It’s Okay to Look Fancy: Brands Men Should Be Wearing


Women usually have plenty of brands to choose from when it comes to underwear and other accessories, but most men usually buy basic and traditional underwear from generic brands. Here’s a quick look at the most well respected men’s underwear brand names that no one knows about, or at least only the most luxurious are aware of.



Hanes And Calvin Klein


These two are the most well respected for numerous reasons because they are quite popular and provide underwear for men in all sizes. Klein is known for providing a great fit and that genuine and natural feeling of it almost not being on. Hanes is a classic that should never be forgotten, but Klein stands out as one of the best.


Aussie Bums


This brand has mainly attracted people who are mainly into style and modeling. Countless men in the modeling industry would wear these types of underwear for photoshoots because of how well they wrap around the body, alongside the different styles available.


Aside from underwear, wallet brands also play a huge role in men’s overall fashion. Mont Blanc has been creating luxury men’s wallets since 1926, creating unique and beautiful wallets that extend from a man’s suits. with calfskin exterior and beautiful interior leather throughout their lineup, they definitely are among the best in the world. Of course, Louis Vuitton is one unique brand that makes a luxury item for both men and women for all their needs. With a wide variety to choose from, Louis Vuitton remains one of the best.

David Giertz Informs About His Perspective On Social Security

In the modern era, there exist numerous financial advisors whose sole purpose is offering financial solutions when an individual or company is faced with an issue. Depending on one preference, one can be an independent or employed advisor. David Giertz is one of the best financial advisors in the industry considering he has more than thirty years of experience. He is currently employed and works at the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation where he gets a chance to offer his services to clients who require it. He is a VP of the National Financial Distribution and Sales on Twitter where he majorly emphasizes on the importance of social security.

According to David, Social security is recommended for individuals who are about to retire. Not many financial advisors acknowledge the fact that people who are about to retire need to be educated on all matters social security at Some advisors have been seen not to inform their customers about the importance of social security before they retire.

While working at the Nationwide Investment services Inc., David Giertz acts as the chief financial advisors while being a successful broker. Brokers are basically sales individuals who work for big brokerage firms that are qualified in selling and buying securities for their own benefit or their customer’s request on He gained his work experience after working in numerous organizations. He once worked at Skokie Federal Savings, The Mutual Life Insurance Company among others. While working in these organizations, he learned a few new things that he employs in his work that makes him outstanding.

Having being registers in more than ten states, David Giertz has the ability to conduct his business in numerous states as required by law. After being in the industry for more than twenty years, Giertz has seen the industry change and he firmly believes social security is the best alternative for individuals who aspire to retire. He urges other financial advisors to inform their clients on this issue giving them the right education and directing them on the right track.

Brad Reifler: The Investment Guru

Any investor walking down the path of commodity buying and forex trading in the United States, Australia, and the UK will seem to have heard the name Brad Reifler around. This market is known to be very dangerous and tricky as with a simple mistake an investor may plunge into the pitfalls along the way losing all they have.

Bloomberg revealed that Brad Reifler, the CEO of his self-made company Forefront Capital, offers advice to anyone willing to get into the field of investing and do it for more than a living. With is outspoken nature, Reifler has spoken about various ways people can carve out their future through new ideas and some old tricks by investing.

With his thirty years in the business, his experience is highly sought after all around the world. Brad Reifler finished his education at the Bowdoin College and attained A Bachelors degree in Economics and Political Science in the year 1981. He later started his company called Reifler Trading Company in the year 1982 making it so successful that Refco acquired it in the year 2000.

He then worked at Refco being responsible for the execution of global directives. In the year 1995, he founded another company known as Pali Capital that placed his name on the map. Reifler led Pali Capital to achieve one of its best success stories ever. He made the company into a money-making empire raking in $200 million in profits yearly.

In his thirty years of service, Reifler has served in different capacities among several companies. These include; as the Director of ITG Market Research Inc, European American Investment Bank, as the Director of Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp. Director of Roots Markets, the Director of Wins Finance Holdings, and Genesis Securities.

Brad Reifler is well known for voicing concerns on the non-credited investors and finding ways to help them change the notion that they are not smart enough to participate in making them understand investment principles and how to be successful at it.

His firm Forefront Capital is leading in encouraging the middle and low class to get into investing and secure their future. To the effect, he initiated the Forefront Income Trust initiative that helps the middle and low class to get into invested by reducing the risks involved.

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Wen By Chaz Dean Hair Products And Their Benefits

There are many hair products out in the market. Most of them purport to offer the best nutrition for all hair types and textures. With the many products on the shelves, you may be overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a genuine product. However, the good news is that there are genuine products in the market and which you could take advantage of.

Wen By Chaz Dean Products

One of the products which you may appreciate is the Wen by Chaz line of hair products. It is a brand that has managed to stay relevant in the beauty industry. Their cleanser and shampoo is what most people associate with. The five in one cleanser has many benefits for hair of all types. The idea is to give you a shiny look which is also bouncy and healthy-looking.

