Waiakea is saving the environment one bottle at a time

Waiakea is new popular water formula that that is made and sold in Hawii from the snowy caps of Mauna Loa. Mauna Loa is considered a subaerial volcano. The crustal clear liquid that comes in each bottle is naturally filtered through many hundreds of feet of volcanic rock. The product that users consume in the end is full of healthy electrolytes and minerals needed to survive.

Some of the electrolytes we need to consume are sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Waiakea water contains alkaline which creates the sweet taste everyone loves. The pH levels of this water can be anywhere from 7.6 to 8.8. For something to compare, pure water has pH of 7. The difference between water brands is the ways in which alkaline minerals dissolve. The sections of this water are built to tradition on Hawaiian islands. Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.babyboomster.com/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-water/

Waiakea spring was created in 2012. Several years later, Waiakea has experienced more than 5000% growth. The growth of this environmentally friendly water and packaging continues to grow out the company and obtain new resources. This brand was built to sell more than just your average water. Waiakea wants to make a difference and save the environment through meaningful, positive change.

Waiakea Water has established and stood by a mission keep the environment clean and help those that are less fortunate get access to clean water. All of the packaging is made from recovered recycled materials. Their bottle that the water is sold in is known to be the first ever carbon neutral product on the island. The company established its name as “broad waters” in Hawii.

The company created a rule that every one litter of water they sell, over 600 liters of clean water will be given to parts of Africa and other poor countries that need fresh water to survive. Waiakea is partnered with Pump Aid to ensure that all the water is being properly donated to countries that need it.

According to Closet Samples, Waiakea water has been seen on several television shows and published on news articles. You can read more about thei cause on Forbes, Good Morning America, Business Insider, and People magazine. The company is getting a ton of exposure and press every year along with many different awards. Waiakea was honored with Food and Beverage Innovation Award for 2015, Most Socially Responsible Company in North America Gold, and Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative and Best Packaged Water.

Choosing to drink plenty of healthy water will help the population grow to be healthy as well as reuse energy. It is important to combat pollution by using clean water.

Everyone can do their part to help the environment. Next time you pick up a bottle of water read what ingredients are used and where the packaging came from.

Julie Zuckerberg, A Rising Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg is a very popular recruiter who is based in Greater New York area. Her specialty is management and talent acquisition. She is working as Executive Talent Acquisition Lead in Deutsche Bank for the last two years. She often works with leading figures belonging to various businesses. Her role is to improve recruitment strategies and provide guidance in improving processes. Different companies avail her services to negotiate and develop offers like Managing Director. Besides this, she counsels executive & leadership committees and coach team of recruiters. At Talent Acquisition, Julie Zuckerberg served as Executive Recruiter. Her role was to look after contract governance and manage business relationships with the company. Julie Zuckerberg’s professional career spans over a period fifteen years. Before joining Deutsche Bank, she was working as an Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President at New York Life Insurance Company. There her duties included working with management for analyzing customer needs and management of recruitment process.


Julie Zuckerberg used to work at Citibank as Executive Recruiter and Vice President before joining New York Life Insurance. She worked at Citibank for more than six years. Her duties included global sourcing of talent, providing advice on recruitment strategies, and negotiating complex job offers of senior level. Before working at Citibank, Julie Zuckerberg worked as Director of Candidate Placement for Hudson. Here she was involved in many activities. She recruited attorneys, paralegals, temporary support staff, and case managers. She also recruited temp-to-hire positions for legal firms, financial institutions, and numerous corporations. Her other roles included counseling and coaching employees and heading the conflict resolution. Her successful career, especially in talent acquisition, is due to her excellent educational foundation and solid work ethics.


Julie Zuckerberg went to the City University of New York-Brooklyn College to study philosophy. While she was still studying philosophy, she decided to change her course. She went to New York Law School and landed into the world of talent acquisition. Zuckerberg was lucky in a way that she had the best teachers in her life. During her professional career, she got many opportunities to work with people who were extraordinary mentors. Those people helped her to make herself what she is today. Due to them, her skill set broadens to a great level. In the corporate world, Julie Zuckerberg is someone who is a versatile professional with skills like team leadership, sourcing, management & acquisition, coaching, employee training, conflict resolution, and human resources. She has a great interest in technological advances which can be used for increasing efficiency in different industries. Julie Zuckerberg is a person who also manages her time to enjoy life outside her profession. As a resident of New York City, she loves to enjoy the vibrant culture of her city. Some people claim this is the secret reason why she is always full of amazing ideas and come up with new strategies at her workplace. Julie Zuckerberg is a strong advocate of human rights, animal welfare, and improving the lives of historically suppressed communities.


