3 Benefits of Renting Shared Office Space in New York

As the work a day world changes and evolves, so do office space needs. With many people opting to start their own business or work at home, office space alternatives are becoming a popular list item for those not working in a traditional work environment. There are many benefits to utilizing shared office space.

Let’s discuss three benefits of shared office space.

1. Low Overhead
Shared office space provides an office set up while minimizing your overhead. Establishing a new office, or even expanding an existing office can be a costly venture. Utilizing shared office space will free you from the financial burden of providing furniture, Internet access, printing and telephone and fax services.

2. Security
Entities that offer shared office space always have their client’s security in mind. Such space is often equipped with the latest and fairly sophisticated security entrance and exit technology. This gives clients peace of mind knowing they are working in a secure environment.

3. Lease Flexibility
Flexibility in lease terms will better fit office needs as business practices change. Someone looking for temporary or part time office space that will accommodate business practices as the market dictates will find sharing office space an attractive option . Shared office space is the ideal option for anyone whose business or office needs change from month to month or even week to week. A flexible lease will, in most cases, accommodate your budget and schedule.

One such company that offers shared office space is Workville in New York. Located near Times Square and public transportation, Workville offers several shared office options. The spaces are move-in ready and offer private or open space work areas with access to the lounge, café and three outdoor terraces.

Clients have a place to work, conduct meetings and take calls. One of the greatest assets of Workville is the ability for clients to network with other talented and creative professionals in an environment that works to enhance success for all. See their full assortment of manhattan offices for rent on their official website: http://workvillenyc.com/.

A New Kind of Shea Butter


This luxurious, natural moisturizing miracle is a dream come true when it comes to skin care products. Whether it is stretch marks you are combating, a mild burn you are soothing or simply trying to remedy chronic dry skin, shea butter is a safe and natural option. And while there are certainly a plethora of shea butter brands to choose from, there is one in particular that delivers shea in a whole new way.


EuGenia Shea is a family owned shea butter company founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete, a former Wall Street analyst, along with her mother, the namesake of the company and the owner of its shea nut supply company to EuGenia Shea. But the fact that the owners of this mother-daughter business is not what sets it apart. Keeping so much of the production between the two of them has allowed for a fair-trade, female-empowered product that can be enjoyed guilt free by all. EuGenia Shea is able to provide job training and above average wages to the all-female cooperatives who harvest the shea nuts in Northern Ghana.


Not only have they taken the greatest care in producing a flawlessly attractive and luxuriously indulgent moisturizer, they have taken the time to make sure that the impact their company makes is a positive one for everyone involved. They have not only concerned themselves with the well-being of their customer base (something most beauty companies too often neglect), they have made a committment to be good to those who work for and with them.

Michael Zomber Mixes Investing With Collecting

Since his days in college studying as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois, Michael Zomber has come quite far. In school he worked extremely hard and even successfully completed a double major, gaining a bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and English. This was his was of challenging himself, and it surely wasn’t the end of education or learning. He wanted an even more reputable degree so he could have better chances at success. This is why he took on English Literature at UCLA, where he was able to achieve his master’s degree.

It was not certain to Michael at the time of completing his education what he wanted to do with his experience. Though during a trip he was making with a friend, he attended a gun show, which started off his interest in antique guns. It was apparent to him that he would like to own some of them, as they were like pieces of art. After this he was determined to learn more history on guns and antiques, which he was able to quickly become an knowledgeable authority. Over the course of the years since that gun show, Michael Zomber has amassed a large collection of antique guns, and he has even loaned some of them to different historical museums and societies to give others the chance to see the history.

It was largely the huge collection of antique guns that brought Michael Zomber attention and made him a sort of celebrity. For him, he is delighted to talk about his collection when anyone wants to know more and shows interest. Even though he buys the guns as investments, there are some that he loves so much he will never part with them, despite knowing the increase in value the guns will hold in the future. Currently, he buys guns that are antique or rare and lets them sit away for years, until their value starts rising. This is when he will sell his guns at auction or online, to make high profits.

