What Are Those Famous Freedom Checks?

What are Freedom Checks? Plenty of people have been asking this question over the last couple of months. Ever since Matt Badiali came out in that — now famous — viral video spouting off about Freedom Checks, the question has come up quite a few times. Well today, we are going to try to answer that question. The answer may surprise you.

First of all, let’s get rid of the name Freedom Checks for a second. Freedom Checks are simply Master Limited Partnerships coined under a fancy name. MLPs are companies that are set up under statute 26-F that are tax-free companies. How are they able to operate tax-free? Well, MLPs must pay back 90% of their profits to investors. This means that MLPs pay out massive checks in the mail every month, similar to stocks. Of course, the difference isn’t only for companies, individuals also get tax-breaks on MLPs. MLPs are capital driven not income driven so they are a lower tax bracket than the latter. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

How do you purchase an MLP? Pretty much the same way you purchase a stock. It operates almost identically other than the differences in taxation. You can use your online brokerage to purchase MLPs, same as stock.

So why is Matt Badiali wanting us to purchase MLPs? Well, first of all, MLPs aren’t a commonly known stock option. In Wall Street firms, sure, but to the individual, not so much. MLPs offer far better return than CDs and typically beat out 401(k) and Roth IRA benefits as well.

The reason that Badiali is calling them Freedom Checks is because of his prediction on the oil industry. Badiali thinks that reliance on foreign oil is decreasing and with advanced fracking methods, the domestic oil industry is going to explode. Whether or not this is true is up to you to decide.

In the past, however, Badiali has gotten a ton of calls correct. There is a reason that over 100,000 people subscribe to his Profits Unlimited Newsletter, and it’s not the $97/year fee. Investors who are picking Badiali’s picks are walking out with gains. As far as this specific investment goes, it may be a goldmine it may not. If I had to put my money on anyone though, it would be Badiali. View: http://www.metropolismag.com/uncategorized/freedom-check/


Tony Petrello Helps Lead Nabors To Dominance In High-tech Drilling Rigs

Nabors Industries is one of the oldest and most revered land-based drilling companies in the United States. First founded in the 1950s, the company was instrumental in the extraction of oil reserves from the Prudhoe Bay oil play in Alaska. Later, the company would continue to be instrumental in the opening up of the North Slope of Alaska to oil drilling, allowing the residents of that state to experience one of the greatest windfalls in the history of the United States.

Even today, more than 60 years later, the name Nabors Industries is still held in extremely high regard by residents of Alaska, who benefited by receiving billions of dollars in collective royalty payments from their state’s oil reserves. Unfortunately, Nabors Industries was largely mismanaged throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s, eventually leading to the company’s bankruptcy in the late 1980s.

It was around this time that a young tax attorney with law firm Baker McKenzie began working on the Nabors Industries bankruptcy proceedings. At that time, Nabors Industries’ upper management was looking for somebody to lead the company into the future. They wanted a smart, young executive who would be able to stay on board with the company for decades to come. They saw what they were looking for in Tony Petrello.

Read more: Tony Petrello Helps to Launch the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital

Tony Petrello was brought on board in the early 1990s as a chief operating officer of the company. There, he immediately began making profound changes to the way in which Nabors Industries did business. He outlined a new vision for the company, focusing on the development of high-tech drilling equipment that would be able to give Nabors Industries a dominant position in the quickly expanding shale oil market. This vision turned out to be prophetic, with Nabors Industries providing the bulk of the drilling equipment that would eventually be used in the Bakken Shale boom of the 2000s.

Petrello’s strategic realignment of the company led to the eventual development of such technologies as ROCKIT performance drilling software and the Modular Offshore Dynamic Series. These systems provided the foundation for Nabors Industries’ extensive lineup of high-tech drilling equipment. Suddenly, it was possible to efficiently and cost-effectively extract some of the hardest shale oil resources in the United States. This would have actually dropped the profitability threshold of shale oil extraction to around the level of $50 a barrel. Such low price thresholds meant that an eventual shale oil boom was all but inevitable. And under the astute leadership of Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries was there to take advantage of the entire thing.