Determining Dependable Managers as Advised by Capital Group’s New Chairman

Tim believes that managers ought to find value in many places. This will in turn make it possible for clients to succeed in the long run. Smart managers, according to Tim, should research the various companies and weigh the prospects of those organizations in the distant future. An active and hands on approach to investment involves doing financial analysis to establish the input output situation and the risk –reward outcome. Smart managers, upon making this determination, then go ahead to advice clients on the way ahead.

Tim says that good financial advisers are able to help clients who are caught up in mortgage strain, school fees inadequacy and even those in retirement. Investors, according to Tim Armour, should apply themselves in trying to determine the best financial managers to entrust with their hard earned money and savings. Active funds, with low expenses and where the manger himself has invested, tend to do better than others: Capital Group’s research findings.

Tim points out that average mangers or workers are not hired easily. Tim poses to ask why industry players should hire average managers or why clients should bother to get managers who are not active. Hiring average mangers, according to Tim, is synonymous with hiring average medical personnel like doctors, surgeons and even nurses. When one has a legal issue, they hire the best lawyers and not average counsel. Investors, Tim insists, should get managers who are serious and determined to help them invest wisely.

Tim Armour’s Background, Education and Employment

Armour is currently the chief executive officer of the Capital Group. He doubles as Capital Research & Management Company’s chairperson and also its executive officer. Tim is also Capital Group’s management committee chair person.

For over 30 years, Armour has worked for Capital Group in various capacities. Initially, he worked for the company’s associates program and got to rise all the way to be Capital Group’s chief executive. It was at Middlebury College that Timothy got his degree in economics. His Master’s in Business administration is from Colombia University.


Owing to the vast experience that he has gained over the years, Tim Armour is today affiliated and connected to organizations such as AMCAP fund and Scotia Global Opportunities. Other organizations are Target Date Retirement Fund, Capital International Funds-Global Discovery Fund, Capital Income Builder and American Fund 2010. He is also linked to American Fund Target Date Retirement Series, SMALLCAP and The New Economy Fund, Scotia Global Opportunities Fund.

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Meet Lime Crime Cosmetics Creator Doe Deere

Doe Deere has taken the cosmetics industry by storm, and she’s just getting started. This entrepreneur immigrated from Russia to the United States when she was young. She began her career in New York City where she tried a few different paths before she found her true calling. First she was in a band, then she began her own clothing line where she found her true passion for cosmetics. While modeling her own clothing, she realized there was no cosmetics brand that offered the look she was going for, something different and bright that changed day to day to reflect her true inner self. Rather than give up, Deere realized this was what she was meant to do, fill the void in the cosmetics industry and offer a new and different product.

Now Deere runs her own company where she stays busy with meetings, overseeing projects, strategizing, and creating new color pallets for her company. She is very hands on and involved in every aspect of Lime Crime Cosmetics, a name coined by her using her favorite bright and vivid color.

Deere spends a good chunk of time running her company, but she dedicates special time when inspiration strikes to develop the new product. She lives and feels each of her new lines, her own unique way of making sure each new product is true to Lime Crime and its customers.

Deere not only created a new vivid line of colors inspired by those looking to express their true inner self, she also pioneered the e-commerce cosmetics industry. This area was one that was always believed to belong solely in brick-and-mortar form because customers want to see the colors and try them out. Deere and her company broke the boundaries and created a unique way to display their cosmetics online by showing swatches of the products on real skin. This allows customers to see what the product actually looks like and make a strong and informed decision about their purchases.

Deere has learned a lot about business through her many endeavors. She knows now to trust her gut in all situations. She knows her intuition has almost always guided her in the right way, and relies on that intuition to lead her through the future. She also treats her employees, vendors, and business partners with love and respect. Making them all feel appreciated inspires respect in a leader as well as happy employees through positive reinforcement.

