Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is the premier and Patriarch of Boraie Development, LLC and is very kind to the people who had the great aim to make the city Brunswick, a great place. From looking outside of the window, he said once on a PR News interview that the city at that time was completely different from what it is today. He put his plan in front of the authorities, and some of the people were against his plan, but he had made up his mind to do so because he was thinking something ahead of them. Chek out his crunchbase page for  more info.

Albany Street Plaza Tower was the first building to be built at that time; Tower Two was finished in 2003, located right next to the Tower One. Sam Boraie was the first person who thought about high-rise residential buildings in the city because it was a growing need for that time.

He decided to build One Street Condominium based on New York style, and it became the largest building New Brunswick which has a lot of attractive and interesting features.

Features of Largest building in New Brunswick

  1. There is a space of ten thousand square feet for retailing.
  2. There are forty thousand square feet of office space only.
  3. It has one hundred and twenty residential units.
  4. A parking garage with the capacity of four hundred vehicles.
  5. There is also a space for barbecue.
  6. The work of construction of this building was finished in 2007.

It shows extra qualities of Sam who has forgot it as this is the huge building which was constructed in New Brunswick. The construction of this building shows Sam’s love with this city.

It was also the time when almost everyone had left the city due to its wrecked condition, but Sam Boraie decided to make this city a fabulous one because there was some motivation inside him. View the Boraie company profile on

Sam Boraie is a man of the general population. In addition to the fact that he is adding to the economy of New Brunswick, yet he is likewise helping the poor and the group, through philanthropy tasks ( of various types, that both help the present and the eventual fate of the group all in all.

Manaira Shopping Roberto Santiago Mall Is One of the Panache of Entertainment for Brazilians

Entertainment is considered to be one of the panache of the present busy schedule of life. It is definite that when you lead a life of deadlines, you need to get yourself entertained through some mode. Roberto Santiago has allowed you to get such an entertainment in your life. With the surrounding areas getting concretized, the only entertainment that is considered to be feasible is hopping shopping malls. The right place where all the different choices of entertainment can be met. In fact, this entertainment sector is precisely catered as per need. Thus, the people of Brazil are now immensely sorted for their weekend entertainment.

Roberto Santiago already known for his entrepreneurship in Entertainment have come up with this Manaira Shopping Roberto Santiago. The specialty of this hall in this region is precisely its movie forum. The mall is completely packed with several features like gardens, restaurants, cafes cinema halls, clothing centers, footwear stores, etc. It is also covered by several features like leisure area, food court, game stations, etc. thus, the entire package of entertainment is followed by this shopping mall. Read more on

Though it has been made quite many years previously its marketing strategies, have improved in the recent years. With people living that then much of claustrophobic life loves to treat themselves with some good movies and some food. Thus, it plays quite an essential aspect to make the population happy.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the largest malls in the state. As its specification is mostly because of its cinema hall, you can get a good knowledge about what it is needed. It has around 11 halls among which three of them are 3D enabled. All the movie services are allowed with a bar service and other refreshments that lie beside the movie halls.

As the mall covers around 1, 35, 000 area it is also gathered with other sections. The top floor of the hall has the famous Domus Hall that can entertain up to 8000 guests. There are the different event organized in it the terrace, in fact, the list if events go endless. It starts from receptions, formal parties, elite shows, exhibitions, annual programs, corporate meetings, etc. Apart from the fact that it can accommodate up to such huge members of people, it also allows a huge car parking area. It can have around 3100 cars in the parking lot. Thus, it holds a vast area of convenience for the entire population in the state. Read more on Exame

Medical Leader- Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is one of the people who have changed the health care industry. Rick is the President of Innovacare. As the President of one of the leading health care facilities in the United States, Rick bring s with him his vast experience and skills he has had for an extended period of time in the clinical and medical sector. Shinto has also served in other medical facilities including Aveta Inc. While still working at Aveta, Shinto was awarded Ernst& Young Entrepreneur of the year an award which has a responsibility of recognizing individuals with an excellent commitment in their service.