For more information about Tony Petrello, just click here.

Clayton Hutson’s business endeavors

Entertainment enables human beings relax and relieve stress. It only plays its intended role when done correctly and as required. Clayton Hutson is a live sound engineer and production manager. He is one of the people who make sure that the form of entertainment that reaches us is os the right quality and standards.

He started his career way back when he was still a young boy. He specializes in production design, stage management, monitor engineering and show production among many others. The right combination of all these aspects enables him give his clients a solution that is pocket friendly for their event needs.

Clay was passionate about music since an early age. Knowing what he wanted, he took courses in this line of entertainment. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theatre design and a master’s degree in business administration. These academic qualifications have enabled him run his business smoothly making profits.

After school, Hutson worked with several companies in the entertainment industry. To start with, he worked as a sound engineer and a project manager in corporate entertainment. During this time, he was able to travel worldwide and work with talented people including Billy Graham’s sound team.

It was a great experience for him as it enabled choose his line of specialization. Clayton decided to focus on music (rock ‘n’ roll). After working for a number of years, he gained very useful experience in the following areas that made him realize his entrepreneurial abilities:

  • Sound engineering
  • Live performance
  • Management

He started his own business that was very prosperous. It did not take him too long before the business grew giving him an impeccable reputation for his reliable work. This led him to working with some of the popular musicians in the world. He traveled continents in bands promoting the music industry.

Currently, Clay is a designer, producer and manager of concerts. He works with very famous musicians including Kelly Clarkson and Kid Rock. When he is not working, he enjoys family time, woodworking and crafting projects. This is how he makes money.

According to Clay, being passionate about what he does and also putting in a lot of hard work has led to his prosperity. He is, a perfectionist to an extent. Whatever he does has to be on time and checked to ensure no mistake. This allows him notice and correct mistakes that he would have otherwise overlooked. Learn more: http://www.digico.biz/docs/latest_news/EkFlpVAlpkPbdvCaIx.shtml





Jose Hawilla on the Important Traits of Businessmen

There are numerous factors that impact the path of an entrepreneur or a businessman. No two experiences are alike, and there is no such thing as a ”one-size fits all” when it comes to business and being your own boss. There are however some things that you could try to develop or simply check if you possess in terms of personality traits and some skills.



To start off, determination and the will to go on after a downfall will easily make or break the game for you. If you are the type of person to break down easily and determination is not your strong suit, then you might have to reconsider your career goals.




The next tip comes from a Brazilian investor, businessman, and serial entrepreneur who started out his career with something that no one believed in at the time. Mr. Jose Hawilla trusted that one could make money off of football. He worked hard to prove to fellow people in the business that he was right. A few decades ago, the business people did not believe that sports or owning a team could be profitable in any way.



What made Mr. Jose Hawilla persevere and succeed was his belief in his idea.He trusted himself. Mr. Hawilla believes that if you have no trust in yourself and in your own goal and business ideas, then you are simply not cut out for it.



Entrepreneurs also need to be flexible and self-disciplined. They need to organize themselves and work relentlessly especially at the start. Often in business, your success is the reflexion of the honest hard work you have put into it. If you are not into working hard but simply want to have more free time than business will not work out. You will get anything but free time on your hands.



These are only a few of the many factors that can impact the success of an aspiring person in the business. Learning from those who have succeeded is one of the best ways to gain the knowledge for it, but personality has the largest role to play. For more visit globo.com



Click here: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,grupo-traffic-vende-diario-de-s-paulo,164083e


Rocketship Education and Holistic Learning

In January of 2018, Rocketship Education was recognized for its incredibly successful students and talented teachers. Rocketship Online Public Schools specializes in bringing students up to their full academic potential through talent development, parent power, and personalized learning. The non-profit school system serves students K-12 through a network of public charter schools and online schooling that work to propel student achievement by combining exceptional educators with parental power. Founded in 2007 in San Jose, CA with only seven teachers and one hundred and sixty families, Rocketship Education now has over 1,000 talented teachers and has impacted over 15,000 students from low-income communities across the nation.