Through all her success, there is still one thing Deere wishes she could change one thing. She had the idea for Lime Crime long before she acted on it. Instead of wasting time and pushing it to the side, she wishes she would have acted sooner and built her company sooner.

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How NTC plans to reduce title defects

Over the last few year, title defects have hit the real estate market hard. Not only have they caused unwanted foreclosures, but have also made the transition of assets within the secondary market to stagnate. Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), a company in the real estate business, states that the only way to minimize such cases is through ensuring that records are kept well and accurate. By doing this, the possibility of a buyback is greatly reduced.

NTC is the most trusted company when it comes to issues relating mortgages to the financial industry. Being the most relied on firm, it has taken steps to try and curb the title defects menace. The first thing it did is to make some property records easily available. Since they updated their website, one can now access the following documents:

– Tax Status (Plus) Report

– Tax Status Report

– Assignment Verification Report Services

– Current Owner Report

John Hillman, the CEO of NTC, states that the company is looking to improving its services by securing these reports. Some of the things that should be checked for in the reports include:

– Wordings that don’t meet the real estate standards as per the area.

– Any missing signatures that are important.

– The presence of other encumbrances. They should be removed if present.

– If the procedure used to fill in the records was correct.

Hillman goes on to make it clear that the records can be accessed by any residential property in the country.

About Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.

The fast-growing company has been serving the residential mortgage industry for over 15 years, since its inception in 1991. It is a private firm that deals with researching and processing documents for the industry. Its clients include investors, mortgage lenders, and servicers. Due to its good performance, top residential mortgage service providers in the US hire their impeccable services. The firm is not only known to process high-quality documents, but also do its research with precision.

Recently, NTC opened up another branch in Dallas, Texas. The new offices serve as a data backup center. This will help with recovery in case data from the main servers get lost. The Dallas offices will also help expand the services of NTC into the area. NTC handles land records that date way back. Its document experts are tasked with making sure that each document fulfills the requirements as specified by the county’s jurisdiction.




IAP is a principal provider of global-scale logistics, advanced technical and professional services as well as facilities management. IAP Worldwide has been providing innovative, safe and reliable solutions to customer’s diverse and complex challenges for the past 60 years. The company has been building the future over the years since its beginning in 1953, with a group of pioneering companies evolving into what is today’s’ IAP Worldwide Review. In 1953, the company began as Pan Am Services, Inc. but was later acquired by Johnson Controls, Inc. in 1989 to form Johnsons Controls Worldwide Services Inc. (JCWS) and became a global leader in operations, management, and maintenance of commercial facilities and military services.

According to iapws.com, in 1990, a contract to provide generator supplies to the U.S Army in Saudi Arabia saw the birth of IAP in Irmo, SC, as a specialized logistics and procurement company. Since then, the company has been a trusted partner with the U.S. military and has also continued winning other major contracts for international procurement as well as emergency disaster relief, temporary and mobile power generation and transportation services. As of 2004, IAP was holding government services contracts worth over $370 million. IAP officially became known as IAP Worldwide services in 2005 after acquiring JCWS and its fully-owned Readiness Management Support (RMS).

Today, the company has grown considerably with over 2,000 employees in more than 110 locations in over 25 countries worldwide. Their employees take pride in solving demanding challenges for both their private and public sector customers. The talented employees always show tremendous flexibility and capabilities in handling any challenge, even in the extreme environment during their missions. The company practices exclusively in three lines of business; professional and technical services, base operations support services and global operations and logistics. This way, the company has continued building its own reputation and experience to solve any difficulties and respond to the global environment that has been evolving rapidly. In times of disasters, the company responds very quickly to provide life-sustaining services and supplies as well as emergency power.

IAP Worldwide has a leadership team of able men and women who embody everything the company stands for that is serving their customers, employees and the community at large with ingenuity and purpose. The company’s corporate headquarters location is in Cape Canaveral, FL. It also has offices in Panama City, FL, and Washington, D.C. area, the United Kingdom as well as the Middle East.

Brian Torchin: Head of HCRC Staffing

The head of HCRC Staffing, Brian Torchin, has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and practiced as a chiropractor. As someone who worked in the medical industry he saw the problems most medical facilities faced when it came to staffing. He also knew how hard it could be for professionals to find the right jobs for themselves in the medical field. This lead to him deciding to form HCRC.