The medical expert has also served in several other medical organizations holding top positions. Some of the facilities include Cal Optimal Health Plan where he served as the Chief Medical Officer, Medical Pathways Management Company as the Chief Medical and Operating Officer. Before joining Innovacare he had also worked for NAMM California. A part from practicing medicine Mr. Shinto has also written various books on medical topics. He studied at State University of New York where he earned his M.B.A and a degree in medicine from the University of California.

Innovacare Health puts more emphasis on the provision of quality medical services to its clients. To provide unprecedented medical products and services, the health facility considered engaging professional medical experts. The medical professional also helps the medical organization to grow and maintain its stability. According to Rick Shinto, Innovacare also values team work which includes; proper communication among staff, clear vision as well as excel lent working relationship. These features are said by Rick Shinto to be fruits to a successful company. Innovacare offers transparency in all their endeavors as well as business as a health provider company something that has enabled the organization become a leader in the medical and health sector. Read more about Innovacare at

Ever since the health care facility was established it has been expanding marvelously and so far it prides itself in have two other subsidiary health facilities. The affiliate health facilities include Puerto Rico: MMM Health care, and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. Both medical facilities are created on a strong basis of delivering quality health care services as well as products to its clients. The two subsidiary health care organizations offer 90% customer satisfaction services something which to led them to be honored by NCQA. The NCQA accreditation is only given to those institutions that have exceeded the standards required by the body. An organization must meet customer’s satisfaction as well quality services.


Meet Mike Baur: The Swiss Banker, Startup Mentor, and Motivational Speaker

Networking is a powerful tool for professionals. Being in close and constant contact with one’s peers makes it possible to learn the latest trends and developments rocking the industry. Sharing ideas among-st like-minded individuals was exactly what Mike Baur had in mind when he set about founding Swiss Startup Factory, Next Generation. Ideally, this is a space where you as a developer can come and get the significant boost needed to transform your inspirational ideas and concepts into an absolute reality.


Shared Spaces to Let


Participants get shared spaces which come at consumer friendly prices. That’s in addition to receiving finances to run their affairs and mentor-ship from the experienced professionals who are always close by at the establishment. The environment created at the facilities resembles the space enjoyed by Google Inc. employees. There’s an open buffet and recreational activities when you want to unwind and relax.


Services Offered


The primary reason many apps and startups, in general, fail to live up their full cycles is that the management skills are often lacking. To offset that drawback, Mike Baur and his team have introduced financial and accounting services like invoice and payroll management, Tax reporting and auditing and cash flow analysis. Once you develop the app, your job is as good as done. The management team takes over the process by linking you with angel investors to provide the necessary funding to take it to the next level of success.


Here are some of the startups which have benefited from partnering up with Mike Baur and his company:-


  1. Struckd
  1. Carhelper
  1. Beaconsmind
  1. Blinkers

About Mike Baur


Mike is a native Swiss. He was born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland. Mike’s always been passionate about banking. He has spent most of his adult life working with all the renowned Swiss financial institutions. Mike Baur, 42, is a serial entrepreneur whose only ambition is to inch young people inch closer to realizing their dreams. Mike studied for an Executive MBA at the prestigious University of Rochester in New York and another at the University of Bern, Switzerland.


Motivational Talks


Asides running, Swiss Startup Company, the rich banker also holds talks and conferences all over the nation. His events are often jam-packed with eager minds waiting to hear the wisdom of Mike Baur in person. Follow him on the social media scene and bookmark his company’s official website to book an appointment to get started at the academy.

Figuring Out The Audience for Marketing

One of the most important aspects of marketing is figuring out the audience for marketing. Well, this is one of the methods that make marketing a lot easier. For one thing, people who know their audience are going to have a much easier time selling their products. However, there are steps that are to be taken in order to know the audience. It takes a while for even the most skilled entrepreneur to get to know the audience that he is addressing if he is an unknown person. Fortunately, the process is rather simple. There are also plenty of options that people could use in order to make it easier.

In the case of Evolution of Smooth,, the audience that they must reach is the millennial audience. These are the people that were going to be spending the most money on cosmetics and fashion. Therefore, it is important to take the time to know the millennials. Among the aspects of the culture to learn about is the habits. For instance, the most important aspect of marketing to millennials knows how to reach them. There are tons of media platforms like Facebook that need to be used in order to successfully reach the audience with the offer of products.