When people think of Wen by Chaz Dean products they do not know that the company also has a nourishing mousse. The mousse is designed in such a way that it is lightweight but still gives your hair the volume which it needs. It is also beneficial because it does not leave any residue or flakes after every application.

The brand also comes with an anti-frizz cream which you can use to style your hair with. After washing your hair and rinsing it thoroughly, you can apply the cream before you blow dry it. The styling cream is also good because it prevents the hair from heat damage.

One of the advantages of using the products by Wen by Chaz is that they are made of natural ingredients. This means that they do not leave any buildup or residue in your hair. Additionally, they have products which complement all hair textures, length and types.

Jeremy Goldstein: Finding Lawyers Online

Jeremy Goldstein has been practicing law for a number of years now, and if there is one thing he realizes it is the fact that finding a qualified attorney can be a bit of a challenge. This is why Goldstein remains a committed professional in his field of law.


Jeremy Goldstein specializes in advising compensation committees, CEO’s and other corporate experts in the realm of executive compensation. This area can be a surprisingly tricky area, but he helps everyone in the corporate world navigate it in the least painless manner possible.


Jeremy Goldstein also understands the importance of referring someone if their legal situation is in an area he doesn’t cover. This is why he is a proud supporter of the New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service.


This interface connects people who have a pressing legal matter in the areas of child custody, landlord-tenant issues, will assistance, or even criminal law. New Yorkers looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable professional will find that this database has streamlined the process in a strong and powerful way.


The state bar association developed the new technology with a partnership from They are able to provide legal referral services to New Yorkers in 17 counties with this premiere legal service.


One of the great things about the service is that the referrals are actually free. There is only a $35 fee for the first 30-minute consultation talks to one of the lawyers in the network. They are under no obligation to retain the lawyer after the initial consultation. Moreover, the fee will be waived if the legal matter falls under the umbrella of medical malpractice, personal injury, social security, and unemployment and workmen’s compensation among others.


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Why WEN By Chaz Is A Legitimate Conditioner And Shampoo

It’s true you can’t always believe what you see on TV commercials, especially when it comes to hair conditioner because everyone’s going to have different needs when it comes to choosing the right one. But WEN is certainly a product you can believe works because a user had some good things to say about it at Notice one unique thing about this conditioner is it doesn’t cause large strands of hair to fall out like some conditioners do, and it comes with pretty clear instructions on how to use. Now as Emily does mention on her Twitter, you may not want to use this conditioner if you’re not the type to shower and wash your hair every day, but when you do use it you can expect hair that feels softer, more thick and even shinier.

Just how did WEN by Chaz become so popular? Chaz Dean is a man that just happened to have this fascination with beautiful hair and had his own ideas on how conditioner and shampoo products could be used. So he followed his passion and went to a cosmetology school in Los Angeles, and while there he partnered with an upstart hair product company and explored designing his own brand. Upon successfully testing his product, he opened up his own salon near Hollywood and today serves some well-known celebrities there.

WEN by Chaz comes in two different kits, the basic kit which includes their shampoo, conditioner and mousse and the deluxe kit which has gloss and mist in addition to the other three products in the kit. All WEN by Chaz products are made from organic oils and nutrients and are never tested on animals. Usually their products are sold online on and, distributed nationwide, but you also can find them at some health and beauty retailers like Sephora.

How One Entrepreneur Built the Premier U.S. Reputation Management Firm

Darius Fisher, CEO of Status Labs, has had an interesting career path. Over the last four years, he’s built his firm, Status Labs, into one of the nation’s foremost online reputation management companies. With 40 employees and over 1,500 clients, Status Labs has taken the lead in an exciting, nascent industry that will certainly only grow as social media, Google searches and other internet channels become ever more important mediators of people’s online image.



A serendipitous meeting leads to success


Shortly after graduating with a degree in economics and living in California, Darius Fisher was out at a bar with a few friends, when he had a chance encounter. He met a lady who told him she was in the political consulting business and needed to hire some interns for an upcoming campaign. Interested, Mr. Fisher accepted her offer, not knowing it would lead him directly to a successful career in reputation management.


He only stayed in the political consultancy business for a few months. But in that time, he met many lobbyists, crisis consultants and politicians. When he realized how much money was being paid by some of the high-profile clients that his company served, he realized that it was something at which one could make a very comfortable living. It also became clear during this time that many of the people who dominated the political consultancy field were much older, having little to no understanding of the various forms of social media and other internet properties that were becoming ever more imperative to overall reputation management.


Fisher ( saw that, by doing what these big-money political consultancy firms do, only online, he could fulfill an important niche that, at the time, barely existed. After forming various online companies, he finally started Status Labs in 2012. It quickly grew to one of the largest and most effective online reputation management firms in the country.


Today, Status Labs serves some of the most famous people in the United States as well as hundreds of lower-profile clients who wisely choose expert assistance to put their best foot forward on the internet.


Dick DeVos Has A Passion For Helping Others

One of the most unique gifts that people can have is the gift of giving. Very few people have the gift of giving. For people to give and give constantly, it takes a special type of person. Some people can give of certain things and not others. Some people can give of their time but not their money. While some people can give money, they cannot give their time. Both are hard to give so to give one is awesome, but to be able to give of both is amazing.