HCRC Staffing, and Brian Torchin help find jobs and staff in various areas of the medical community. They will work to find staff or jobs for medical doctors, dentist and physical therapists. They also help recruit receptionists, office managers, and billing managers. These are just a few of the different areas HCRC helps match facilities and staff.

Torchin wanted to help match professionals to the best possible jobs for them in their field. Since many medical jobs don’t publicly advertise they are hiring, he wanted to help professionals and facilities alike find the right fit. He utilizes social media such as Twitter and Facebook to help connect and find recruits for available jobs. He also makes his email and cell phone number available for potential clients.

According to Topix, Brian Torchin and HCRC Staffing are headquartered in Philadelphia, PA , but have expanded their services across all 50 states. They also offer services in Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia. Torchin keeps a hand on approach at HCRC Staffing even though he is president of the company. He stays hands on using his knowledge in the medical staffing field to make sure his clients are satisfied and all their needs are met.

The Reputable Company: Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking institution that that is committed to excellence, integrity, service, and leadership in delivering financial advisory services to companies and high-net-worth individuals. The company offers its services to privately and publicly-held companies.

Madison Street Capital reputation understands all it takes to take care of time sensitivity to the corporate financial institutions. Therefore, the company is capable to responds tenaciously and quickly to any opportunity that presents itself. According to the company, their approach creates a responsibility in what they do. The company engages in mutual benefit between their investors and the company. Madison Street Capital has the experience, knowledge, and relationships to merge sellers and buyers as well as other capitalization and financing structures to complement every unique capability in the company.

For the company, they employ a unique methodology that reflects the true nature of their sustainable experience and expertise in corporate finance areas. This includes acquisition and mergers. The company also deals in market pricing, due diligence, valuation services, specialized financing, and deal structuring. The company is an expert in the development of exit strategies through their design and implementation.

For over the years, the company has helped its clients in vertical positions in the industry promptly. Their understanding and experience in corporate finance areas and corporate governance is the main reason that keeps them at the forefront in quality assurance. The company is considered the best solution to Mergers and Acquisition, financial advisory services, and valuations. Madison Street Capital has offices in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. For this reason, they have adopted a global view that lays emphasis on global business relationship to achieve universal hood.

Madison Street Capital has expertise in the following areas:
Business Valuation
• Tax Compliance
• Company Valuation

Corporate Advisory
• ESOP Advisory
• Private Placements
• Bankruptcy Services
• Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
• Capital Restructuring
• Reorganization Services
• Buy Out Advisory
• Corporate Governance

Financial Opinions
• Solvency & Capital Adequacy
• Independent 3rd Party Fairness Opinions

Valuation for Financial Reporting
• Share-Based Compensation
• Structured Finance Products
• Purchase Price Allocations
• Goodwill & Intangible Asset Impairment

Wealth Preservation and Tax Planning
• Build Wealth
• Tax Planning
• Business Exit Planning

Asset Management Industry Focus
• Restructuring Services
• Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory
• Financial Sponsor Coverage
• Portfolio Valuation Services

According to Madison Street Capital, experience makes the difference. For all these years of corporate financial management services, the company has assisted numerous clients in picking the best investment opportunity. According to the company, they have developed a unique setup that enables their clients to benefit in a symbiotic relationship when they invest in the company. The company has a history and reputation to protect. For this reason, they help business owners in their acquisition and merger needs, selling businesses, favorable lending, and exit strategy.

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SEC Whistleblower Attorney Establishes Advocate Website to Promote Integrity in the Securities Industry

SEC Whistleblower Attorney, Jordan A. Thomas established website, Securities and Exchange Commission Whistleblower Advocate to promote honesty in the securities industry. The site provides prospective whistleblowers and institutions with substantial information regarding the Whistleblower Program, eligibility requirements, and other resources. It encourages tippers to be courageous and fearless to participate in protecting national and global economies from crisis caused by SEC violations. Gain access to law firm, Labaton Sucharow from the site to request for information or schedule a free consultation appointment. Learn about the latest news involving recent filed and settled cases, and monetary awards issued to former whistleblowers.