In the case of Evolution of Smooth, the products that are being offered are EOS lip balm. Millennials are especially concerned about the condition of their lips since it is often easy for them to dry up. While dry lips don’t look good, there are other issues that could occur with chapped lips. EOS has worked hard to provide something that works well beyond the efforts of Chapstick. After all, it is better for one to find something with the latest and healthiest ingredients for their lips. EOS has done everything they can to make sure that the products are good for the lips.

Try EOS:


Through technology, innovation and massive research, scientists have been able to make great discoveries. These have led to solutions of some of the worst nightmares that the world has seen and more challenges are yet to be solved. One of these is aging. Everyone wants to look and stay young and this has driven many people to undertake expensive remedies but at the end of the day, aging still catches up with people. This topic of aging has driven Mikhail Blagosklonny a renown oncologist to dedicate a substantial amount of his research to its study.

In his recent hypothesis, he proposes that Target Of Rapamycin (TOR) could be responsible for aging in organisms. He argues that TOR; a substance responsible for regulating the usage of substances such as amino acids, insulin and growth factors in the body results in over-stimulation of body cells making them fail to function adequately. As a result the various organs wear out thus causing aging. He recommends the use of rapamycin; a cancer drug in the treatment of aging. Read more about Mikhail at LinkedIn

Other interests of Blagosklonny include research on cancer, cell cycle, mitosis and molecular and cellular biology. He loves sharing his knowledge and has published over 250 peer reviewed articles. To further support spread of scientific knowledge, he co-founded Oncotarget. This is a weekly medical journal that publishes papers on various biomedical fields. It has a team of editors who review the papers to ensure that they are up to standard and credible. He is also an editor of other journals such Cancer Research, Cell Death and Differentiation and Autography.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has a strong education background in biomedical sciences. He was a student at First Pavlov States Medical University of St. Peterburg degree in internal medicine and a PhD in experimental medicine and cardiology. He currently works as a professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. At the institute he works on developing new methods of cancer prevention and treatment in an attempt to offer more options to cancer patients. He also has an extensive work experience having worked at the New York Medical College and the Ordway Research Institute in New York. Visit ResearchGate to know more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Releases #FollowYourFlow as One of its 2017 Initiatives

In a move to award customers who are active on social media, Waiakea Water launched the #FollowYourFlow contest. This contest will allow one lucky winner to attend the Wanderlust Yoga Festival. The winner will also enjoy a trip to the famed Oahu. The Honolulu-based water company launched the contest to award its active clients. The company also seeks to foster healthy and balanced lifestyles through its sustainable bottled water products.

About the Wanderlust Yoga Festival

This festival took place for four days in February 2017. It featured experienced yoga instructors from different parts of the world. Furthermore, those who attended enjoyed guided outdoor adventures, live music performances, and delicious meals.

According to Forbes, Skyscanner and Waiakea Water sponsored the #FollowYourFlow contest. Kameron Waters, a renowned yoga, and social media specialist, also collaborated with the two companies in organizing the Wanderlust Yoga Festival. The competition took place on January 31, 2017. Consequently, the winner was announced on February 1, 2016. According to Kameron, the word flow refers to an effortless and timeless state of being. Kameron also praised Waiakea’s involvement in the yoga community.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea water is known for its alkaline and electrolyte-rich water products. The company sources the water from an ancient volcanic mountain known as Mauna Loa. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is actively involved in community work.

The company usually donates five percent of its total revenue to community-based and non-profit organizations. Organizations that benefit from the money include Kupu and INPEACE.

Waiakea also enlisted Pump Aid in its charity initiative that involved installing water pumps in Malawian communities. This project has helped more than 600 Malawian families to access clean water. Besides its charity efforts, the water company was the first water company operating in the U.S. to earn the CarbonNeutral certification.

This is because the company participates in reforestation activities and uses low emission production and shipping mechanisms. Waiakea springs is considered as one of the fresh and sustainable water resources across the globe.