The system specializes in combining a dynamic teaching environment for different learning styles, an innovative learning atmosphere to keep students motivated and interested, and a stable academic experience to provide a safe, consistent system for them to grow. This sets up the best environment for student success by allowing the students to adapt healthier habits to avoid procrastination and low grades, while better preparing students for the collegiate milieu and helping them to adopt better study habits. The students also learn how to develop skills in time management, prioritization, and task management. This boots grades and prepares them for their future in college and the workplace.

Rocketship Schools is built on the triad of talent development, personalized learning, and parental power. By utilizing all three of these techniques, the students are placed in the most holistic opportunity for learning. This is all inclusive, meaning if a student is to fall behind, the personalized learning plan will help to bring them back where they need to be while boosting their confidence and self-esteem so that they are more motivated to keep trying and reaching towards their goals. In the midst of all of this, the student is also developing their talent in certain areas where they excel instead of forcing them to conform to the typical educational format that many public school subscribe to. This is great for students who are especially gifted in a more non-traditional subset such as the arts.

The Illustrious Shafik Sachedina

In 1950, Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, he then moved to the United Kingdom where he studied medicine at University of London, Guys Medical and Dental Institute. Despite being a medical practitioner, Shafik has an interest in the entrepreneur field where he has specialized in the health sector.

Aga Khan utilizes the skills of Shafik where he is the head of Jamati Institution based in France. Dr. Shafik is accountable for the coordination of activities of Ismaili Institute and also interface programs in the institution of the Ismaili population in Central Asia. At Aga Khan, Shafik has taken up the work voluntarily.

In Ismaili Imamat Shafik is a member of the board of governors, and he is a member of Aga Khan Development Network Organization Committee. At the Humanitarian Assistance Global Community, he rounds up as the chairman of the committee. Dr. Shafik happens in his second term as the president of Ismaili based Council that operates in the United Kingdom.

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Shafik was a leader of the delegation of Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov where they discussed the situation of Syria and Afghanistan. Shafik was full of praise to Russia of the decision they took to quickly settle the case and push for peace in the area. The Ismaili Institution functions as a research Institute which was formed in 1977 in the United Kingdom and also offers degree programs in studies relating to Islam.

Sussex Health Care is a company based in the United Kingdom that offers health care services for the past 25 years. Their services are customarily customized depending on different patients having obtained their accreditation in 2002 and three years later their international standards. The company implements the use of recreational facilities in making patients comfortable thus improving their conditions.

The company has the independence that allows them to acquire services from experts and an administration to run their homes. The administrators are also responsible for implementing and making of policies that run the facility. Sussex mainly deal with the care of the elderly, care for patients with dementia and neurological care. Dr. Shafik Sachedina works as the joint chairman at Sussex a company striving to be the leading provider of care in Sussex.

See: https://vimeo.com/shafiksachedina

The Efforts of Larkin and Lacey in Fighting for Human Rights

Larkin and Lacey set the state of immigrants in the United States to a better lever after fighting for their rights through various strategies. The two were linked to the career of the journalism at Phoenix New Times and the Voice Media before making the debut in the world of philanthropists.

The factors that boosted their move in the field is the formation of one of the critical foundation in the United States called Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The mission at the forefront of the organization was to work with other humanitarian bodies and provide financial assistance to small unions in the circle of human rights. Lakin and Lacey had come across the challenges faced by the refugees in Arizona. Most of them were discriminated in various areas, especially in the workplace. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Larkin and Lacey while in the field of recording information as journalists, both faced the order of arrest in 2007. The command of the move was from the Sheriff who had been targeted by the report. The statement in the article marked the poor rule by Joe Arpio and the corruption which had marred the whole administration.

