new market entries has led to the success of many entrepreneurs and business hopefuls. His blog is loaded with insightful information about emerging markets, management and administration, international fiscal matters, and much more, and his mentoring has helped countless C-level executives find new approaches to the way they do business.

Glen Wakeman created Launchpad Holdings, LLC in order to increase entrepreneurs success rate by offering valuable advice and hard-earned wisdom. Whether it is advice about how to set up a company, if an entrepreneur should put together a formal plan, how an entrepreneur might go about getting funding or investors, or how to create a solid business budget that accounts for the rises and falls of business, Glen Wakeman helps individuals and companies to thrive in their lives and come out on top of all of their endeavors. The software offerings at Launchpad Holdings have enabled early stage entrepreneurs to put together their ideas into a real-world plan, and this is the only way to build a truly successful business.

As a blogger, Glen Wakeman is constantly adding value to the world and the entrepreneurial community by educating people about global affairs, emerging markets, leadership, angel financing, capital raising, and business transformation. His insights have proved to be extremely valuable to anyone entering into the business world, but his words especially speak to those who are near the beginning of their business and entrepreneurial journey. Visit Glen Wakeman on Ideamensch

Glen Wakeman attended the University of Scranton and graduated in 1981 with a BS in Economics and Finance. Later in 1993 he received an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago (https://affiliatedork.com/glen-wakeman-inspires-entrepreneurs). Glen Wakeman has worked and lived in many different countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, and he looks to expand his businesses and himself in the future by exploring new opportunities as they arise.