It is important to have people to be able to give because there are many people in need. Whether time or money, both can help people who are in need. Financial contributions are made by many people on a few occasions to help others. However, there are some people who give on a regular basis. The amount given is not the most important thing, but there are some people who give significant amounts of money. The amount of money given by some people runs into the millions of dollars.


One of the people who gives a significant amount of money is Dick DeVos. Over his life, he has given close to 140 million dollars to various charities and causes. The desire to give to others is a deep and personal aspect to his life. In addition, his wife Betsy DeVos also has a desire to give and help others. As a couple, Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos work together to help a variety of causes. The couple has their own charities that they oversee in addition to the financial contributions that they give to others.


I think that Dick DeVos has made a great impression on many people. For Dick DeVos, giving millions of dollars to help others says a lot about him as a person. It also says a lot about his wife and his family. There are many people in need who have to get assistance to obtain various things. Dick DeVos has helped many people in need to get the things that they require.


While Philanthropy is an important part of his life, Dick DeVos is an excellent businessman. The ability to give comes from the success that Dick DeVos has achieved in his professional career. An executive with an impressive resume, Dick DeVos has managed numerous companies. His management style has helped him to have successful runs as a top executive at Amway and the Orlando Magic.


The business world is a place where people have to earn respect. Dick DeVos has earned respect in the business world based on his professional accomplishments. He has proven himself at companies where success is valued based on performance and productivity.

DAMAC Properties Stand Out – Even In Glittering Dubai

When Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties Dubai in 2002, Dubai was just beginning its real estate boom and, even amid the city’s glittering skyline, DAMAC’s properties stood out as exceptionally high quality properties for discerning individuals from around the world. The slump of 2008 didn’t devastate Sajwani, an astute executive who positioned himself to ride out the downturn by cutting costs and preserving cash reserves. DAMAC Properties Dubai invests in and develops luxury properties throughout the Middle East, including North Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


DAMAC Hills, DAMAC Properties’ newest lifestyle community, will feature a Trump International Golf Club in the center of the prestigious development, where villas will boast panoramic views of the greens. During Donald Trump’s New Year’s Eve speech at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, Hussain Sajwani and his family was there. While President Trump had to divest himself from his business holdings, Sajwani indicated to NBC News that he would continue his business relationship with the Trump Organization and Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr.


While serving as DAMAC Properties’ chairman of the Board of Directors, Sajwani also serves as Damac Real Estate Development Ltd.’s CEO and chairman of DAMAC Invest and DAMAC Holding, which are all part of the DAMAC Group. Hussain Sajwani is also associated with a number of other companies, including Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles, Al Jazeira Services, Global Logistics Services and Draieh Management Services. In early 2017, Hussain Sajwani, in his role as chair of Al Anwar Ceramics in Oman, was awarded His Majesty’s Cup for quality and productiveness in manufacturing ceramic tiles for a range of industries.


A philanthropist as well, Hussain Sajwani recently donated AED two million to an initiative started by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed provide clothing to children in need. Sajwani’s generous donation will provide clothing for 50,000 children.

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What Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Alexei Beltyukov

According to Adweek, the best way to learn from a serial investor like Alexei Beltyukov is to get familiar with his entrepreneurship journey. So where did this successful Russian-born investor begin and what are his most outstanding achievements? Well, let me begin by responding to the second.

Alexei Beltyukov, as he is commonly known, is the CEO of a number of companies he helped to found. Among these is Endemic Capital, which helps Russian startups, New Gas Technologies and A-Ventures LTD, which gives financial support to other companies.

He also serves FORO Energy by overseeing activities of its board. FORO’s main concern is to give new solutions to the Russian and world energy sector. Fourthly, he is a member of Moscow Exchange and serves as the VP to Skolkovo Foundation. This organization offers consultation services to the Russian Federation government. He has also served as the Vice President of Brunswick Capital and as CEO of Renova Project.

The Russian investor began his journey as a medico. In truth, though, his interest lay elsewhere. When he joined INSEAD University on scholarship, a French institution of higher learning, he discovered a lot about himself.

He developed a sharp instinct for business. When he plunged his head into investment, he put the acquired skills into practice, and it was not long before a series of companies flourished under his management. Learn more about more Alexei Beltyukov:

Notable is his establishment of an Alumni scholarship at the French University he attended. This is a demonstration of a man who reciprocates the good done to him. The scholarship he started has supported many Russian students seeking educational opportunities that Alexei Beltyukov once got.

His love and contribution to education don’t stop there. The Russian serial investor also founded This is a handy and magnificent platform for high school students. is diversifying ways through which students interact with their teachers.

Math problems and solutions are easily available to students on this learning platform. also hopes to help with education policy formulation by helping to show what works and what doesn’t.

Alexei Beltyukov’s role in helping Russian businesses cannot be overstated. He provides helpful services like consultancy, technology incubation, tax breaks and grants. By benefitting from the help of his companies, young Russian entrepreneurs can learn and grow.