The process of detaining Larkin and Lacey was not legal as per the stipulation of the law. It then crystallized the concerned among the people in the society which had to relate well with the two in their career. The ultimatum by the public for their release puts the weight on the authorities to drop the case of Larkin and Lacey.

Compensation for the unlawful act worth $3.75 paid by the concerned team. The two journalists decided to elevate and improve the operation of the other human rights bodies financially through the fund. The other fixed part of the amount used in pushing for the rights of the immigrants to be heard in the community after their freedom of rights violated.

Many units of the human rights became part of the beneficiaries of the funding by the organization set by Larkin and Lacey. Their mission in the field as philanthropists was to mark a state of balance in the community. The step taken by Larkin and Larkin through Frontera Fund came as tactical in many ways.

For instance, the agency set different programs aimed at clarifying refugees more about their rights. Furthermore, the leaders of the small unions were passed through the training session to make them aware of the best ways to approach the matter of injustice.

The ideas of Larkin and Larkin boosted cohesion among various human rights bodies in the Arizona city. The step taken by Frontera Fund attracted the attention of other human rights authorities based in different parts of the world.

One of the unions that worked closely with the foundation of Larkin and Lacey to exterminate the act of oppression in Arizona is Justice for Immigrants Families. The purpose of the group was to guard the rights of the refugees regardless of their origin.

Frontera Fund foundation through the excellent leadership set in place recorded a lot of achievement in the arena of human rights especially on the matter related to the refugees.

Conor Lamb Teams Up With End Citizens United to Take Down Saccone

     Over the course of one year, the Republican party secured almost complete domination over the U.S. Government. With Democrats facing such a profound feeling of hopelessness and defeat, it seemed almost like there was no way to fight back. Fortunately, grassroots activists around the country banded together, pushing back hard against the Republican agenda, and taking the country by storm as they flipped well over 30 seats to blue. They hope to continue this trend in the upcoming special election when Saccone will face off against the Democratic candidate, Conor Lamb.

Unions Pledge Their Support to Lamb

Conor Lamb’s pro-union stance has earned him strong allies throughout the state, and with his rival’s strong record of union-busting, Lamb has begun to swiftly climb in his uphill battle against the Republicans. His recent endorsement from End Citizens United has only served to further push his campaign forward, and, at this pace, it seems there’s no stopping Lamb. His platform is one of job creation and the protection of services such as Medicare and Social Security. He strongly supports unions and has even pledged to fight back against the insidious opioid crisis which has left many towns in ruins.

Support from the people is strong, but it will still be an uphill climb as he fights against financial institutions willing to spend anything to see him fall. While more than $1 million has been spent to create anti-Lamb ads over the radio, and Saccone campaigning strongly, with direct support from the president, it’s obvious that the Republicans are fighting desperately to maintain their vice-like grip on the area.


Lamb Gains the Endorsement of End Citizens United

End Citizens United was among the first organizations which pledged their support to Lamb. Their endorsement went a long way in securing a foothold for the candidate and has allowed him to campaign effectively against Saccone, even without any significant financial contributions.

End Citizens United was formed in 2015 following the Citizens United bill. They strongly oppose institutional spending in elections, and election manipulation via financial means. They strongly back pro-reform candidates without regard for party affiliation. To the surprise of none, their eventual goal is to put an end to Citizens United. Their grassroots activism has gone a long way in the support of pro-reform candidates throughout the nation and has helped immensely in the fight to take back the government from financial institutions backed by Republican officials.

Please read “End Citizens United PAC wants to make its name a reality.


Doe Deere – article recap

In case you’ve never heard of the lovely Doe Deere, she’s the owner and CEO of a popular up-and-coming beauty products company called Lime Crime. She’s also the Unicorn Queen of the entire beauty world. In a recent Inspirery interview, the very colorful Ms. Doe dished on how she got started in the beauty biz and her journey to get there.