Learn more about Waiakea water:


Lime Crime’s Standout Success

They say that companies can only be as strong and successful as their leadership, which is why Lime Crime (founded by Doe Deere) has found success and never slowed down. With product offerings ranging from bright, fantasy colored lipsticks and glittery topcoats to an upcoming line of vibrant hair dye, the goal of this company is for users to be, look and feel anything but ordinary. Deere’s customers are referred to as unicorns, focusing on their individuality and unique appearances, which is why no two products are exactly the same, and even the “typical” offerings have a bit of an edge.


Under Deere’s careful and thorough leadership, Lime Crime has grown from a simple company to a worldwide business with a fearless female at the helm. Each product is carefully designed and tested by Doe Deere herself before being released, and even better – all products are certified cruelty free and Vegan, to meet the growing demand for these types of classifications. The vibrancy and color selections of Lime Crime’s products may seem excessive to some, but from the get go, Deere has made no apologies, nor has she tried to shy away from providing exactly what she means to: bold, colorful and unique products for people that can be classified in the same manner.


Even though the makeup was initially an accompaniment to her fashion designs, the cosmetics quickly took over, and she realized that there were not many locations or products available in the colors and styles that she was searching for. This gave her an idea and an opportunity – if she was looking for bold, vibrant and off the wall choices, then other people had to be doing the same… and they needed someplace to go.


By offering her products online, Deere’s focus had to be on showcasing the quality of each individual product, enticing people to buy before they could try things out. In the beginning, the Internet wasn’t used the way that it is today, but the increase in traffic and the creation of social media have done exactly as Deere hoped – spread the word and allowed people to connect over their love and support of makeup products. This also makes it much simpler for Deere and her team to connect with people all over the world for feedback, inspiration and fun, ensuring that the future of this cosmetic line is as bright has it can be.



George Soros: An Amazing History of Work and Philanthropy

George Soros is the nineteenth wealthiest man in American with a net worth of twenty-five billion dollars. The investment tycoon resides in the beautiful town of Katonah, New York. He was born on August 12, 1939, in Hungary. His childhood was full of miseries because Hungary was under Nazi occupation at that time. The Jewish community was their prime target, so Soros’s father forged documents to hide family’s Jewish identity. George Soros fled to the United Kingdom at the age of seventeen. There he took admission in London School of Economics and discovered his passion for financial markets. After finishing his studies, Soros left for New York, USA and was reunited with his family. He was fortunate to found a job at Wall Street, and then life changed for him. He founded a hedge fund with an amount of twelve million dollars in 1969. Later, he renamed it to Quantum Fund. George Soros provides funds for philanthropic activities that lead to the betterment of the society. He gave three million dollars to a group that mobilizes Hispanic voters in the US. The group is known as Super PAC. Soros is also interested in investing in all those companies that refugees and immigrants arriving in Europe would found. Read more about George’s life story at

The philanthropy of George Soros officially began in 1979. In 1984, he founded the Open Society Foundation. in Hungary so a democratic government could be established where people were not oppressed, and they could enjoy freedom. In 1987, Soros founded the office of Open Society Foundation in Moscow through which he funded several advocacy groups and causes. During next five years, his funding increased up to hundred times. He established several offices of the Open Society Foundation in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. His huge wealth made him so important that almost all politicians wanted to meet him. Although Open Society Foundation is present in almost eighty countries, George Soros is injecting most of the funds to advocacy groups and causes inside America. In 1993, he founded the Open Society Institute. He is the author of a bestseller book Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism. He described in detail what an Open Society is and how it could benefit everyone. For George Soros, an open society provides citizens with social responsibility, social justice, freedom, democracy, the rule of law, and human rights.

Aryeh Neier is the right hand of George Soros. He is the same guy who established a radical group SDS during his college life. Today, Neier is the President of Soros Foundation Network and Open Society Foundations. He spreads the message of open society around the world. George Soros gives funds to American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch. Both organizations promote the concept of open society. They raised voice against the US Government for its post 9/11 measures which they believed were too harsh and discriminatory against Muslims.