Thomas career began as a stockbroker after earning a B.A. and J.D. from Bennington College and Southwestern Law School. He pursued a legal career as a Navy Judge Advocate while serving on active duty and later, joined the Department of Justice as a trial attorney. After leaving the Justice Department, he served as Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel for SEC and its Enforcement Division Department. While working for the Securities and Exchange Commission, Jordan was assigned to cases involving Citibank, Enron, Fannie Mae, and other institutions. He has years of expertise in the investment and legal industries involving investigations, litigations, and supervision of enforcement cases.


When Thomas completed his duties and responsibilities serving SEC, he immediately joined Labaton Sucharow Law Firm as Partner and Chair. The Firm is the first in the nation to specialize in SEC Whistleblower Law and provide legal representation to whistleblowers, investors, and official clients. Jordan serves as Chair of the Whistleblower Practice & Representation to provide legal services of protection and advocacy on behalf of whistleblowers. In June 2016, Labaton announced one of their whistleblower clients was awarded the second highest monetary settlement for exposing SEC violations.


Now that the SEC Whistleblower Program is entering its seventh year, Jordan A. Thomas said he expects more tippers will come forward to expose illegal trading practices and other violations. In 2016, Labaton Sucharow has seen more whistleblowers, such as investors, executives, employees, and officers file tips to SEC exposing illegal securities violations. Tippers are encouraged to report all forms of frauds, including violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, failure to audit, and unethical practice of investment advisor. Contact a reputable SEC Whistleblower attorney by visiting Labaton Sucharow’s SEC Whistleblower Advocacy website. Callers and website visitors may avoid using their legal names when contacting the law firm.

Glenn Beck Is Wrong About George Soros Being Anti-Semitic

In the past, George Soros has attracted criticisms for his conducts during the Nazi occupation of Hungary. Most of these criticisms have always been side talks and indirect attacks. However, Glenn Beck mounted one of the most renowned attacks on the self-made billionaire. The program was aired on Fox News. It was promoted by 30-seconds long promos. These promos caused many people to question the motives of the program.

For Hendrik Hertzberg, the fact that the Glenn Beck program was aired on Fox News was not a surprise at all. In the past, the cable-news network has aired similar programs on project-syndicate.org. The difference is that these programs have been against institutions, but not individuals. It is repulsive that the highest rated news channel could use its biggest star to attack and soil the name of one of the most prominent individuals in America.

The program was aimed at painting the hedge-fund investor as an anti-Semitic. More troubling is the attempt that Beck made to paint George Soros as a complicit in the Holocaust and an enemy of Israel. These attempts were made regardless of the overwhelming evidence that the founder of anti-totalitarian and liberal causes is the exact opposite of what Beck claimed.

In addition, Hendrik pointed out at the news network’s failure to base their claims in facts. They based their arguments on an article published by Connie Bruck. It is well known that Bruck is a Fox fib and his article, “The World According to Soros,” has been made to maliciously put Soros’ words in the wrong contexts.

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Soros was born in Budapest in 1930 to a Jewish family. Before he was 10 years old, the Nazis occupied and ruled Hungary until the collapse of the Nazi regime in 1945. As a Jewish boy, Soros was in a constant threat of being sent to the concentration camps by the Nazis on politico.com. Knowing the threat that his family faced, Soros’ father managed to disguise his family using fake identities and forged documents. In 1947, the young Soros immigrated to England where he joined the London School of Economics.

Following the failed Hungarian Revolution, Soros’ parents moved to the New York City and were joined by Soros in 1956. The graduate in economics soon joined the Wall Street as a trader. He quickly made a fortune. With the billions that he made from stocks and currency speculations, Soros began to support civil societies that were fighting to end communism in Europe. Through his Open Society Foundations, Soros contributed to the fall of communism and founding of democracy in many European countries. He is also known for his support for pro-democratic initiatives in Burma.

In addition to his Open Society Foundations’ efforts, Soros has also been known for his generous donations towards liberal causes in the United States. Soros has spent millions of dollars to support presidential candidates such as John Kerry, Barrack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Such efforts are not in line with the false claims that Glenn Beck has been making in his program against the billionaire. Soros is neither anti-Semitic nor pro-totalitarian.