From Russia to NY at 17

Born and raised in Russia, Doe Deere immigrated to the states when she was just 17 and lived in NY city for a number of years. Now, she lives in Los Angeles and loves to talk about how she was an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit at an extremely young age. In fact, when she was only 13, she had her own small Russian business where she would sell temporary tattoos to classmates. But, that’s all in the past and a far cry from what she’s doing today.


Lime Crime Launched in 2008

Doe Deere launched her online makeup company in 2008. She is clearly dedicated to the creation of certified cruelty-free vegan cosmetics that are just as wildly colorful as they are responsible. Lime Crime is currently offering a wide range of colorful nail polish, rainbow-colored liquid liners, loose pigments, eye-shadow palettes, hair coloring, glittery lip glosses and all kinds of really popular lipsticks.


From Designing Clothes to Colorful Makeup

She started out originally with her passion for design and began to make her own clothing designs, then deciding to create an online clothing line. From there, she decided that creating her my own makeup for complementing all of the outfits she designed should be the next logical career step since she was unable to locate the bold bright colors that she wanted for modeling her outfits online and had to make them herself. And, all the lovers of her unicorn colors and everything that is Lime Crime are definitely glad that she did.


Lifelong Love of Fairytales

So, you may wonder why the unicorn is the official Lime Crime mascot. Well, that comes from Ms. Deere’s lifelong love of fairy tales. Her other love is, of course, makeup. So, making the decision to combine them for the purpose of coming up with a makeup brand that is truly imaginative and cruelty-free, while also lots of fun to wear, just came naturally. A few more unicorn attributes also lend themselves to being Lime Crime’s mascot. Unicorns represent rare beauty plus individuality, and compassionate kindness toward all animals everywhere. And, of course, the Lime Crime brand is purple, which represents creativity. Just ask all of those Prince fans worldwide.



Blue Eyes, Blue Hair

With her gorgeous blue eyes that match the color of her hair, it’s easy to see how the lovely Ms. Deere can sell so much makeup and hair coloring products. Young women want to look like her! She’s a stunning beauty selling stunningly unusual and colorful products. And, that’s a combination destined for major success! Learn more:  https://californiablog.org/content/doe-deere-releases-lime-crime-kitty-bundles-lip-color-duos-benefit-feral-cat-rescue

Jeff Aronin Wins 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award

Jeff Aronin is on a relentless mission to make Chicago a national center for biotech and life sciences startup companies. He does this with his own company, Marathon Pharmaceuticals. He does this as an investor. He co-chairs Paragon Pharmaceutical Capital, which finances great biotech startups in the area. And he does so as a mentor to younger entrepreneurs in the area. He co-chairs Matter, a life sciences startup incubator. One of the CEOs Matter helped said, “I came to Matter with a product. I left with a business.”


Aronin has a successful track record, so he learned the biotech startup business the hard way, by making his own mistakes. He founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals (WeizmannUS). He sold that company to a Danish company, Lundbeck for $900 million. Afterward, he served as Lundbeck’s President and CEO. Therefore, he has the experience to make his current company a success, and the relentless energy, drive, and passion to help other life sciences CEOs realize their own vision. He supplies them with his acquired wisdom and practical solutions to their problems.


When he won the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award, they created a video celebrating his career to date, highlighted with interviewed from the many colleagues he has helped through the years. Aronin has the core values of putting patients first and being a leader. But in his heart, he puts his wife and his three daughters first.


Another of Aronin’s core values is philanthropy. He is driven to make a difference and to share his success. That’s why he is a board member of the Museum of Science and Industry and the Economic Club of Chicago.


The Weizmann Institute’s mission is to advance science for the benefit of humanity. And Aronin’s career exemplifies that mission. He has dedicated himself to finding new and better pharmaceutical drugs to cure diseases. And he encourages other life sciences entrepreneurs who also has visions to use science to help people with medical problems in some way. And he helps them in concrete ways with both time, knowledge and capital.


As he says at the end of the video, he does the best he can to get the best results for the patients.

More about Jeff Aronin at https://www.jeffaronin.com/