Benefits of Wikipedia Editing For Businesses and Individuals

Technology has revolutionized business transactions across various platforms. Customers can locate businesses and make online purchases. However, it is vital to update information on a regular basis depending on current trades in the market. Research has revealed that more than 70,000 individuals spend their time editing Wikipedia content. Such characters operate anonymously and for free with no definitive boundaries. Much of their work is unappreciated courtesy of numerous bureaucratic content.

To find out more information, Stephan Seiler and Aleski Aaltonen embarked on an educational expedition to determine the impact made when someone chooses to edit a Wikipedia page. The former is an economist from Stanford Graduate School of Business while the latter is a professor of information systems at Warwick Business School.

A total of 1,310 articles were analyzed during the Study. Statistics revealed that such articles had been edited over 63,000 times in the last eight years. The research concluded that each material attracted Wikipedia editors like a magnet and every new edited material attracted even more individuals.

More importantly, any Wiki edits included at the beginning of an article can dramatically increase content size. For instance, correction on web links and foot notes significantly altered the content of an article and increased its quality. The researchers insist that incentives ought to be given to editors in an effort to increase viewership on a specific article.

Wikipedia is an extremely vital tool in the growth of a brand. For instance, it attracts more viewers which is good for customer recognition. The more customers are aware about a specific product, the higher the chances of sales. Most companies will create a Wikipedia page to interact with internet savvy clients.

In addition, firms that possess a valid online site exhibit proficiency and credibility which are crucial elements for business growth. Clients are bound to pay attention to such firms unlike those that lack a webpage.

Alternatively, customers can pre-order certain products before exposure to the general public and thus increase sales to unimaginable figures. To reap maximum benefits it is wise to follow certain guidelines you must follow when you make a Wiki page.

Getting a professional to write several articles about the company is the first step that should be taken. Afterwards, entrepreneurs need to create a Wikipedia account. In addition, content posted ought to specifically describe details about the firm. No advertisement should be made during this stage. Having followed these steps, proprietors are free to post any business related article.

More information about Wikipedia can be found at: http://www.getyourwiki.com/create-a-wikipedia-page-wiki-edits/

Kyle Bass, Reigning President of Hayman Capital Management

Kyle Bass created the hedge fund Hayman Capital Management in 2006, which is based in Dallas, Texas. He expresses his insights on the present economy status and his opinions on the forthcoming presidential race.

He predicts that we may experience a relatively brief period of recession,which is also what Donald Trump speculates however,it does not signify that gradual pandemic prosperity will navigate to enduring recession in the United States. Perverse interest rates in the United States will ultimately present an unfortunate trading outcome at the primary 50 points and more to negative rates will make gold surge even more.

Kyle Bass also discusses his reasons why he believes that Hillary Clinton is the best candidate for the Presidency. His opinion on the Chinese market is that China will have an imminent economical catastrophe furthermore,the global focal point is on the manifestation causing problems in China while overlooking the integral reason.

Kyle Bass became a sort of superstar forecasting the subprime mortgages disaster in 2008, and was in the spotlight for writing the script and directing the Sixth Sense, however as time went by his fame dissipated due to his continuous and repetitious atrocious judgment calls which he exposed into the public eye.

He has made distasteful partnerships with the financially incompetent Argentinian tyrant Instinct Fernandez de Kirchner who is the most inferior human element that crippled Argentina’s economy, nevertheless Kyle Bass can not stop justifying her actions when Argentina became delinquent on their dominant debt.

To protect his interests transposed the blame for fatalities incurred in GM vehicles for non deployment of air bags and defective power steering, which GM knew about and ignored,on the deceased victims for either being inebriated or neglected to wear seat belts.

Kyle Bass is in collaboration with Erich Spangenberg the infamous demon who chooses pharmaceutical companies and deviously sells their stock which results in profits for Bass while drug prices escalate and funds for medical research decrease.  Read the full story on Kyle Bass’ past in the UsefulStooges Article: Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler.